Author's Note: Well, I haven't been able to really work on any of my other fics, so I just decided to put this up instead. An idea that has been flowing around in my head for awhile since I was somehow possessed to read the manga for Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. Then it occurred to me: what if the characters met? This is the story of that.

Dragon Ball/Z/GT is owned by Akira Toriyama

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Sailor Moon: Code Z

Note: Canon from each series (including story, characterization, names, and powers) is derived from the English translations of the Japanese Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon manga.


The Fourth Dimension: a lonely place, dark and vast; a true hell for she who was chosen to be its guardian for eternity. A dark skinned woman with forest green hair and wearing an outfit comprised of a tight sailor's shirt and a short skirt which barely came down past the halfway point of her thighs was that very guardian. She was known to some as Setsuna, but most knew her as only the Guardian of Time, or Sailor Pluto. It was her duty to protect any from using the Fourth Dimension as a means of time travel, lest the fragile fabric of the Universe tear and send all of its inhabitants into the Abyss. Sadly, guarding the time stream was a lonely job; requiring simply Setsuna, her Garnet Rod, and the cheerful thoughts of what would happen should she fail.

Setsuna sighed, and looked to the Door of Time with the small hope that Small Lady would visit. She swore she could feel a presence behind that door; and the only people whom it could possibly be would be either Small Lady, or her mother Neo-Queen Serenity. Seeing as the likeliness that it was the latter was very slim, Setsuna allowed herself a smile and walked towards the door with a slow pace.

However, before she could reach the door, it burst off of its hinges; sending each gilded half flying into the vast space beyond. The silhouette in the doorway was not Small Lady's petite form, nor was it Neo-Queen Serenity's slender and elegant one; it showed a woman of much greater size and breadth than either the Queen or the Princess could ever obtain. This woman had ragged black hair that fell halfway down her well muscled back. While she was undoubtedly well muscled, the form was still noticeably feminine. All of these traits, added with the unmistakable pattern of her armor and the rope-like tail wrapped around her hips made her origin unmistakable.

"Saiyan," Setsuna hissed, "I thought you were all wiped out by that freak Frieza over a half-millennium ago." The Saiyan woman smiled at her confidently.

"Only those weak men of our race were so easily cowed by Frieza," she smirked. "We women of the Saiyan had no dealings with those lowlifes except to breed, and even after they were all gone, we were able to use genetic technologies to solve any problems of survival." Setsuna had her teeth set in a snarl.

"How did you get here? Why didn't the King and Queen or the other Scouts stop you?" The Saiyan laughed.

"Please," she smirked, "as soon as I came in, your precious royal family hid themselves behind that Silver Millennium Crystal; and those Scouts... please, one of our younglings could take them on single-handedly. I had little trouble getting in here."

"What do you want here?" Setsuna demanded.

"To rewrite History of course," the Saiyan said easily. "To restore the Saiyan race to its former glory, and erase this city of weaklings from existence." Setsuna assumed a battle ready pose.

"And you think I will stand aside and let you?" she demanded. "I am Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time, and in the name of my father Chronos, I shall punish you!"

With that, Setsuna leapt at the Saiyan and swung her rod high. She was prepared to hit her with an overhead strike, when the Saiyan suddenly disappeared. Pluto stared in confusion, not realizing that the Saiyan had reappeared behind her until it was too late. One strike to the small of her back later, Setsuna was sprawled across the steps into the Fourth Dimension and nursing a broken nose.

"Your Queen is a fool," the Saiyan smirked, "thinking that a weakling like you could stop me: Frota, Queen of the Saiyans from accessing the Gates of Time." Setsuna trembled in pain against the steps as she pinched her bleeding nose. She then leapt up and again tried to run at Frota, only to be blown back to her original position by a powerful Ki blast. "Pathetic," Frota snorted before approaching Setsuna. "I'll be needing one of these won't I?" She plucked one of the keys from Setsuna's belt and clasped it in her hand as she turned away. "Don't even try to stop me, not even the might of the Majin in their prime could prevent me from conquering the Universe, let alone a squad of girls in short skirts." Setsuna trembled against the steps, her eyes closed and beginning to form tears of shame.

