"Welcome to the fourth match of this year's Quidditch season," Lee Jordan announced, "between the Dragons, Ambrosius house, and the Lions, Gryffindor House."

The school cheered, it looked like it would be a good game, both teams having won their first matches.

"Both teams have the same starting line-up from their first games," Lee told the crowd. "For Gryffindor, we have Keeper, and Captain, Oliver Wood, three chasers in the form of Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell and Percy Weasley, did not think I'd ever see him on a broom, two beaters in the form of Cormac McLaggen and Henry Clearwater, and Seeker, Jared Clearwater, a rather novice line-up, with five brand new players this season, but they made it work in their first match."

"Now, Ambrosius House," Lee began. "Exactly the same line up, Keeper, and Captain, James Green, three chasers in the form of Alicia Spinnet, Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy, two Beaters in the Weasley twins, and Seeker, Kuznetsov."

"Both of these teams are offensive teams, but how they play is very different," Lee explained. "They are two of the three teams to have one every match this season, with Slytherin losing the opener to Ambrosius and Ravenclaw and Gryffindor both beating Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff hasn't had the greatest opening two games."

"I want a nice clean game, from all of you," Madam Hooch said from the centre of the pitch, before letting the balls loose.

"And they're off, Bell of Gryffindor in possession, to Weasley, to Johnson, back to Weasley," Lee commentated, "and Weasley gets a bludger from Weasley to the arm, but manages to hold the quaffle. He passes off to Johnson, she shoots! Opening goal goes to the Lions."

"Malfoy in possession, he swings across the pitch, flicks the ball back, Spinnet with the catch throws a quick pass to Greengrass," Lee didn't stop speaking.

While all of this was going on, Hadrian was sitting way above the top of the stands looking down on the field. He had written to the Twins' brother, Charlie, a famous seeker at Hogwarts, even after leaving two years earlier. He had asked for some advice on the best way to search for the snitch.

Charlie's reply had been simple, stay high, use a grid pattern, and then dive.

As the game progressed, Hadrian got a little bored, so he decided to see if he could make the other seeker follow him.

"Has Hadrian seen something?" Lee asked the crowd as everyone started watching Hadrian start to dive. "Jared is following him, and they seem to be following something."

Hadrian grinned when he heard the Lion's seeker was behind him, he stopped himself from looking back. He focused on when to pull up, he was trying something he'd read about a few days earlier.

'The Wronski Feint is a Defensive tactic used by seekers to attempt to mislead the other seeker. It involves one seeker and diving and the other following, the feinting seeker plummets towards the ground before pulling up at the last second, the opposing seeker will sometimes crash. For the opposing seeker to crash, the feint must be very believable, and pull up at the last available second.'

He had tried it a few times in trainings, but never succeeded in his opinion, Hadrian watched a point on the ground, and when he thought he was out of time he pulled up, rocketing back up to where he had been before the Feint.

He looked down, but was disappointed to see that Jared was just skimming along the ground, he looked in front of Jared, but saw no gold glint, and realised that Jared was trying to feint him in return for his Wronski Feint.

"Well, it looks like these two seekers are getting a feel for each other," Lee commented. "And the chasers seem to be putting both keepers through the works; the score is 40 to 30 to the Dragons."

Hadrian followed the instructions of Charlie Weasley, for about another hour, when the score was 80 – 90 to the Lions, he saw a glint of gold out of the corner of his eye. He slowly turned around and stopped. He scanned the area he saw the glint and saw a flutter of wings.

Hadrian dived, straight down, he heard Jared right behind him swear. Hadrian weaved a little, as if he was chasing the snitch. He pulled up almost too late, and heard a dull thump behind him. He flattened out, keeping an eye on the snitch; he waited till he was just about under it before pulling up.

Hadrian rose quickly, and grabbed the Snitch as he rocketed past from underneath.

"And Kuznetsov has the snitch just after Malfoy levelled the scores," Lee told the crowd. "The final score 240 – 90, the Dragons taking out their second victory of the season. Someone should check on Jared Clearwater, that was a hard slam out of the Wronski Feint."


"Hadrian," Fred began.

"Yes, Fred," Hadrian replied with a grin.

"How the hell does he do that?" George asked.

"Trade Secret, George," he replied.

"Anyway, we were wondering if you wanted to meet our older brother, Charlie, the seeker, the god, the captain, the one who passed up a chance to play for England," the Twins spoke in turns.

"I'd like to, but I don't know when we'd be able to get to Romania," Hadrian told them.

"Not like that," George said.

"Yes," Fred continued. "We got a letter from Mum today."

"Yes?" Hadrian asked, genuinely intrigued now.

"Well, mum's letter told us that Charlie was taking a position in Wales, as a Senior Handler," George said.

"Right, so he'll be back in England soon?" Hadrian asked.

"Yes," Fred replied. "So do you want him to come watch a game?"

"If he wants to, I guess I wouldn't mind someone picking my game apart," Hadrian told them.

"I think he'll be awe struck, Had," George told him. "Not many first years can manage a half decent Wronski Feint like you did today."

"I pulled up way too early, guys," Hadrian told them.

"Doesn't matter, he crashed," Fred replied. "And even so, not many first years would wanna try that."

"If he does wanna come, get him to come to the Ravenclaw match, that should be good," Hadrian grinned.

"Will do," the Twins agreed, before leaving Hadrian to his homework.


Over the first few weeks back at school, Hadrian continued to read the information his father had sent him. He had also sent a package to Gringotts, asking for it to be deposited in his Family Vault.

Hadrian kept learning about Occlumency, and came to a decision.

"Sir, can I see you after class?" Hadrian asked the Professor, during Potions on Wednesday afternoon.

