*~*~*Want Ads Chapter 5- Mush N Hades*~*~*

Leaving Meddah's, Mush couldn't wipe the grin from his face. It had been a great party for Racetrack's birthday. A few of the fellows were now taking Racetrack to one of those places of ill repute, okay, whorehouse. Mush laughed to himself when he thought of the look on Racetrack's face after finding out he was "guaranteed a piece a ass," as Spot so eloquently put it.

Mush had declined going claiming that "unlike da Boithday Boy, I'se don't need ta pay fah dat". Lying in his bunk, Mush was reminded of just how alone he actually was. It had been around half passed ten when he left the party and he'd been lying in bed for an hour, making it nearly midnight. Tossing his clothes on carelessly, Mush exited through the window. Telling Kloppman, who had come up to check on him, that he may not be back that night. From there, Mush wandered around the city, finding himself in Bottle Alley.

Checking his pockets to make sure he had enough for at least one drink, Mush walked into the first pub he reached. Mush sat at the far end of the bar, watching chaos erupt. A waitress brought over his coke, after all he didn't look old enough to be his own age, fifteen.

"Wha' da hell d'ya mean, I'se had 'nuff? I'se da judge a dat!" chaos, in the form of a girl with auburn locks and dark brooding eyes, slurred. Her eyes seemed to glow red as hot coals with her anger. Mush didn't know how she had gotten drunk, considering she didn't look any older than him. The answer hollered back.

"Dammit, You'll git me thrown outta this place for good, if you can't shut yer trap!" a sailor slapped the girl. The next moment, she was swinging from the sailors thick neck, looking like a cape.

Before any more damage could come to the girl, Mush downed his coke, as if it were a shot of vodka, stood and marched over to the pair, wrenching the girl from her perch and carrying her out to the back alley amid shouts of 'Good lucky, boy. She's a real wildcat. Let 'im have her. I can get another girl easy enough'. Once outside, Chaos, Mush had given her that name in his mind, hadn't calmed down at all. "Relax! Dat guy is gone. Shh. Sit still," he urged her as she continued to beat his chest and the air.

"Don't touch me or I'se gonna rip yer 'nads off! I swears it," she nearly screeched, pushing away from him. Seconds later, Chaos was bent over heaving her guts out. Mush held her hair and rubbed her back. "Why are you bein' so nice, anyhow?" she managed to croak out between wretches. For an answer, Mush quickly located two barrels of water, one warm and the other freezing. Without warning, Mush gripped Chaos' head by her hair securely and dunked her in the freezing then warm water and back until he felt she was sufficiently sobered. While this was going on, Chaos continued to scream.

Hearing the police whistle, Mush threw Chaos over his shoulder and took off for Duane Street.

As he neared the Lodging House, Chaos fought her way out of his arms and ran away. Mush was too tired and quite fed up, so he let her go. 'She shoah was cute, dough. Like a cat tossed in da East Rivah. Fighting mad and all wet. Bet she cleans up nice,' he grinned, climbing through the window and into his bunk. Falling asleep, Mush's mind was filled with her image.