"I'm sorry Your Majesty," she whispered with the picture of her queen in her mind, "I've failed you." With that, Setsuna fainted from pain and exhaustion.

-(Page Break)-

Setsuna opened her eyes again to find herself in a bed inside the Crystal Palace. Looking to each side of the bed, she could see the royal family gathered around her with sad and worried but sympathetic faces.

"Pluto!" Small Lady cried as she flung her arms around her neck. Setsuna felt no pain, clearly the Queen had worked yet another miracle.

"Queen Frota," Setsuna began, "she didn't make it to another time did she?" The Queen nodded sadly.

"There was little you could have done Sailor Pluto," the Queen stated. "Queen Frota is far more powerful than anything I have ever seen." This did little to improve Setsuna's mood.

"She wants to destroy us in the past," Setsuna stated, "I have allowed us to be destroyed." The Queen shook her head, a small smile daring to cross her lips.

"Not yet," she said, "we have one last chance, there is still a chance that we may win." Setsuna looked at her liege with a quizzical expression. Such optimism was more the type of thing one would expect from the Queen's younger self, or even from Sailor Venus.

"What?" she dared to ask. The Queen smiled.

"Have you ever heard of those who called themselves the 'Z Fighters'?"

"Those intergalactic warriors from the 25th Century?" Setsuna inquired. The Queen nodded.

"I believe it is time we arranged a meeting between them and the Scouts' past selves." Setsuna understood this as permission to break one of the three taboos of her duties.

"Yes, my Queen," she saluted. "I shall not fail you this time." The Queen placed a hand on the Scout's head.

"You shall take Small Lady with you, I feel her powers shall be needed." The Queen's voice changed from a soft tone to a commanding one. "Rise, Sailor Pluto and do your duty." Setsuna stood shakily and allowed Small Lady to take her hand.

"Whom should I seek out first?" she inquired.

"Find the one named Son Goku, and all of the others shall follow," her Queen commanded. "Now go, and take my blessing with you." Setsuna bowed, then left the room; followed by Small Lady after she had quickly hugged her parents.

The Door of Time was still open, and they easily walked into the Fourth Dimension. Setsuna looked down at Small Lady.

"Are you ready?" she asked. Small Lady nodded. "Then let us go." Setsuna raised her Garnet Rod as they walked forward, and they disappeared into the distances of Time.

-(Page Break)-

A cool mountain breeze; that was the first thing Chibi-Usa registered as she exited the time portal. As she opened her eyes, she was dazzled by the sight of sunlight glinting off tall, white mountain tops. She blinked rapidly and wiped her eyes to remove the tears that had resulted from the painful brightness. Her newly cleared eyesight brought new wonders as she looked downward towards the valleys around them.

"It's so green," Chibi-Usa sighed in wonder at the sight of the vast forests and grasslands which spread themselves around the mountain range. Crystal Tokyo was full of wonders, as was the Palace, but inside of the city walls there was very little plant life. Pluto nodded, smiling.

"This Earth is a very green place," she stated. "Almost all of the planet's inhabitants live in four major cities in each of the cardinal directions, and all the rest live off the land either in small villages or family groups. One such family is the Son family, whom we shall meet today." Chibi-Usa nodded in understanding and took Pluto's hand as the Time Guardian led her down the mountainside.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the mountain, the four members of the Son family were sitting near a mountain lake. Chichi sat cross-legged on a large square blanket and watched as her husband and two sons enjoyed themselves. While her husband Goku and younger son Goten had both shamelessly plunged into the cold water, fully dressed; her elder son Gohan was content to simply wade in the shallow parts with his shoes and socks laid aside and his pants hiked up to his knees. She became nervous whenever Goku or Goten plunged underwater for long periods of time, but couldn't help but laugh whenever they popped up with their identical, fern-like hairstyles plastered against half their face.

They had come a long way and deserved such cheer. Only one year ago, the entire family had been forced into a deadly fight against the powerful but child-like Majin Buu. It had resulted in Buu's innocence and evil becoming separate entities and Goku having to use the all powerful Genki-Dama to defeat the evil side of Buu. Good Buu now lived in Satan City, along with its namesake Mr. Satan and his daughter (who was also Gohan's girlfriend) Satan Videl. It was so peaceful, no one wanted it to end and it seemed like it never would...but...

