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Chapter 7

"Okay Sophie," I said pulling the last batch of cupcakes from the oven. "This is the last of it. At least I didn't fu– I mean, screw up this set."

Sophie stood on her tiptoes and carefully observed my newest attempt at baking. It looked perfect this time around. She had better not have any complaints because I was not doing this again. She can go ask her dad to help her.

"It's better," she said. "What happened befowe?"

"I'm just not myself today," I replied with a sigh. I felt bad because I couldn't be the mommy this kid knew. I had to look up a recipe for cupcakes and I screwed them up twice. Apparently he other me was a master baker.

"Okay, now we have to do the fwosting!" she said happily. "That is my favorite part. Licking the spoon is my favorite part too."

I sighed. This is going to be a long day.

I wondered where that husband of mine was. He wondered off since he came back from dropping off Esme and left me alone with Sophie. I have no idea what I am doing.

"Um okay," I said looking around feeling completely confused. I didn't know anything about putting frosting on cupcakes. "Are you sure Lucas won't like them plain?"

"No," Sophie said. "That's no fun."

"Okay," I said scratching my head. "Why don't you wait here? Don't touch anything. Just wait here. I'll be right back."

I'm going to find that fucking husband of mine.

"Okay mommy."

I didn't know where Edward was or what he was doing but he is going to help me. I have no idea how to make cupcakes. I barely know how to cook. James used to do most of our cooking.

I found Edward upstairs in his office looking through some papers as the TV played lowly in the background. He seemed to be in deep thought.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Going over a few things," he answered absently.

"There is a problem?"

"What's wrong?" he asked sitting up. "Is everything alright?"

"No everything is not alright," I said. "I don't know anything about baking cupcakes. I need help. She wants frosting and I don't do frosting."

"Well, I don't know anything about baking either," he shrugged. 'That was something you usually take care of."

"Well what the fuck am I supposed to do?"

"Can you please stop swearing? I don't want you to make a habit of it and do it around Sophie." He sounded aggravated.

"Well then don't leave me with your kid."

"She's your kid too," he almost yelled. "I know you can't remember but can you at least try to show some restraint. You're not the Bella I knew. Even if you can't remember, you were nothing like this."

I rolled my eyes. "Well sorry for not being your perfect wife. I don't know what I'm doing and I need help."

"Okay," he sighed sitting up and reaching for his phone. "I'll have to get mom to help you. Sophie will be disappointed if things don't go as planned."

"I'm sure she will," I mumbled as I left him to his call.


"You okay?" Edward asked for the millionth time as we pulled up to Jaspers' house. I was starting to get tired of him constantly asking me.

"I'm fine," I mumbled. I had thrown up before leaving the house and now I was starting to hate pregnancy as well. I blame Edward for the condition I'm in so any anger I have will be directed at Edward. "How bad can this be?"

When we entered the house I was engulfed in a hug. "Aunt Bella!" a little dark haired boy squealed.

"Um…hello." I patted his head awkwardly. It was a good thing Edward was carrying the cupcakes because the kid would have made me drop it.

"Thanks for coming to my party," he yelled. "It's going to be so much fun! Lots of my friends are here already." He glanced at the people with me. "Hi Sophie! Hi uncle Edward! Hi grandma!"

The all said there hello's to him before he too Sophie's hand and pulled her along as the made their way further into the house.

"That's Lucas," Edward chuckled. "He can be a little…energetic."

"A little?" I raised my brow and he just shrugged.

The three of us made our way to the kitchen to drop off the cupcakes Esme helped me save and then we headed to the backyard to join the party. There were about fifteen kids and that seemed like more tan enough. It was a little overwhelming seeing them running around all at once.

"Hey Bella," a small woman with a kind face said as she came towards me. "How are you?"

"Hey," I said with a small wave. It was very uncomfortable because I didn't know her and she obviously knew me very well.

"Congratulations on your pregnancy," she said placing a hand on my arm. "I just got back from the Colorado yesterday and Ben told me the happy news. I've been gone so long it seems like I missed out on a lot." She looked down on my stomach. "You're showing already. Your stomach is huge for five months."

I looked down. Great.

I felt an arm slink around my waist as a tall masculine body came to a stop beside me. "Angela, you're back," Edward said in that charming voice of his.

"Yes, and I'm so happy," she said. "I missed Ben and the kids so much."

"How are things with your mom?"

"Much better," she said looking at me. "It's still hard with my younger sister leaving for New York without warning. Mom took it hard. She doesn't trust the guy she's dating. He's too…strange."

I wondered why she felt any of this was there business. It sounded like she was divulging a lot of personal information that should be kept to herself. She talked too fucking much.

