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6 years later (in the magna Usagi inhered Crystal Tokyo so...yeah).

The light was shining brightly in the palace. It was built up like stairs but made of crystal with fine tip points making it look like a decoration that is one of a kind. The light also reached the far parts of the palace.

Glass doors, glass floors and marvelous looking like a skating rink got hit by the lovely sun. In a small room down the hall slept a girl with blond hair and another girl with long black hair.

Neo Queen Serenity's eyes opened and captured the glowing sun. She saw Neo Queen Seiya's hair flowing freely with hers. A lovely star mark with a moon. The younger girl tossed and turned until her eyes opened. "Odango...?" she said as her eyes adjusted to the room that looked magnificent due to the sun.

"Morning sleepy head," said the queen. "I actually woke up before you, that's a first."

There was a knock at the door revealing a small pink haired female with a ball looking like Luna floating behind her. "Good morning, Small Lady," Seiya said with a smile.

The small girl had a big, white baggy shirt on. She looked adorable and looked towards the king sized bed covered in white blankets, the silver walls surrounding it and the light passing across the queens' faces.

"Good morning, Seiya-mama," the little girl said. "Good morning Serenity-mama."

"Your lessons for being a princess are well," Serenity said.

"Yes you're becoming a fine princess," Seiya said. She was about to continue when another voice came.

"Chibi-Usa," said a familiar voice. It was Minako, her blond hair in it's original bow. Yaten soon came after her. "We were looking for you, remember? We were going to take you shopping today."

"I wanna go with mamas," the little pink-haired girl said. "And Auntie come your stomach has gotten so big lately?"

Yaten smiled and looked at the little girl. "Nothing...Seiya there will explain to you when you're older." Seiya stuck her tongue out.

"Anyway," a new voice said revealing Mars. "You two lazy bums need to get out of bed remember? The papers for Kinmoku and Earth need to be done."

"Can't Ami-chan take care of that?" Serenity asked Mars. "I planned on-"

"We planned on-" Seiya got cut off.

"Don't start that," Mars said. "Mercury, Jupiter, Maker, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are waiting downstairs in the Decision Room. Good name for it, Usagi-chan."

"We're coming," Serenity said to Mars. "Small Lady, we'll take you shopping later today."

"But...I wanted to" the little girl stuttered.

"Minako-chan, can you take her? Small Lady, we're promise once we're done we will take you with us," Seiya said referring to her and the blond queen.

"Good, you better!" said the pink-haired girl winking. "Remember-I wanna be called Chibi-Usa." The small girl then left with Yaten and Minako. Mars still stood there looking at them.

Mars' fuku was still the same but she had her eternal form now, all of Usagi's soldiers had received it for the Era Of The Silver Crystal to put the soldiers above everyone else in the city. People knew them all around but they were treated.

"We'll be waiting," Mars said with a smile. "At least you're happy, Usagi...I didn't think you were happy with Mamoru-san and I see that. The Era Of The Silver Crystal might be different than Crystal Tokyo but we're all together."

"And will be forever," Serenity and Seiya said lacing their fingers together.

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