Gohan suddenly stiffened from his relaxed stance and whirled around to look up the mountainside.

"Gohan, what is it?" Chichi asked nervously.

"Two powerful Ki's!" Gohan hissed, "Not powerful enough to the point where I couldn't defeat them, but certainly hazardous if it's an enemy."

"Well, maybe they aren't enemies," Chi-chi offered.

"I've never felt them before," he said. At that moment, Goku and Goten both popped out of the water to stand, soaking wet, next to Gohan. "You feel it too?" Gohan asked. His father nodded.

"I'll check it out," Goku said, much more cheerful than the situation warranted, "stay here." With that said, Goku put two fingers to his forehead and disappeared into nothingness.

-(Page Break)-

Chibi-Usa couldn't help but let out a small squeal as someone suddenly appeared in her path. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and covered in his long, black hair and a soaked, orange gi.

"Oh," the soaked man said in surprise, "you two are the owners of the Ki's I felt?" Chibi-Usa had no idea what a 'Ki' was or how he could feel it, but judging by Pluto's pleased expression it couldn't be a bad thing.

"Greetings, Son Goku," Pluto said, "I am Sailor Pluto and this is Small Lady Serenity." Goku grinned and put up a peace sign.

"Hi, how do you know me?" Goku asked.

"I am the Guardian of the Fourth Dimension, and from there I have seen all of your exploits from when you were a small wild boy who just so happened to run into an adventuring teenage girl," Pluto answered. Goku whistled.

"You must be older than you look," Goku stated bluntly. Chibi-Usa was surprised to hear Pluto let out a... was that a giggle?

"You misunderstand me, Son Goku," Pluto said good naturedly, "the Fourth Dimension is Time itself." Goku's mouth formed an 'o'.

"Well, I wouldn't know that, Gohan's the one who knows all that sort of fancy stuff," Goku said. Chibi-Usa had to remind herself that knowledge of the Fourth Dimension was rare even in her time; though that didn't stop the impression that this Son Goku was a bit of an idiot.

"Son Goku," Pluto began, "would we be able to meet the other Z Fighters? We have an emergency we would like to discuss." Goku's mouth once again formed an 'o'.

"Well, I guess if you just wait here and keep your Ki noticeable then they'll show up eventually," Goku replied.

And so they waited, Chibi-Usa beginning to get extremely bored and picking at the tall blades of grass that would rub up against her legs. Son Goku was simply staring off into space like an idiot, which Chibi-Usa was fairly certain he was by this point. The actions that Chibi-Usa felt were most interesting were Pluto's. She had never seen the Time Guardian acting so... girlish. Indeed, Chibi-Usa couldn't believe that Pluto was blushing brightly as she looked at Son Goku.

"He's so much older than she is," Chibi-Usa thought. Though, to be honest, it could be said as well that Pluto was maybe too old for Son Goku. Time did not pass in the Fourth Dimension, so it was impossible to even try and conceive how old Pluto may have been had she been subject to time's effects.

Before Chibi could think about the matter any more, two more forms had suddenly appeared. One was taller than Son Goku but obviously younger, and had short cropped hair of the same shade as Goku's; while the other was closer to Chibi-Usa's age and had the exact same hair as Son Goku.

"Son Gohan, and Son Goten," Pluto greeted the two of them. Gohan looked suspicious whereas Goten was simply staring at her in confusion.

"Who are you? Dad-" Gohan began.

"She's cool," Goku replied. "Her Ki isn't evil, and she hasn't tried to kill us yet so she's a good guy."

"Fool," Chibi-Usa thought, "if he had fought half the enemies the Scouts had, they would have tricked and killed him long ago!" Gohan seemed to be thinking along the same lines as Chibi-Usa, but simply contented himself to stand by his father with his younger brother standing beside him.

"We were simply waiting for the others," Pluto said good naturedly.

"How can she be so content? I feel so jumpy around these guys, so much energy!" Chibi-Usa thought in agitation.

"I feel a Ki approaching!" Goku announced, turning towards the open sky. His eyes alighted upon a streak of gold approaching. "It's Krillin!" A short man with black hair in an even split along his head landed next to Goku.

