Full Summary: The average Fairy Tale tells of a Princess who is locked away in a tower guarded by a dragon and awaits her true love to rescue her. What happens when Lucy finds herself in this predicament and seems to have lost hope in her prince when he might have been beneath her nose the entire time.

Hello there readers ^_^ CeruShimRu speaking here and if you're an old follwer of me, you probably noticed a change in my nameā€¦haha ask about that at a different place and not here. This is my first fanfic revolving around the world of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima which is telling you, he owns the story and the characters, not me, but I am proud of my fanfic hehe. You can probably guess that I'm a supporter of NaLu so don't bash me if you're not x] as I already have the entire story planned out from head to toe but I just have to get all of it on the computer. I've even planned to possibly make this into a set of series or something but I'm not so sure as of yet :] enjoy and please review!

The region of Fiore holds the home to countless kingdoms. Many of these kingdoms joined together by the marriage of the royal children and their land would expand. Princes could select whoever they wanted as long as they were a part of the royal status but most of the time they went to gatherings for princesses who were looking for the perfect suitor. That was the easy way for the wealthy: join together in marriage and expand your riches beyond your wildest dreams. Almost everyone followed this method for their young princesses, but some parents had to go to drastic measures. Someone like the Heartfilia family...

"And don't come out of your room until I ask for you!"

The door slammed shut behind the young princess. She glanced over her shoulder at the tall elegant door and stuck her tongue out defiantly. She then made her way over to her closet and began to change out of the poufy dress into a much less formal one. After that she began working on her hair, taking out all of the pins to allow it to fall to her shoulders. The young blonde smiled at her reflection.

"Well Lucy you've done it again," she said to the mirror.

Lucy was used to this simple punishment of being sent away to her room any time she ruined an event with a suitor. This time it had been lunch in which she somehow managed to let an army of strays into the castle where they destroyed the feast completely. Apparently one had been infested with fleas and jumped upon the poor suitor who ran out of the castle with fright. Her father had looked on a gasp while Lucy giggled in her seat. It didn't take long for the old man to catch on.

She didn't do these acts for attention but just simply for rebellion. Lucy didn't believe her love should be chosen for her. Almost every prince that came simply showed up because they wanted to combine their two kingdoms for wealth and power...not her. No one cared about what she thought of the entire situation. Of course in her father's viewpoints a lady wasn't suppose to think, just act, but this made Lucy come up with her own twist to his words. Nonetheless, Lucy didn't agree with what her father said.

Sometimes she liked to believe the world would be a lot different if her mother was still around. The wonderful woman passed away when Lucy was only ten years old and it left a huge scar in her heart. Queen Layla had been the only person within the castle to truly understand her. Eventually it became some of her servants as her father had shut her out completely. All he ever cared about was the kingdom...and money. Lucy had already learned that money could not buy happiness.

"Oh Princess," a voice called.

Lucy turned to see the pink haired lady she had grown to love over the years standing in her doorway. A smile quickly developed on her face. "Hello there Virgo," she replied.

The maid bowed. "I'm sorry to be disturbing you but your father would like to see you at once."

Already...? This is earlier than usual. "Do you know his intentions?"

"Punishment perhaps."

Lucy rolled her eyes. Virgo's mind was always locked on punishment...the girl really needed to find a man or get herself into some trouble herself. Sighing, she made her away across the room and followed Virgo to her father's quarters. By his expression she could tell he still wasn't happy by her rebelliousness as he didn't notice their entrance. He was too busy holding his head in his one of his hands and drumming his fingers against the arm of his chair with the other. Virgo loudly cleared her throat to get his attention. Lucy lowered her eyes as she saw her father look up.

"My apologies, Virgo. I did not here you two approach," he said. His eyes wandered warily to his daughter. "Lucy, I'd like you to look at me while I'm speaking."

The princess poked out her lip but said nothing as she gazed up as her father. His gray eyes bore into her as if he was reading her but suddenly they turned away. It took several heartbeats for him to speak again. He placed he head in his hands and let out a sigh.

"Lucy," he began. "Why do you keep doing this?" There was no reply. "Speak to me child! That was not a rhetorical question."

"I am not a child," Lucy retorted. Her father snorted and she continued. "I'm 17 and the last few times I wasn't allowed to answer that question. Father, I don't want you to choose my suitors. I want to find love on my own. It's only fair-"

"We've been through this before Lucy. It is the way it has been for centuries. Why can't you accept that?"

