So it has come to my attention that China is annoying when:


It was during the middle of a lecture and no one knew what had happened, China all of a sudden snapped and wouldn't stop saying, 'aru'.

"ARUUUUUU-" China howled.

"Oh my god stop it! My poor little ears just can't handle it!" Poland cried out holding his ears in dramatic anguish.

The teacher even had to run out of the class(sobbing, mind you) because he didn't know what to do with this situation.


No one could leave the classroom because no matter where you were it soundly and clearly was heard anywhere you went. In the hallways in the classrooms, everyone was scrunched into little balls on the floor or on chairs and tables.

Then suddenly, Japan slammed the classroom door open and ran over to China's side. He whipped out a pair of headphones and smashed them down onto China's head while the earphones were blasting, "HELLO SHINATTY, PLAY WITH US TODAY~"

Japan had hoped that would stop the ARU mayhem but sadly he continued on shouting things like a broken robot. That's when suddenly Japan got an idea. He dramatically raised his hand into the air, extended his pointer, and charged it towards China's nose gently tapping it.

"Boop." Japan said softly.

China said his last aru and stared blankly forward, he then heard Hello Shinatty songs playing in his ears and his eyelids became very heavy and they slowly began to close. His head began to tip over and he got closer to falling face forward onto his desk, so Japan pulled out a panda plushie and slid it underneath the sleepy China and he plummeted into it softly giving out soft muffled moans of happiness.

Japan then stood up and wrapped a fluffy Hello Shinatty blanket around the Chinese boy and China fell asleep.

Everyone stared in horror and slowly removed their hands from their ears and stared at Japan in awe and mouths gaped.

Poland began to spazz, "Oh my go-"

"SHH" Japan hushed putting a finger on Poland's lips. Poland giggled and covered his face blushing like a high school girl. Japan walked to the front and stood next to the door and turned around to look at blinking class.

"Everyone," Japan said, "I have stopped the holocaust, so now there is no longer any fire in your ears. Please proceed with your studies and have a wonderful day." The black-haired boy bowed and left the classroom.

As soon as China awoke everyone stayed away from him afraid he might explode again. He shrugged and walked down the hall clutching his plushie and the blanket wrapped around him. "Did I sleep in class today?" China sighed, "I'm going to get detention won't I?"

He trudged to his locker and everyone near it rushed away whispering things about him and then hushing each other for suggesting anything that might upset him.

"I wonder what is with everyone today." China said to himself. "This is unusual, no one is all over me, no one tugging on my skirt, lifting my shirt, wanting me to bitch slap them for trying to touch Shinatty.

He then had a smile form on his face. "That means I don't have to socialize." He giggled.

China went into the busy cafeteria and it all went dead silent. All eyes were on him, "What?" China spat, "You got something to say to me, fools?" Everyone quickly looked back at their foods and ate quickly trying to finish as soon as possible to leave.

China went and sat at a table that was in the corner and was dark and gloomy. It was rumored that the table was haunted or cursed or something. China just thought it was a table that someone had sex on one time so everyone worried they'd get pregnate by the ghosts who had sex.

"Luckily for me, I am a man." China said proudly.

He sat at the table and pulled out his lunch, he heard muffling sounds and he looked up at his table, there was a lunchbox.

"What the hell.." China could've sworn that wasn't there a second ago. He slowly took a bite of the sandwich trying to keep an eye on the lunchbox.

"China, ghosts are not real!"

He told himself over an over again, but still a weird sense was in the air about this.


China quickly turned his head over to the shout and saw Italy standing on a chair waving his arms frantically at China and shouted, "Why are you sitting all the way over there?!"

"Shush, Italy!" Germany scolded and lifted him off the chair, "Sit down properly and eat your food!"

"But Germany, China doesn't like me!" Italy wailed.

"Well no one likes China right now!" Germany said in a raspy hushed tone. China heard him.

He didn't know why but he felt sincerely hurt by this. Had he lost his friends? Japan was just looking at him over his IPad doodling something with a sincere disappointed look.

Even the girls table was huddled around gossiping-about him.

Poland was the loudest, "Oh my GOD! Can you believe what he did? Such a LOSER!"

China knew Poland was one loser to talk, but what happened? He couldn't remember. Is it because he slept in class? But everyone does that!

He slunked in his chair feeling the urge to cry but held it in, wiping at his eyes with his overgrown sleeve. That was when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned to the side he was tapped and didn't see anyone. That made him feel worse. "Someone is trying to pull pranks on me, are they?" He whimpered and sniffled. Then the waterworks broke and he began to sob. He put his head down into the table and cried. Why was he sad? Shouldn't he not care everyone was avoiding him? But what was this feeling?

"Don't cry China..."

"No. E-everyone hates me..I-I'm a fucking freak..." China sobbed.

"No you aren't...I don't hate you..."

China looked up seeing who was whispering compassion on him, and saw no one.

He began to think he was going crazy when all of a sudden, he realized a sandwich was floating in midair!

While the sandwich floated, a bite was taken out of it. China shouted curses that would make this story MA, and fell backwards in his seat.

"Don't shout that language...I don't like it.."

China slowly got back up in his seat and squinted his eyes. Then suddenly, a figure was beginning to form. A head, a face, hair, neck, arms, chest, torso.

"W-who are you?" China stuttered.

"I'm Canada." The figure beamed.


and also, Canada befriends China!

Will China's popularity go back up? Or will China just have to settle being alone in his drags?