"Goku, what's going on?" the man named Krillin asked. "Who are they?

"This is Pluto," Goku said happily, gesturing towards the taller woman; "and this is Little Girlie-"

"Small Lady!" Chibi-Usa interrupted loudly. A single, large drop of sweat dripped down the side of Goku's face.

"Sorry. Small Lady," Goku finished.

"Uhh, Krillin," Krillin said awkwardly.

"We were just waiting for the last four Z Fighters," Pluto said.

" Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, and..." Goku looked at Pluto questioningly.

"Vegeta," she replied. Gohan turned his head and looked at three streaks, two coming from one direction and the third from another.

"There!" he called, "Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha!" The three individuals arrived at once. One was tall, had long black hair and two scars, a cross shaped one across his cheek and a single slash across his chin, and wore a gi like Goku's. The second was around Chibi-Usa's height, and had pale skin except for two red circles on each of its cheeks. The final one was the most interesting, being very tall, completely bald, and having three eyes.

"Yamcha," Goku nodded at the long haired one, "Chiaotzu," to the short one and, "Tien," to the tall three-eyed one.

"Who are they?" Tien asked gruffly, pointing towards Pluto and Chibi-Usa.

"Sailor Pluto and Small Lady!" Chibi-Usa huffed out before Goku could screw up her name again. Pluto gave Chibi-Usa a patronizing look.

"We need the help of the Z Fighters to aid in a crisis which could wipe all of us out," Pluto said. "We are now just waiting for Vegeta."

"He won't come," Yamcha said. "We would have started from the same place, and he's faster than me. If he isn't here already, he'll never come."

"You see," Krillin said. "Your Ki's may be high, I'd put you around mine or Tien's level, but they're nothing that Vegeta would worry about. He likes sport, and frankly, he could wipe you out in about two seconds."

"Doesn't seem like the kind of guy we want help from," Chibi-Usa sniffed. Pluto seemed to ignore what she said.

"If he won't come to us, then we'll go to him," Pluto said.

"Hey!" Krillin interjected. "Before we go barging down Vegeta's door and getting all our asses kicked into orbit, how about we know what exactly we're fighting?"

"Saiyans," Pluto said simply, "possibly thousands of them and with the ability to traverse time." Krillin stared at her in horror for a second before shaking himself and laughing.

"In that case, all you need are Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan; they're all Super Saiyans!" Pluto gave a weak smile.

"The problem is, so are these other Saiyans," she said. Krillin gaped at her for about a minute before giving a weak moan.

"Don't worry," Pluto said, "you all have hidden powers which will make you even more powerful in the fight to come." Krillin smiled weakly.

"You guys can wait here," Goku said while placing two fingers on his forehead, "I'll get Vegeta."

"We will come too," Pluto interjected. "It's us who want the help after all."

"And I wanna see Trunks and tell him that I'm gonna go on an adventure without him!" Goten said boastingly.

"I'll tell Mom what's going on," Gohan offered.

"Yeah, I'd better tell 18 as well," Krillin muttered.

"We shall meet back here," Pluto said, "and I shall transport you all to our objective."

"Good luck Goku," Yamcha said, "and say hi to Bulma for me." Goku gave Yamcha a salute.

"You can fly right?" Goku asked Pluto and Chibi-Usa. Both shook their heads. "Don't worry, I have a solution!" Goku turned his head to the sky and called out in a strong voice: "Kintoun!" A golden cloud flew down to their level. "You guys can ride Kintoun if she'll let you." Pluto gestured for Chibi-Usa to try first. Chibi-Usa leapt onto the cloud, which caught her with a soft pillow-like feel. She was followed by Pluto who clambered on behind her. "Kintoun will follow me," Goku said. "Let's go!" With that, Goku and Goten blasted off in the direction of Satan City with Chibi-Usa and Pluto following on Kintoun.

-(Page Break)-

Goku was the first to land in the lawns surrounding Capsule Corporation, closely followed by Goten, and finally Chibi-Usa and Pluto on Kintoun. He narrowed his eyes at the building, seeming to sense something inside.

