Characters are not mine as always, we're simply playing. This is just a little something that popped in my head and demanded to be let out.

Do you know what I want to do to her, the woman lying in my bed?

I want to trace the lines of her back with my fingers.

I want to find the spot where she is the most ticklish and make her laugh.

I want to feel her naked skin against mine.

I want to hear her lose all control and beg,

"Please Severus," and then, "Just fuck me already you bastard!"

I want to happily oblige.

I want to feel her writhe under me, clawing at my back.

I want to whisper filthy things in her ear as she comes, crying my name.

But most of all, Mr. Weasley, I want you to sign those damned divorce papers so I can marry her myself.