China, I want to give him love. 8D

China shifted uncomfortably as he scooted into one of his high school classrooms as his backpack covered his front pelvic and his panda dangled from his butt.

"Haha, China did you wet yourself?" America laughed.

China grinded his teeth.

"You know exactly why I'm like this, aru..." He hissed. He blew a strand of his bangs as it fell onto his face that his cherry hairclip held up, and swung his pigtails back and forth.

"My god, China, your hair is faboo!" Poland jumped from his seat and ran over and tackle-hugged him.

And it was revealed.

"C-China..." Korea slowly stood from his seat, his eyes watered, "You're ou-outfit..."

China shoved Poland off of himself and stood up and dusted himself off. Poland ran away giggling like the school-girl he pretended to be. As China stood all the way up, he was in the females school uniform. The red, checkered, itty, bitty, school, skirt.

Korea began to fall over in slow motion as the blood spewed from his nose. He swooned and sighed as he saw the last glimpse of China with the sparkles that surrounded the Chinese boy.

"My dear sweet China girl..."

"SHUT UP, ARU." China stomped over and began to smack the Kor out of his name with his poor panda as it made panda sounds of agony, "The only reason why I'm wearing this is because of stupid America, aru. He won a bet we had over a liter of ***!"

The teacher walked in and China stopped his rampage and sat down at his own desk.

"Get of the floor 'ea." The teacher said.

South ea got up and painfully sat down at his desk behind China's.

China scooted his desk and chair as close as possible to the one in front of him. it finally made a 'BUMP!" sound and the person in front of him turned around.

T'was France.

France winked and blew a kiss at China and turned around before the teacher spot any 'distraction' in the classroom.

"That's it." China thought, pulling his ink set out, "His blond hair is going to dye!" He gently pulled a strand of France's hair and slowly headed its way to his ink bottle.

China sat with his arms crossed on the outside of the principals office. "Stupid France, aru." He huffed, "Had to squack like a Jī, aru!"

"China, you may come into the office now." The principal called him in.

The asian grumbled and went into the office.

"This is a warning, since you are usually such a good student, and not the type to cause trouble, I will let you off for now. But you have had two strikes. Beating up another student, and stirring trouble with another student's ego. One more strike and you're out. You will get it."

China sighed, "Yes m'am, aru." China began to stand up.

"I didn't say you could be excused." The principal folded her hands.

"Sorry, aru." China winced.

"It's fine. I just want to tell you one more thing."

"That is...?"

"You will have to be put under mature supervision."

"AIYAH! Are you kidding, aru?" China huffed, "I am very mature, aru! I-I-I'm the oldest out of every student!" China stomped.

"I can understand that...But you're acting quite foolish. And to make sure you won't get into any trouble, you will have someone help you not get into any. Unless, you really do want to get discipline?"

"No, aru." China grumbled. "Where do I find this...Supervisor?"

China walked out of the office to find Germany standing in front of the door. China tackled the German.

"WERE YOU LISTENING IN? YOU PERVERTED, ARU! SICK! SICK! SICK!" China pounded on him as he sat straddle on Germany's stomach.

"N-Nein!" Germany yelled, picking up the Chinese man and standing up, "I am your supervisor. Since every teacher here thinks I'm the most responsible, I have to be in charge." He sat him down. "I don't especially like the idea, but it helps alot with my extra-credit."

"Hah! 'Extra credit' he says, aru. Not wanting to 'watch me', aru. Perverted, aru, bastard..." China hissed.

Germany rolled his eyes. "You better not cause me any trouble. Since as your supervisor, I'm the one who has to discipline you myself."

China's face reddened. "F-fine! I'll behave! I-I-I'm just tired today, aru."

They began to walk to lunch.

China scanned Germany. He had to make sure he wasn't the 'become one' type like the other guys(mostly Russia).

He spotted his right arm was red. "What's with your arm, aru?"

Germany scratched his neck and turned red, "Italy did not like the idea of parting with me. So he grabbed onto my arm and squeezed it as the teachers tried to pry him off. I finally got him off when I threatened he couldn't have pasta."

"Hmph." China nodded, "Little brat."

"Ja. But he's very cute once you look pass the-" Germany cleared his throat. "Are you going to sit with anyone?"

"No." China said, "I guess I'll just sit with you."

Germany nodded and chuckled.

"What's so funny?" China asked.

"Well...Japan will sit at my table and he... He hasn't seen your dress attire yet..."

"AIYAAAAHHHH!" China fell to the ground and rolled into a ball. "I can't go in there, aru! No way, aru!"

Germany looked around as he saw passing countries stare at the scene.

"You're going to starve then." Germany said, "You know the rule. Lunch is in the lunchroom."

China glared, "Fine. I am getting fat, aru."

Germany smiled slyly, "That sounded just like a female's remark."

China stood up, "Acutally, I'M HUNGRY, ARU! I COULD EAT A RUSSIAN."


China turned around to see Russia standing right behind him.

"Eat me up, cutie, da?" Russia grinned.

China backed up and hid behind Germany.