"I don't recognize those Ki's," Goku muttered. "I can feel Bulma's, and Trunks'... where's Vegeta?" Pluto walked up beside him.

"I sense that we may not have been the only ones to arrive at this time," she told him. Goku looked at her.

"Friends of yours?" he asked.

"You could say that," the Time Guardian replied. Goku smiled confidently; he may not have been the brightest star in the galaxy, but he knew what that meant.

"You guys stay here," he told them, "I'll deal with this."

At that moment, the door to the building blew off of its hinges in a cloud of fire and smoke. The smoke was so dense that none of them could see anything until it cleared and showed them a gaping hole in the side of the building and a small form standing among the wreckage. It stepped forward into the grass and continued on until it was right in front of them. The creature which had just destroyed the entire front of the building turned out to be... a little girl? Indeed it was, one with black hair that went to the small of her back and large, dark eyes; probably no older than 6 or 7. She stared up at Goku and blinked innocently, a small, irresistible smile forming on her lips.

"Hi there," Goku chuckled, crouching down to a squat in front of the girl. "Was that you right there?" Apparently, the young girl's big eyes and innocent pout had fooled Goku into thinking she was harmless. He failed to notice the suit of Saiyan armor she wore and the small tail wrapped around her waist, but Goten didn't.

"Dad!" he cried out warningly, "she's a Saiyan!" Goku didn't seem to be paying attention.

"Well aren't you a cute one?" Goku smiled happily. The little girl giggled and wrapped her small hands around the finger Goku was pointing at her. Instantly, her innocent smile turned into a sneer and she, amazing everyone in the area, swung Goku into the air by his finger and slammed him onto his back.

"You!" Goten cursed and dashed towards the Saiyan girl. He drew back his fist and was about to slam it into her face when she leaned forward... and kissed him. "Bleh!" Goten cried, wiping his tongue rapidly, "girl cooties! Yuck!" Chibi-Usa sighed in exasperation.

"C'mon Puu, let's... Puu?" Chibi-Usa turned her head back to look at Pluto, who had not moved since the Saiyan girl had shown up.

"Aw... just so adorable," Pluto sighed in a 'not-quite-there' kind of voice. Chibi-Usa cursed under her breath, clearly the Saiyan girl had used some kind of hypnosis spell on them all; but for some reason, she and Goten were immune.

The Saiyan girl stood and smiled at Chibi-Usa in satisfaction of her work. Goku was either too dazed or likewise under hypnosis as he didn't do anything, and Goten was still wiping his tongue in disgust.

"You're not from here," the girl said. A vein was pulsing in Rini's forehead. "Do you want to fight me?" the girl asked mockingly. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a strange device which she then attached to the side of her head. Part of it looked like a cellular phone like the one Mamoru had, while the other part looked like Sailor Mercury's visor except it only covered half of her face. "15..." the girl mused after looking at Chibi-Usa for a few moments. "Better than the average human, but nothing compared to me." Chibi-Usa had had enough by this point.

"That's it!" Chibi-Usa roared, "I've had enough of you! Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!" She flung her hand into the air and, in a flash of light, turned into Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon. The Saiyan girl leapt back in surprise and stared in shock as the figures on her half-visor began changing.

"15,000... 150,000... 1,500,000... 150,000,000?" the Saiyan girl began to back away slowly. "I... I'm only at 200,000." She then turned around and ran.

"Hey! Come back here!" Chibi-Usa yelled, pointing her Moon Kaleidoscope at the girl. "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" A wave of bright light flew at the Saiyan girl and connected with her back. She flew forward and landed on her face, dragging for about ten feet. The girl got up and faced Chibi-Usa with a fierce expression, wiping blood, tears, and dirt from her face.

"You... meanie!" she wailed. "Just wait 'til my big sister shows up... she'll get you! She has a Power Level of over 1,000,000,000!" The girl began to run away again until another little Saiyan girl ran out from behind a tree.

"Pru!" the other girl cried and embraced the first girl, Pru apparently.

"Plu, she hurt me!" Pru whined. Plu turned to Chibi-Usa and glared.

