I kind of absolutely HATE Courtney. So if you like her, don't read this! This take place during the book Rivers of Zadaa. Spoilers ahead if you have not read already stated book (I'm not going to say the title again look for it yourself). This is your last chance before SPOILERS!

Disclaimer: I own nothing blah blah blah yada yada yada. If I owned Pendragon would I be writing on this site in the first place?

Once upon a time Courtney got pushed off a cliff by Saint Dane. She falls and breaks all the bones in her body. She is unable to call Mark and nobody ever finds her body. Everyone realizes that they were better off without Courtney and Bobby ends up with Loor.

The End

Isn't that such a happy ending? Well if you liked it great! If you literally LOL'ed, then that's fantabulous! If you hated it, please review and tell me just how much you hated it! Dear haters: I will find where you live...