"Russia..." Germany sighed, "Stop making sexual remarks. I could report you."

"Goody two-shoes." Russia mumbled and glowed purple.

He then walked away after he winked at China.

"Bitch, aru." China said.

Germany massaged his forehead. "If I don't get in there soon, Italy will make life hell for everyone."

"Then what do you suppose you'll do?" China asked.

Germany took off his jacket to reveal is polo that showed alot of his muscular figure.

China began to turn a little red, then shook his head. "No." He told himself.

Germany handed his jacket to him, "put this on. It will cover up your outfit."

China smiled, "T-thank you, aru."


Germany massaged his temples, "Italy, eat your pasta and shut up."

Italy grinned, "AYE, AYE, SIR! I will never leave your side ever ever ever ever AGAIN!"

So Italy began to nom on his pasta.

China scooted from behind Germany and quickly sat down with a THUMP!

Japan looked up from his rice rolling.

His eyes grew wide. "A-ah! C-China-san...What are you doing here?"

China glared, "Hello, Japan, aru."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Maybe I don't wanna, aru."

"Well maybe I do not want you at my table."

"Maybe I don't want to be here."

"Well maybe you should get up and leave, China-san."

China stood up angrily with his lunch. "THIS IS WHY I CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS." He announced.

He stomped off away from the table.

Japan's eyes widened, "Ah...Germany-kun...?"

"Mm?" Germany grunted as he chewed on his sausage.

"Is China not wearing...pants?" Japan's face was turning very red.

Italy slammed his fists on the table, "Germany! Germany! That's not fair! China is allowed to wear no pants and I get punished if I even dare try?"

"China may not be wearing pants, but he's wearing undergarments. Unlike you, Italy, you want to go to school in the nude."

Italy sloutched and pouted.

"I'm going to have to go after China. China is on arrest." Germany sighed as he put his food back in his container.

"Why?" Japan asked and saw China glaring at him as he sat next to the trashcan.

"I can't tell you." Germany said.

"And is that your jacket he is wearing?"

"Ja, that he is."


Germany sighed, "Well...He's-"

"Hey there party peoples!" Poland skipped over to the table, "Do you know where, like, China went?" Poland flipped his hair.

"He's next to the trashcans. Why?" Germany said.

"I wanna, like, ask him to sit at the girls table with me! DUH!"

"B-but...China is not a girl...And neither are you." Japan was now disturbed.

Poland was OFFENDED.

"Like, shuddap. Spain sits at the table ALL THE TIME."

"But that is because the women love him, and he's the only guy that the females do not hate. At least, perverted guy catagory." Japan rubbed his chin.

"So true." Poland giggled, "Anyway, my galfriends want China to sit at the table. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ADORABLE OUTFIT?"

"W-what outfit?" Japan went from disturbed to terrified.

"O.M.G. You haven't seen it? GASP! Here, let me go get him." Poland ran off screaming really weird phrases as China scooted his rump backwards in terror.

"His hair is a little different..." Japan mumbled, "It's kawaii."

Poland soon dragged China over to Japan. "SEE?"

"The jacket?" Japan blinked.

"You sicko, aru. Asshole." China hacked at Japan.

Poland ripped off the jacket.

Japan ripped his camera out and took a few shots in three seconds and no one knew what happened.

He then went into his shy phase. "A-ah...C-China...Why-"

"Ask America, aru." China huffed.

America skipped over and laughed, "Aww, Japan, don't you love the outfit?"

"SHUT UP ASS." China screamed.

"And he has to dress as a chick for a whole month! He's so cute!~" America chuckled and then ran away before China could leash out the fury of his Shinatty-Chan plushie he was cuddling for comfort.

"C'mon!" Poland dragged China.

"China moaned. "Just for a month." China told himself.

"OH CHINA YOU LOOK SO CUTE!" Taiwan squealed, "Did Japan see you yet?"

"He totally did!" Poland said before China could say anything, "China is totally like, sitting with us!"

"Well China, you're welcome with open arms!" Hungary said. "Perhaps sexual tension will grow between Japan and you."

China looked horrified, "What-"

"NOTHING!" Hungary sat down and giggled.

China found the girls table to be really nice. They gave you nice food, they told recent gossip, and they also gave really cool fashion tips!

Maybe being a female for a month was too bad.

But of course then Hong Kong saw China and grinned and called him 'mom'. and then got England. England then ran away being the tsundere he was.

"Bye mom." Hong Kong smirked and walked away with Iceland, and Iceland chuckled and said something about 'getting Norway to dress as a female because Norway has a very feminine body'. And Denmark being the pervert he was came over and said that was a beautiful idea. But Norway too was following watching out for his younger brother and beat Denmark into next year.

Sealand ran over to Sweden and told about how they should get Finland to dress up in a pretty dress. But Sweden said in his swedish accent that Finland is beautiful just the way he is, and Finland freaked out asking him what he meant by that.

But China then decided that being a female was very bad. For China's next school period was swimming.

America then handed China a bikini.

"Fuck you."

China stomped away to the dressing room.


Germany: -_- You just ate everything in my fridge.


Pfft. whateva.