"How dare you hurt my friend!" she shouted at Chibi-Usa and placed her hands like she was about to toss something from her side. "Galick Gun!" Chibi-Usa had to dodge as an enormous wave of purple energy shot at her. "Ha!" Plu laughed, "not so tough now, huh?" She threw rapid fire blasts at Chibi-Usa, forcing the Future Moon Princess to dodge until one managed to connect with her stomach. Chibi-Usa cried in pain and landed on the ground hard. "Now I have you!" Plu laughed, "Galick Gun!" As the purple wave rushed at her again, Chibi-Usa thought she was done for until...

"Kamekameha!" Goten roared, leaping in front of Chibi-Usa and launching a yellow wave of energy from the heels of his hands. Both waves connected and sputtered out undramatically. Goten stared at his hands in confusion. "Why didn't that work?" he whined.

"That's because you said it wrong, dumb-ass," a voice off to the side said. Both Chibi-Usa and Goten turned around to see a boy in a blue gi, with violet hair and blue eyes glaring at them. Chibi-Usa could feel a blush forming across the bridge of her nose. "It's Kamehameha, idiot."

"Oh right!" Goten cried in delight, "thanks Trunks!" Goten then turned to the Saiyan girls again with his hands clasped together at his right side. "Kame...hame...HA!" Goten roared and released a gigantic wave of yellow energy, even bigger than before, at the two girls. Both girls screamed and dashed off into the air.

"Sh-should we get my big sister?" Pru shuddered.

"No!" Plu insisted, "we don't need to bother her with this, we can still transform."

"No I can't!" Pru wailed. "Sister never taught me how!" Plu sighed.

"You're such an embarrassment sometimes." Plu set the other girl down in a tree and landed so that she was in front of Goten.

"Come back to fight, huh?" Goten said smugly, crossing his arms. Plu growled at first, then allowed her face to form a smirk.

"You're dead," she said with a chuckle. "Prepare to witness my true power!" Plu clenched her hands into fists in front of her and began to roar as Goten and Trunks felt her Ki soar. A burst of light later, they were blown off of their feet as they saw the girl's once black, shoulder-length hair turn golden and fly up around her.

"Sh-she's a Super Saiyan?" Goten stuttered. Trunks growled as he finally got a good sense of her Power Level.

"Goten," he ordered, "you take care of your friend here, I'll take on the Super Saiyan." Goten nodded and dove back to help Chibi-Usa up.

"Come on," he said, "let's go get Dad and Pluto so we can find Vegeta!" Chibi-Usa nodded and allowed him to pick her up and dash away.

Satisfied that Goten and Chibi-Usa were gone, Trunks turned to face his opponent. She was smirking at him confidently, clearly thinking that there was no way he could win now. Trunks smiled as he thought of the shock she was in for now.

"AAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!" Trunks roared as he powered up and then, with a flash, turned Super Saiyan as well. Pure shock was shown on Plu's face, just as Trunks had wanted.

"Y-you're a Saiyan?" she stuttered, enraged. Trunks smirked.

"Half Saiyan," he corrected, "on my dad's side." Plu's enraged face served to amuse Trunks. "Can we get this over with?" he asked with a false yawn. "You see, I really need to find my parents, what happened to them anyway?" Plu allowed herself a smirk.

"You'll just waste your time looking for them," she giggled, "they aren't here!" Trunks growled.

"Where are they? Tell me!" he roared. Plu rose into the air.

"If you want to find out, then beat me!" she crowed, and stuck her tongue out at him.

"ARRGH!" Trunks roared, and dashed into the air. Plu clearly hadn't been expecting his speed, as Trunks easily sent his foot flailing into her face with a high kick. She retaliated by dashing at him and punching, which he blocked. A rapid-fire fist fight began, with both blocking each other's attacks smoothly. "I'll admit, you're good... for a girl," Trunks smirked as he, getting tired of the fist fight, dashed behind her and delivered a solid kick to the small of her back. She flew into the ground, leaving a small crater. "You done? 'Cause I want to know where my parents are!" Trunks crossed his arms as he looked down at the crater she had made upon impact. "Oh come on, I didn't hit you that hard," he sighed. He waited again, and again nothing happened. "I'll give you 'til the count of three! One... two..."

