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If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break,

If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break

When The Levee Breaks I'll have no place to stay.

Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,

Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,

Got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home,

Oh, well, oh, well, oh, well.

….Led Zeppelin (When The Levee Breaks)

Chapter 1

Carol, Dale, Glenn and T-Dog went back to the highway were they last had seen Sophia. The walk from Hershel's had become part of the everyday morning routine. Wake up, eat, do some morning chores, then Rick Shane and Daryl would head off and search the woods while the others went back to the road the girl had disappeared from.

The long trek to the highway was usually a quiet one. Carol thought of nothing else but Sophia. Playing out in her head what would happen if she got there to find her little girl on top one of the abandoned cars waiting for her. Dale, Glenn and T made casual conversation in whispers while keeping an eye out for walkers.

The Georgia sun bore down relentlessly on the group as they tread through the long dry grass leading up to the road that looked almost like a mirage in the thick hot air. Climbing over the guardrails, Carol's heart sunk once again when she noticed the untouched food left out for her daughter on the hood of a car. Glenn and Dale shared a look. If any of them were beginning to believe for sure Sophia was dead, or worse, they would never voice their concerns in front of Carol. She picked up the warm unopened bottle of water, wiping a tear away. Dale put a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently.

"Just because she didn't come back to the road, doesn't mean Rick, Shane or Daryl won't have any luck."

Carol shook her head silently, shaking off the despair that had been creeping up on her the last few days.

"Rick'n Shane maybe, but not me."

The men all turned quickly, raising their weapons to the voice behind them. Daryl Dixon leaned casually on the hot car next to him. He swung the crossbow up onto his shoulder, pulling at the hem of his dirty cut off sleeve flannel. Reaching into his back pocket, he removed a red bandana and wiped the sweat from his brow and the back of his neck.

"Geez Daryl! Don't sneak up like that!" Glenn said, lowering the bat to his side.

Daryl smirked, his eyes narrowing at the young man.

"Well if it talks it ain't a walker. A'n it jus' shows ya'll should be payin more attention. Had'n I been a walker I woulda bit'cha.

T-Dog rolled his eyes and pulled himself up onto a car to keep better watch. Glenn and Dale kept their eyes on Daryl as he walked past them to stand by Carol, his face serious and his tone sympathetic.

"Hey" he said, rubbing her back "We've been findin' little clues'a Sophia all over. We'll find'er."

Carol forced a smile and patted Daryl's arm "Thanks Daryl. I know ya'll are tryin"

In the last couple days, Carol had began to regard Daryl as one of her own. Like "kin" as Daryl would call it. More than all the others he was relentless in his search for the missing girl. Never stopping except for the necessary food and occasional sleep. He had come a long way from the once loose cannon everyone remembered. Even if she did wonder if finding Sophia was his own way of dealing with not looking for his brother Merle. Either way, she was just grateful for him to be there.

"WE GOT WALKERS!" T screamed from the car. Glenn grabbed Carol and dove them both behind a car out of sight. Daryl swung his crossbow off his shoulder like a natural reflex, slamming his back to the opposite side of the van. T and Dale joined him with their weapons readied.

"How many?" Daryl asked, peaking around the corner.

"Just the two as far as I could see" T said..

Daryl grunted in response. Two as far as he could see. Could've been 20 for all he knew. They remained crouched down next to the hot car and even hotter Georgia asphalt till they became aware of "The Smell." A smell the survivors had all come to know very well. The smell of rotting infected flesh. The smell of earth gone bad. The smell of death. It was enough to make even the most cast iron stomach churn. Then came the sounds. Feet shuffling heavy against pavement. Slow and steady till it had purpose to move quicker…like the sight of a warm body pushing blood through its veins. They grunted and groaned with each movement as if it were an excruciating task. Daryl watched them pass the two cars in front of the van. Realizing they were the only two he raised his crossbow up for the perfect shot, raising his sight up to whistle for their attention. The one walker dressed in what appeared to be a UPS uniform, was the first to turn and Daryl noticed he was missing a rather large portion of the left side of his face. The other walker was younger and dressed in typical street clothes. He turned quicker than the rotting walker and picked up his pace towards the three men. His movement suggested he must have been recently turned. Daryl didn't hesitate to put a bolt right between his eyes as Dale and T ran ahead to take down the UPS walker. When they had finished Glenn and Carol stood up from behind the car, running over to make sure everyone was safe. Glenn looked down at what remained of the walker in the brown uniform. He couldn't help but cover his mouth to stifle a laugh. Daryl looked over at him as he pulled the bolt from the other walkers head, wiping the access brain fragments on the grass.

"Somethin' funny t'ya?" He asked.

Glenn hesitated for a moment before snickering again.

"I was just wondering if the person he was delivering to ever got their packa…"

"GLENN!" Dale yelled, flashing him an angry look and motioning to Carol.

The woman was standing over the dead walker motionlessly. She wrapped her arms around herself. Glenn could see her shoulders shaking slightly and realized she was crying. He opened his mouth to say something to her then shut it again.

"Sorry" he said to the other men "Bad time for a joke."

"Ain't never a good time for a joke no more" Daryl said, walking past him "Next time try keeping your mouth shut."

"I said I was sorry Daryl. You don't need to talk to me like that!" Glenn said, his tone rising slightly and his voice trembling. He recoiled when Daryl turned on his heel to face him, moving close enough to look him in the eyes. His lips turned up into a smirk.

"What was that boy?"

"Okay guys enough. We don't have time for this." Dale reprimanded, raising up his hands.

Daryl paid no mind to the older man, but kept his eyes on Glenn's scared ones.

"Ya get that prick' o yers wet from the farmer's daughter' n now your a man?"

"Hey come on man, leave the kid alone. We gotta get out of here before the sun starts to go down." T said, slipping his arm between the 2 men.

Daryl looked Glenn up and down before huffing and tossing his bow back onto his shoulder.

"Why don't we let "THE MAN" lead us all back to camp. Maybe he can protect all a y….."

"DARYL LOOK OUT!" Carol yelled out.

Daryl turned to his side to see a female walker charging him so quickly he barely had time to brace himself from the impact. She pushed him against a car, jaws snapping and biting forcefully in his face.

"Fuck'n bitch stinks!" he said through clentched teeth "GIT'R off me!"

Just as Glenn raised up his bat, a knife entered the back of the walker's head, the tip just piercing through the front of the skull.

Daryl pushed the limp body away from him, wiping away what droplets of blood had gotten close to his mouth and eyes.

"What'n the hell was that?" he asked, looking around.

Glenn, T, Dale and Carol were already staring down the aisles of cars and spotted a woman walking towards them.

Her long black hair bounced from side to side away from her slim tan face. She looked to be possibly American Indian. Her thin frame was solid yet slender and moved quickly in their direction. She wore a faded black "Slayer" shirt with the sleeves cut off and tied in the back revealing patches of a flat stomach and navel piercing. Her shorts were what most would consider "daisy dukes" but her thinning legs made them look less trashy.

"End of the world and we manage to find hot punk rocker Pocahontas." T joked, watching the woman.

"What'r ya talkin about?" Daryl grumbled.

His heart stopped when his eyes fell on her. She to stopped dead in her tracks, eyes big as saucers. A small smile played on her lips for a second then quickly faded when Daryl didn't return it. He looked her up and down and noticed the Slayer shirt. HIS Slayer shirt.

"Aw hell" he finally whispered "Ain't possible."

"You acquainted?" Dale asked, his eyebrows furrowed at such a possibility.

"You can say that" Daryl said, turning to spit and wiping his lips with the back of his hand "She's my ex wife.

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