Chapter 1-A New Starlight?

It was late Friday night, Usagi sat in her room and gazed out the window at the night sky. She was listening to Search For Your Love. It had been nearly three years since Usagi had seen the lights, she wanted to visit them but mostly Fighter.

"Fighter," Usagi muttered looking up at the ceiling. "What are you doing right now?" the room was silent with no response. "I need to see her." Usagi fell asleep, before doing so she decided that tomorrow she was heading to Kinmoku.

****On Kinmoku*********

Fighter was in the gym, it was nearly ten. After dinner earlier, she had headed back to the gym for a work out. Healer and Maker were worried so they came in the gym seeing their friend in front of a punching bag as sweat beat down her face.

"Fighter," Maker said, "aren't you coming to bed now?" Fighter hadn't seen them till Maker spoke up. She took a couple of breaths and looked at her friends. "You worry me sometimes, you know."

"Diajobu," Fighter said still catching her breathe. "Just a tiny workout, you know?" Maker knew what Fighter really had going on in her mind. Ever since they had returned home and the gym had been rebuilt, Fighter would go there and exercise for several hours. It usually went from five to ten or eleven at night. Maker knew that this was a way for her not to focus on Usagi, sadly, it didn't work.

"Fighter, you're dead tired," Healer said pointing to the bags under her leaders eyes. "If you don't get sleep you won't be prepared for training tomorrow morning. Remember? We don't get the day off tomorrow. We're going to gym H to train." On Kinmoku there was a gym A-Z.

"Fine, I'm coming," Fighter said with a sigh. She walked ahead of Maker and Healer with a white sweat cloth and dried the sweat off her forehead. She really had been spending too much time in the gym, but hell. Her training didn't keep her mind off Usagi, helping the princess didn't, training younger senshi didn't help the only thing that did was the punching bags.

Fighter arrived to her room really quick in the senshi dorms. It was on the first floor along with Maker's and Healer's. The rooms on the first level were the nicest. Fighter closed her door and changed into Seiya. She looked in the mirror at herself. "Odango," she muttered. "What are you doing right now?"

Seiya walked into the bathroom and changed into her black pajama's and fell onto her bed. She had her face into a pink pillow and cried. "Odango," she muttered touching a window lightly. "How I miss you." Soon, she fell asleep.

*******The Next Morning On Earth*********

Usagi got out of bed and brushed her hair. She couldn't wait to see Fighter again, she had the perfect idea on how to be with Fighter forever till the end of her days. She took a shower, got dressed in a pink dress with a little bunny in the middle with black flats along with her two ridiculous odango's on her head.

She luckily didn't have to deal with her family anymore now living on her own and her senshi didn't seem to care much for her. She looked around Earth one more time, she was never coming back. "Bye-bye earth," she whispered.

"I'm coming to see you," Usagi said looking up at the sky. "Moon Eternal Make Up!" Within a phrase there stood Sailor Moon. She used her power to go through space, it was awfully beautiful.

Sailor Moon still remembered the image Seiya showed her of the wonderful planet of Kinmoku, it was beautiful planet before Galaxia had destroyed it. She had pictured during the song it was about cherry blossoms and beautiful smelling flowers. (An: There is a part in episode 194 or so where Kakyuu asks to hear Fighter's song and you can see their planet is similar to Earth).


"Fireball princess," Usagi said entering the throne room, she had told two guards she was Sailor Moon and let them her pass directing her to the palace. Kaykuu turned around to see Usagi who stood there with a smile on her face.

"Hello, Sailor Moon," she said bowing. "How did you get here?" She didn't think Sailor Moon was that powerful to travel all the way to her planet, but apparently she was.

"Kakyuu, princess," Usagi started following the Starlight's red haired princess to a small table behind her throne room. "I have a question to ask." The princess looked at her confused.

"Nani?" she asked wanting to hear the question from the moon princess.

"May I be a Starlight?" she asked saying it quickly. "I want to be a Starlight and help you. Please, I can't return to Earth. All of the senshi don't seem to want to be with each other anymore."

"So you wish to be a Starlight? But aren't you a queen on your planet?"

"Yes, but Mamoru-san was killed in a car accident and therefore the future I was going to have doesn't exist anymore. I want to dethrone myself and become one of your loyal senshi."

"I see, do you think you can handle the pressure of being a Starlight?" Usagi nodded, she would doing anything to work along side Fighter.

"If I can defeat Galaxia any many other enemies I can definitely become stronger and be your loyal senshi," Usagi purposed. "Please! Can I become part of the Starlights team?"

"I see this is because of Fighter?" the princess asked as Usagi nodded. "I will allow you to be a Starlight and see Fighter. Just make sure you take this seriously." In the princess hand formed a henshi brooch. "Your new senshi name is Sailor Star Shimmer."

"Arigato!" Usagi said as her new transformation took over her body. She had a hair style like the Starlights now and a black leather suit like them along with two yellow straps around her arms.


"Eh?" Healer asked Maker. "A new Starlight?" Maker nodded, she had heard about the new Starlight while out shopping.