"Galick Gun!" Plu roared, and an even larger wave of purple energy raced towards him. Trunks, who hadn't been expecting it, was thrown far into the air with all the wind knocked out of him. Plu dashed through the air at an extraordinary speed and delivered a flying kick to Trunks' diaphragm which sent him even further into the sky. Trunks regained his wind and quickly used it to roar at her.

"That was a cheap shot! Now I'm really pissed!" Trunks placed his hands with the heels together and aimed for where he could see Plu dashing towards him to deliver her next attack. "Final Flash!" Trunks roared and unleashed a wave of destructive energy, even larger and more powerful than Goten's Kamehameha. It came too fast for Plu to dodge and she was blown straight back into the ground in an even larger and deeper hole, which smoked and burned slowly. Trunks cautiously came out of his Super Saiyan transformation, feeling his once-again violet hair fall around his forehead.

"PLU!" Pru screamed, looking desperately for her friend. She dashed down inside of the crater Trunks had created and continued screaming her friend's name. Pru dashed out of the hole a minute later, carrying her severely burnt friend in her arms and glaring at Trunks. "You meanie! You killed her! You killed her! I'm so mad I just want to-" Pru let out a shriek that blasted all around them and caused windows to shatter all throughout the city. A flash of light followed, which Trunks knew could only mean one thing: she had just turned Super Saiyan, and he wasn't. Trunks was knocked what he swore must have been a mile as the little girl head-butted him with all of her Super Saiyan might. He was still flailing helplessly through the air as he heard her attack screamed across the void between them.

"Galick Nova Wave!" Trunks didn't even have time to blink as he was immediately seared by a blinding, white hot light. He screamed in pain and fell down to the ground with a resounding crash and did not get back up. Pru seemed satisfied that he was dead and, picking her friend back up, dashed away into the distance.

Trunks crawled back to his feet once he was satisfied that she was gone and began to stumble back into the Capsule Corporation building. His parents would not be there, but he knew of something else that was; something that would help him. He reached his parents' bedroom and quickly found the closet. Reaching back behind his mother's various dresses, he opened a panel and slid the back wall apart to reveal what he had been looking for. It was his father's Saiyan armor which he had stolen from Frieza's ship back on Namek all those years ago. His mother had repaired it for his father, but his father had never worn it again seeing as he wanted a fair fight against Goku. While Vegeta had had no interest in the armor, it fascinated Trunks and Vegeta saw no reason to stop him from examining it. In his examinations, Trunks had found a panel which allowed for the size of the armor to be controlled. Trunks pulled on a new, tight shirt and slipped the overlarge chest piece over his head. After pressing a few buttons, the flexible but strong armor shrank to fit his smaller body and stayed put. Smiling, Trunks then pulled out the best part of the entire thing: a scouter which Vegeta had stolen from one of the Ginyu Force members. It fixed easily on his ear and covered his right eye. Pushing the activation button, it allowed Trunks to look around and see the various Ki's around him.

"Alright," he muttered to himself, "let's go."

-(Page Break)-

The three children reunited with the two adults to find that they had broken out of their trances. Upon inquiring about the fate of the Briefs family, they were met with the sad fact that none of them were there.

"Those Saiyans must have taken them," Pluto growled.

"No way," Trunks said. "Those two were powerful, but they were nothing compared to Dad."

"Well, they dealt with me," Goku said. "They were so small and cute, I didn't think that they were anything of a threat. They could have easily taken Vegeta out while he was still laughing his head off at them." Trunks had to admit that it was a likely situation. He knew that they certainly hadn't gotten him with their 'cuteness' alone. Prince Vegeta didn't think of anything as 'cute'.

"That makes us one 'Z Fighter' short," Chibi-Usa informed them.

"Hey, I'm here," Trunks interjected. "You think I'm staying here? No way, I'm gonna find those girls again and kick their asses." Goten nodded in agreement.

"I had no doubt that you would come," Pluto told them, "I had the feeling that your father would bring you."

"What about Piccolo?" Goku offered. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind coming." Pluto was about to answer when another voice interrupted.

"I was wondering when you would remember me." They all looked up to where they had heard the voice and saw the unmistakable green skinned, turban wearing form of Piccolo standing on top of a ruined building. He leapt off of the building and landed softly next to Goku, who smiled at him.