"Why can't you be the king who let's that change?" Lucy snapped back. "Oh right, you're no longer the caring king everyone talks about since mother died."

"There will be no talk of your mother in that way," the king roared. Lucy flinched under his tone but continued to stare at her father defiantly. This caused the king to sigh and mutter to himself. Finally he looked up at his daughter with utter detachment. "Well then, if you want to find love on your own I guess I will have to make an acceptance."

The princess smiled. "Thank you father-"

"Don't be so quick to thank me." He turned to Virgo. "You will escort my daughter to her destination and bring her any valuables she asks for when you visit her twice a month. That will be the only time you shall see her and the only time she will see anyone from this here castle."

Virgo bowed but stared confused at her master. Lucy realized both of them didn't know what was going on.

"Father...what are you saying?"

"You are being sent away, my love, to a tower where you shall wait for your love to find you," he paused seeing the fright in his daughter's eyes. "Don't give me that look. You wanted love to find you and I'm doing it in a way that it still goes with the laws. The prince who is able to defeat the dragon who protects you will be the one who had the most love for you. This has proven to be true countless times as love is the strongest weapon alive."

"I wanted love to find me but not in this way!"

"Do not argue with me! It is for the best. Now go. Pack your bags. You will be sent to the tower tonight after one final dinner in the palace. The rest of the kingdom must learn of your choice."

"My choice? I-"

She was cut off as a hand reached over her mouth and another held her hands behind her back. Lucy stared back into the blue eyes of Virgo. The maid shook her head in disagreement and led her away from her father back towards her room. She closed the door behind her and began making her way towards the princess's closet. Lucy stared in dismay with her back against the door and slumped to the floor, her head in her hands as tears began to flood from her eyes. What kind of family was this? Her father was basically putting words in her mouth when he would announce this to the kingdom. She continued to cry until she felt the door move slightly behind her.

"Excuse me Princess," the orange haired male apologized and bowed slightly. "I came to check on you after I heard the announcement..." He spotted Virgo busily packing bags in a quick orderly fashion. The servant sighed, sliding into the room, and closed the door behind him. He then sank to the ground beside his mistress. "How long?"

Lucy forced herself to stop sobbing. "I leave tonight...after dinner."

"That's not much time," he replied, removing his glasses. "I knew your antics were outlandish but I didn't think your father would come to this predicament."

"You knew about the tower?"

"I thought everyone knew about the tower."

Lucy sighed. Apparently she was a dumb blonde. Then again if she would have stuck to doing her castle history like her father wanted her to all those years ago she might have known a little about this. Her recklessness just continued to get her into trouble. Tears began to form in her eyes again only for the boy to wipe them away with a handkerchief.

"You know I hate to see you cry," he whispered. "More importantly, I hate to see you go."

"What am I going to do?" she whined. She looked up to see that Virgo had completely finished packing her entire closet, leaving behind the extravagant dresses. Now she had moved on to packing her cosmetics. The girl was extremely fast.

"There really isn't much you can do." The boy got to his feet and held out his hand towards the Princess. Lucy took it and was brought to her feet with ease. He then crossed towards her bed and picked up a toy stuffed lion. Lucy trailed after him. "You've done enough after all. The best you can do is pack the things you don't want to leave and take the memories you've created here. Also, don't forget any of us." He handed Lucy the stuffed animal. She stared at it for a moment, stroking its soft fur.

"I could never do that," she replied smiling. She moved the lion into a cradling position. "So I guess this is your way of saying goodbye?"

"Not until after dinner."

Suddenly, the blare of a trumpet was heard from the hallways. The mood within the room began to drop at the sound. Lucy lowered her eyes as the boy put the glasses back onto his face. He then led her out of the room, turning back to stare at Virgo.

"Won't you join us?" he questioned his workmate.

The female shook her head. "I will not rest or eat until our mistress is settled."

A whimpered escaped from Lucy. She never realized her servants had been so loyal to her. The boy grabbed her hand and led her away from the sight of her room. The last thing she saw was the backside of Virgo.