"Hai," Maker said to Healer as they walked to the senshi dorms. "She seems strange." Suddenly, the princess came up behind them. "Oh, hello there princess."

"Healer and Maker," the princess said bowing to their hello. "This is Shimmer. She will be joining your team. Where's Fighter? She must meet Shimmer." Maker eyed the new girl suspiciously who just smirked at them. She was sort of scaring Healer but Healer mangned to just plaster her emotions over with a smile.

"In her room," Healer said, "and it's nice to meet you, Shimmer." Healer shook Healer's hand then Maker's. She followed the Princess down the hall along with Healer and Maker to Fighter's room.

"Here we are," Maker told Shimmer to stop. The princess knocked lightly on the door.

"Hai?" Fighter said opening it to see a new person there with the three she already knew. "Hai, princess, what is it?"

"Fighter," she started. "This is Shimmer. She'll be joining your team." Fighter looked at Shimmer as she shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you," Shimmer said. "I like your ponytail." Fighter found the comment odd but just smiled back at the shorter light. She was taller than Healer, shorter than herself and Maker.

"Thanks," Fighter said seeming somewhat flat. "Most senshi have the same one though." Suddenly, the princesses communicator went off.

"My lights," she said. "I must be heading off to an important meeting. Would you please show Shimmer to a vacant room? It would be nice for her to be settled in and get ready to train with one of you tomorrow. Sore ja."

"Hai, princess," the three lights said in union. "Now, a vacant room," Maker said. "There's one on this floor that I know of." Shimmer smiled and followed Healer, Maker and Fighter. She stood really close to Fighter, Maker made a mental note of this action.

"Where's the room?" Shimmer asked curiously, "this hall seems to go on forever." Suddenly, they came to a door with the number twenty on it. Maker created a key in her hand and gave it to Shimmer. The key was golden and had her senshi name written on it.

"There you go," Maker said with a smile. "Since it's near dinner, I advised you get washed up." Shimmer nodded as she watched the three lights walk off after Maker had given her the key. She went in the room, it had white walls and two windows with a bathroom with marble floor and pink walls.

"I'm here!" she screamed happily.

At dinner, Healer, Maker, Shimmer and Fighter sat at a small red table eating. "So, where are you from?" Healer asked Shimmer biting into a piece of lobster.

"Uh..." Shimmer didn't really want to say. "Just a distant planet, it's already slipped my mind I've been gone so long." 'Lamer excuse' Shimmer thought.

Healer shrugged and continued eating. "So, what are some things you do around here for fun?" Shimmer asked the three lights. Fighter cleared her throat and set her fork down.

"Many things," she told the new Starlight. "We can show you around, if you'd like." Shimmer would take the chance to spend with her old friends and she nodded. "Great," Fighter said. "How about Tuesday, two days from now? We will show you around."

"Great!" Shimmer exclaimed seeing Healer and Maker get up. "Where are you two going?"

"I have some work to do," Healer told Shimmer. "Maker needs to fix something of hers." The two walked off closing the doors behind them walking back to the senshi doors.

"Doesn't she remind you of someone?" Maker asked as they arrived at the dorms. The walk had been rather quiet, but it didn't take too long. "I mean, Usagi–chan? The same color of hair, eyes and attitude."

"You're jumping too fast, Maker," Healer said. Usually, Maker would told Healer this but it seemed like opposite day. "She's only new, we'll get to know who better two days from now."

"I guess," Maker said as she arrived at her room. "See ya, Healer." She said closing the beige door behind her.

"Bye," Healer said walking down to her room to talk a long, hot shower.

"Thanks for taking me back to my room," Shimmer said to Fighter as Fighter smiled. "So, do you have a civillian name. You know, when you're not training." Fighter looked at the girl beside her.

"Uh, yes," she said a little shocked by the question. "It's Seiya, yours?" Shimmer giggled as they arrived at her room.

"That's for me to know," she said opening the door while the key was in it. "And for you to find out." She shut the door. Was she hitting on Fighter? Fighter didn't take this flutirous action and just walked away. Shimmer realized she was totally new to Fighter again. "Damn!" she muttered on the other side of the door.

Fighter strolled to her room and shut the door turning into Seiya. "She's so odd," Seiya said to herself. "She seems so much like Odango. it her? Maska, she's with her Earth senshi. She wouldn't be here."

Seiya got changed as thoughts passed through her head like who was this new light? Where was she from? Would they be friends? Would she intimate Seiya? The real reason Seiya had asked her to go out on Tuesday was to discover why she was truly her and who she truly was. "No way she's Odango," Seiya muttered as the thought crossed her mind one last time before falling asleep.

"I have to tell Fighter I'm Usagi," Usagi said as she detransformed. "I just need to be with her alone." She crawled into her bed giggling. She looked out the window and saw Earth spinning and the sun. "Wow, it's beautiful. But Fighter's much more beautiful. I can't wait to spend time with her Tuesday."

Usagi was naked and slept under the sheets naked. She fell asleep dreaming of Seiya and her at a dance.