"Nice to see ya!" Goku grinned. Piccolo only huffed at how unprofessional his ex-rival was acting.

"More Saiyans huh?" he asked of Sailor Pluto.

"Yes," she said. "Oh, and I don't believe we are introduced. This is Princess Small Lady Serenity, and I am-"

"Sailor Pluto, I know," Piccolo interrupted. "You helped us make the Hyperbolic Time Chamber remember?"

"Oh," Pluto said, "I thought that that Namekian's name was Kami."

"I am Kami," Piccolo replied. "The full Kami, once again fused with his evil half: Piccolo Daimo."

"Oh," Pluto repeated. "Well, I guess that completes out team-"

"Not yet," Piccolo once again interrupted. "There are still two more people to help us out." Everyone jumped back as two more forms, both very plump, landed next to Piccolo. One landed softly like Piccolo before him, while the other landed rather ungracefully on his face.

"Buu! Yajirobe!" Goku cried in delighted recognition. The one who had landed gracefully, looking like a six-foot tall wad of bubblegum with eyes and a mouth, smiled.

"Goku!" it replied in a high voice, hugging Goku. "Buu is happy to see you."

"Hey," the one who had landed less gracefully, with long, shaggy black hair and wearing an orange gi like Goku's, replied gruffly. He then turned to Piccolo. "I don't see why I had to come, it's not like I'll be of any use anyway."

"Nonsense," Piccolo said. "Remember when we fought Vegeta? If it hadn't been for you cutting his tail off with your sword, then we would have stood no chance. I'm sure that there are many tails we'll need cut off."

"Oh, you want my sword's help?" Yajirobe asked. "Go ahead, take it!" He untied the katana at his side and threw it at Piccolo's feet. "Later." With a salute, he ran off and disappeared around the corner.

"Coward," Piccolo growled, picking the sword up. "At least Yamcha hasn't backed out."

"Well, let's go before he has the chance to," Goku chuckled good naturedly. "It'll be quicker if two of us just fly you there, leave Kintoun behind." Pluto and Chibi-Usa each selected one of the fighters (Goku and Buu respectively) and allowed them to blast away at high speeds.

-(Page Break)-

They returned to the mountain outcrop to find a larger group than the one they had left behind. Krillin was joined by a tall, thin, blonde woman and a short girl, also blonde. Chichi was standing next to a resigned looking Gohan with a fierce, no-nonsense expression as well.

"What's going on?" Pluto asked as she hopped off Goku's back once he landed.

"I could ask you the very same thing," Chichi snapped back, obviously not enjoying the sight of the much younger woman with her arms wrapped around Goku's neck.

"Mom wasn't about to be left behind," Gohan chuckled apologetically.

"Neither was 18," Krillin added, "and she wasn't about to leave Marron behind." Pluto's agitated expression was ignored by the majority of the Z Fighters.

"Vegeta not want to come?" Yamcha asked. "Sent Trunks instead?" Trunks glared at his mother's ex-boyfriend.

"The Saiyans got to them first," Goku explained. Yamcha looked too shocked for words.

"Are they..." Yamcha didn't seem to want to finish his sentence.

"I don't know," Goku admitted. No one spoke for awhile.

"Regardless of what's happened, we need to get back to the past. Maybe we can find them and get them back," Pluto urged.

"How do you propose we do that?" Chichi challenged. Pluto looked the older woman in the eye and raised her Garnet Rod. A doorway into the Fourth Dimension opened in the mountainside, making those closest to it jump back.

"There's our entrance, follow me and don't stray," Pluto ordered. "Everyone have physical contact with the person in front of them." She allowed Chibi-Usa to grab her hand and waited for her to allow Goku to take hers, followed in a chain sequence by Chichi, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo (reluctantly), Krillin, Android 18, Marron, and finally Yamcha. "Let's go." With that, she led the way into the Fourth Dimension, and into the beginning of a great adventure.

Author's Note: I realize that this chapter is long and dialogue heavy, but I promise that it will be kept to a minimum in future chapters. This was originally three separate chapters, but they all work so well as a single, long prologue that I decided to make it so. Reviews would be appreciated. Geek out.