Dinner had been an unpleasant one. Possibly the worse dinner Lucy had ever experienced besides the one on the night of her mother's death. The food was splendid but it had only continued to leave a bad taste in her month. The entire event had gone on in silence, Lucy refusing to give an acknowledgement to her father. Its closure was her order to be at the palace gates by 8. And here she was now saying her last goodbyes to her faithful servants, instructors and family.

She decided she wanted to leave at once, without telling her father goodbye as she knew it would only cause her more pain. With that, she was off in a wagon accompanied by Virgo and Taurus. Lucy couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of gratitude for her father to send her away safely. Taurus was one of the strongest knights they had within the family so with him at their side she knew they would get to tower unharmed. She settled back into the cushion of the seat, listening to the clacking of hooves on the road and the hypnotic rocking of the carriage. In a matter of minutes she was asleep.

When she awoke she was unfamiliar of her surroundings but could detect the change in the atmosphere. There were clouds that covered the stars above and the moon was barely visible except for a tiny shaft. She felt hot and sticky in her gown and noticed the temperature had changed as well. Normally it would could during this time of night. Instead, it made her want to get out of the clothing in a hurry. Suddenly the carriage came to a stop. Virgo appeared at the door and held out a hand to help the Princess clamber out.

Lucy gasped in astonishment at the sight before her. "Th-th-the tower," she stammered. "It's-it's surround by...lava?"

"It's a mote your majesty," Virgo replied taking the bags out of the carriage. She began making her way towards the door as if this was just another simple task. "The dragon must be able to live in an environment that it can love while protecting you. It is only fair."

"But what will I do about this heat?"

"You can always strip," Taurus suggested as hearts set in his eyes.

Lucy narrowed her eyes and pushed the annoying bull away. He may be noble but he was perverted nonetheless. She sighed and began following Virgo up the tower with Taurus lagging behind. Inside the tower the heat wasn't as powerful but the area was still humid. She wondered if her first request could be the installation of air condition. They began making their way up a series of stairs until they came to the final floor.

The princess opened the door and her eyes widen in amazement. To her surprise the walls of the room were pink! And was this carpet beneath their feet? She quickly detected the drop in temperature and noticed her new found stickiness. Well, it looked like a bath was going to be her first priority once she was settled in. She watched as Virgo placed her gowns into a closet while Taurus sniffed around the bed. Perhaps this wouldn't be as bad as she expected.

"All finish Princess," Virgo announced.

Lucy blinked in confusion. How did Virgo continue to amaze her with her speed? "Thank you Virgo, but you didn't have to do that."

"Oh, if so you can always give me punishment."

"That is not an option!"

"Oh Princess," Taurus called from another location in the room. Lucy realized there was another hallway within it which led to a bathroom. "You have a nice place here."

Lucy sweat-dropped when she realized he was sniffing at her hair products and perfumes. She waved the scene away and turned back towards her room lost in thought. The tower didn't seem this vast from the outside and wondered if magic had something to do with it. She quickly dismissed this. Her father hated magic with a passion, but all of this seemed too real to be true.

"It really is something," Lucy murmured to herself.

"Your father wanted you to feel right at home," Virgo replied, overhearing her. "Sorry to eavesdrop but once he made the decision he sent many of the servants to fix the place up." She paused, trying to choose her next set of words. "Since you are settled, I'm afraid we must leave."

"So soon?"

"We must return to the castle before dawn."

Tears began to form in the princess's eyes. "Then I guess this is goodbye until your next visit."

The two exchanged hugs which caused Taurus to appear from the bathroom. He then joined in causing the females to be squished in his arms. Lucy watched as her servant descended the stairs. Once they were out of the building she moved to the window and watched the carriage roll away. She waved towards them until they were out of sight. Finally, she sighed and rested her head on the window pane overlooking the view. An uneasy of feeling loneliness began to creep in.

"What am I to do now?" she questioned, gazing up at the now viewable stars. "Am I forced to be lonely until my true love appears?"

The white orbs stared back at her in silence. Lucy took this as an answer which only caused her to feel even more depressed. Forcing herself to move, she headed to the bathroom to wash the sticky feeling away. Perhaps a good night's rest would have her feeling better in the morning. After all, there was a desk in the room so she could always write her feelings away. She then shut the bathroom door behind her. However, little did the princess know that a pair of keen ears had heard her questions to the sky and had watched her since her arrival. The owner of these ears decided they would make their appearance to her tomorrow.