"Well, I hope everything works out," he said. His arms tightened slightly around my waist causing my insides to tingle. "How is their store doing?"

"It's doing well," she said. "Everyone in Crestone loves her pies. I wish I would have brought some back."

"So do I," he laughed.

Her eyes drifted to me again. "Oh, I was just congratulating Bella on her pregnancy. Maybe you two will have a boy this time."

"Sophie wants sisters but it is boys we are having."

"Oh, how lovely," she smiled. "Ben and I might try again to get a girl. We have three boys and I really want a little girl."

"Three?" I asked. I quickly covered my mouth, not meaning to say it out loud. She looked so tiny.

"Yes silly," she laughed. Her brown eyes danced in amusement. "You act like you weren't in the delivery room when little Bobby was born."

Edward rubbed my side lightly.

"Be careful Tommy," she called at one of the playing children.

A tall blonde man came running towards us looking slightly agitated. "Hey Angie, Do you mind helping the some of the kids get ready for face painting. The petting zoo guy is here and I have to –"

"Say no more Jasper, I'm on it," she said cutting him off. "I'll catch up some more with you two later."

"Alright Ange," Edward said. I didn't respond.

"Hey Bella," he said nodding at me. "You're lookin' extra ripe today darlin'." He picked up a strange southern accent out of nowhere.

"Hey," I answered, folding my arms over my bulging stomach. I watched as he ran back into the house.

"Who was that?"

"That was Jasper and the woman is Angela. She's a close friend of yours and also our pastor's wife."

"Wow, she sure shares a lot of her business."

"That's just Angela. She's a sharer."

"Right." I walked away from him and found a seat at one of the tables outside. I stayed there for most of the party, only getting up to pee and get food.

After the party, Lucas offered me lot's of hugs, Jasper kept thanking us and Esme offered me a hug and a kiss. So far I liked her the most.

It was still awkward to sleep in the same bed as Edward but thankfully he kept the sleep groping to a minimum that night.

When Sunday morning came around Edward woke me up so freaking early to get ready for church. I was really starting to hate my life. I was tired and queasy and my feet were starting to swell. I made a silent vow to never be pregnant again. I still couldn't believe I had two kids inside of me.

"Go get Sophie ready," Edward said when I got out of the bathroom. He was already dressed in slacks and a t-shirt and was pulling on some shoes. "I'm going to get us breakfast. I'm sure you're not up to cooking yet."

"How thoughtful of you," I said offering a big fake smile and heading out of our bedroom to Sophie's. I was in a really bad mood.

The kid slept like the dead. It was extremely hard to get her up and when I did she whined the entire time. I might have found her pouting cute if I wasn't so tired.

"Uh…what do you normally wear to church?" I asked looking through her closet. When I received no answer, I looked back to find her dozing off a gain.

I really want to go back to my old life.

I grabbed a light blue dress from her closet and decided she would be wearing it. "Come on Sophie." I held her by her shoulders and tried to sit her up. "You have to get ready. Your daddy went for breakfast and you need to be ready when he gets back. I don't want him bitching to me about responsibility."

"No," she whined and whimpered softly. "I don't want to."

"Sophie please," I pleaded. "My life is hard enough as it is."

She didn't listen.

She kept grumbling.

I was annoyed.

"Forget this," I said, grabbing her legs as I tried to remove her pajamas. She was getting dressed whether she was awake or not.

I held her unresponsive body in my arms as I slipped on her dress and stockings.

When Edward arrived home I was waiting in the kitchen.

"Why aren't you dressed?" he asked as he placed the bags he was carrying on the table.

"Dressed?" I looked down at my comfy sweats and t-shirt. I looked dressed to me.

"Yes, I said to get ready."

"No, you said to get Sophie ready," I informed him. "And I did. She's upstairs somewhere."

"Well, I meant you too," He said. "Go get ready. I want to leave in an hour. You know how long you take."

"I'm not going to church." I crossed my arms petulantly.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. Really."

"Look, I don't fell like arguing with you. If you want to stay here and sulk around with your bad attitude, feel free." He threw his arms up and angrily left the kitchen.

I shrugged. What did he want from me? What did he expect? I'm obviously not the woman he knew. He was expecting too much.

Ten minutes later Edward reemerged with a sleepy Sophia in his arms. "I ask you to get Sophia ready and when I get home she's still asleep."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I spat. "What the fuck do you want from me? I just lost my life. I don't know you and I don't know her so excuse me if nothing I do is good enough for you. Quit dumping so much responsibility on me."

Sophia lifted her head from his shoulder at my loud tone. She looked a little frightened and I almost felt bad.

"You're right." He said obviously trying to hold back his anger. "You don't know us. We don't know you either."

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