*Mouri's home*

"Where is Conan?" shouted Ran. It was the day that Conan would be heading to JIS for the first time and he had disappeared. JIS was in Sapporo and the flight to Sapporo was that Conan would be taking with the rest of Detective Boys was in an hour's time.

"Damn that kid," cursed Kogoro. He had rented a van so he could collect everyone who wanted to say goodbye to Conan and the main attraction was nowhere to be seen.

"Let's just go to the airport Ran," Kogoro said, fed up with waiting. "He'll be there I bet, sooner or later. Probably he went out to play in the arcades one last time before intense studying."

Ran bit her lower lip in worry but nonetheless followed her father down the stairs and into the van parked at the side of the street. Kogoro heaved the heavy luggage into the van and they both took off to pick up the people who wished to follow them to the airport.

*Haido Central Hospital*

Conan stared into the peaceful face of Haibara. She hadn't moved once. She looked the same as ever, completely still, her face slack and emotions unseen. It had been over two weeks since she fell into a coma. She still haven't woke up. As though she didn't want to wake up. It was like she was waiting for someone and had no will to wake up because she didn't want to face the world until that certain person comes.

Conan reached and brushed a stray hair back into place with his fingertips and pulled back, stroking her cheek gently. His hands fell back to his side as his throat tightened painfully. He was going to be gone for three months, before he could finally return for the winter break. Before he could see her again. He gulped down the lump in his throat and sighed. He needed to go. Steeling himself and hardening his eyes, he turned abruptly and walked to the door. He pulled open the door and paused. He turned to face Haibara, trying to prolong the moment which would be his last until three months later. He let go of a breath waveringly.

He turned, unable to look at her any longer. He walked out and shut the door behind him. He walked off, his mind in his own little world, ignoring the stares that he was receiving. He was dressed in the JIS uniform after all. Dressed smartly in a white shirt, a dark blue silk tie, a pair of a dark blue trousers and a dark blue blazer with the crest of JIS on his left breast pocket, he was a handsome sight. He attracted many envious and shocked stares from many people. The school semester was still on so to see a JIS student walking through the streets of Beika is an unusual sight.

Conan walked out of the hospital and hailed a taxi. He needed to be at the airport soon. He boarded the taxi and told the driver his destination. The taxi drove off and joined the traffic.

Conan stared out of the window, taking in the familiar sights of Beika. He had lived here his entire seventeen years. The familiar buildings flashed past and the morning sun behind those buildings were all so familiar to him. The feeling of home was so strong now. He will not see them again, at least for quite some time. He will never see the sunrise here in Beika at Sapporo. It would never be the same.

And… There was something else. The people, the faces that Conan had came to adore in Beika- he won't see them in Sapporo. And he won't be able to see her there. He won't be able to see both of them there. He remembered his promise and he would do whatever it takes to keep it.

The buildings continue to pass by. Conan kept staring out of the window, never wanting to lose sight of them. He looked to the sky and smiled sadly at the sun.

"Wait for me…"he whispered, "I will be back. And you will never need to live like this anymore."