Impending Doom- PART 1

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"Aniki, did you just receive the next assignment?" asked Vodka.

Gin pocketed his phone and nodded solemnly. His forehead creased in irritation and he pulled a cigarette from its pack. Lighting it up with his Porsche's lighter, he sucked in the addicting smoke of the cigarette. The boss had just gave their next assignment and Gin wasn't liking it one bit. How can he, an executive in the Organization, perform such a low-class assignment? It's a disgrace.

"So..." began Vodka, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Gin was angry and Vodka was the nearest person to him right now. If he says or do something that provokes Gin even in the slightest way, Vodka would be sent to the underworld with a bullet through his brain. Not a pleasant way to die.

"So, Aniki, what's our new assignment?" asked Vodka tentatively.

Taking a deep breath to calm his raging nerves, Gin replied with a controlled voice, "We are going scouting."

"Scouting?" repeated Vodka, apparently not understanding what Gin meant.

"The Organization needs new members. We are running low on manpower. Boss wants us to find some young talents to recruit so we can train them earlier," explained Gin in an emotionless voice.

"Um... So where are we going to find the 'new talents'?" asked Vodka again.

Starting the Porsche's engine, Gin answered, "Teitan Elementary School."


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