"Yes," he replied curtly.

"Ooh, is our class celebrity worried about failing class," Pansy Parkinson said from across the room.

Snape turned to her, "considering he has had the best results for every single assignment this year, Miss Parkinson, I don't think he needs to worry about that. You, on the other hand. . ."

The entire class struggled to contain laughter, but they managed, because they knew that Professor Snape would chew them out if they did.

"So what did you want to see me about, Mr Kuznetsov," Snape asked when they were alone.

"Sir, I've been teaching myself," Hadrian started. "Teaching myself Occlumency, but I've got to a point where I can't continue without someone testing my shields."

"Why," Snape began, "would an eleven year-old such as you, need Occlumency shields?"

"Because I have certain secrets," Hadrian replied simply.

"And you don't want anybody breaching your privacy? I can understand that, yes, I will help you out," Snape told him. "We will talk more about it on Friday morning, okay?"

Hadrian nodded, before taking his leave.


Hadrian had slowly come to realise that he had one true friend outside of Ambrosius House, Neville Longbottom. Hadrian had asked him for clarification on a Herbology problem and had begun to talk to him and get some tutoring on the more practical side of Herbology.

Hadrian had been weary originally, because he knew next to nothing about the other boy, while the other boy seemed to know a lot about Hadrian.

They usually just studied in the library, and it became clear quickly, that Neville had a talent for Herbology. He could draw diagrams of plants when needed, and explained the best way to work with certain plants.

He even managed to tell Hadrian about all the different nutrients some plants needed.

It was during one of their Herbology sessions after the Christmas holidays that Hadrian met the Twins' brother, Ron, for the first time.

"Neville, why are you hanging around with this Dragon?" He asked as he strutted over. "They're the reason we're behind in the house competition."

"No, we're behind because you, Dean and Seamus got caught sneaking out after curfew. Twice." Neville said.

"Who do you think you are," Ron started angrily. "Everyone knows you're little more than a squib."

Neville's head dropped.

"Excuse me," Hadrian stood up. "I'm going to have to ask you to stop insulting my friend."

"And who do you think you are?" Ron turned to face him.

"Well, Hadrian Kuznetsov," Hadrian started. "Top first year Student. First Year Seeker for Ambrosius House. Youngest Seeker in over a Century. Heir to a dozen or so families. Master in several martial arts. Oh, did I mention that my legitimate name, according to the Ministry of Magic, is Harry James Potter. And most importantly, friend to Neville. And your older brothers, Gred and Forge."

Ron just blanched.

"So maybe think, before you insult someone," Hadrian told him. "You can leave now."

And he left, dumbstruck over what just happened.

"You didn't need to do that, Hadrian," Neville told him.

"I don't let anyone insult my friends," he told him. "Not even my friends. I told Draco Malfoy off in the first week for insulting Hermione Granger."

"He mustn't have liked that," Neville grinned.

"No, and after the usual threats of telling his father, he realised I was right."

"You really had an odd upbringing," Neville told him. "Most people wouldn't think to cross Malfoy, just because of his dad."

"Yea, well," Hadrian began. "Mine and His upbringings were similar in the resources at our disposal. What was different was how we were brought up to use them."

Neville thought on this, before they went back to learning about certain plants and their everyday uses.


"So, Hadrian, what did you need help with?" Professor Snape asked on their Friday morning Defence Against the Dark Arts session.

"I mainly need someone to test my shields," Hadrian told him.

"You've already decided on how to defend your mind?" Snape asked incredulously.

"Yes," Hadrian grinned. "And I think it will be very effective."

"Very well," Snape said, standing up and drawing his wand. "Leglimens."

Hadrian felt a slight tingle in his head and saw a giant landscape in his head. It went as far as the eye could see, and some. He grinned; he could tell Snape was getting flustered. All of a sudden, everything went black, it was part of his defences, and Hadrian was slightly disappointed that Snape managed to figure it out.

When the darkness cleared they were in a humungous library, every little thing was filed away.

All of sudden Snape found himself leaning back against his desk, "well, that is an impressive defensive system, Hadrian."

"Thank you, sir," Hadrian replied humbly.

"However, a few things," Snape turned back into a tutor. "If you are using a mindscape like that, have a few more defences built-in. The first one was good, maybe make it a bit harder to figure out how to counter that?"

"I will take that into consideration, sir," Hadrian replied.

"Otherwise, it's a very good beginning for a first-year student," Snape told him. "I would be interested to know how you are managing to constantly outdo the rest of your year."

"As payment for services rendered," Hadrian started. "I will show you and explain on the last day that students are in the castle this school year."

"I can accept that," Snape agreed.

Hadrian continued to work with Snape on his Occlumency shields for the rest of their morning session.


The next morning, at breakfast, Hadrian received two letters.

Dear Mr Kuznetsov,

It has been brought to my attention that you are currently in possession of a treasured item of mine. I believe that it is time you returned it to me. However, I understand that as you are still at Hogwarts. I request that you meet with me on July 1

st of this year, to return it.

I await your reply to my request,

Hadrian quickly wrote an acceptance and gave it to Hedwig, who had delivered the second letter.

Dear Hadrian,

As requested, Josh went into the Ministry of Magic. There is a single prophecy, in their Hall of Prophecies, about you. We can look at it over summer, if you wish. Either way, you are the only one who can withdraw it; anyone else would go insane, apparently.

Tell me if there is anything you need,

Hadrian grinned; he had one up on the Headmaster.

That afternoon after Quidditch practice was done, Hadrian went down into the library within his trunk. He opened up the last folder of information; Dumbledore.

The first page was the same as every other folder, it contained very basic information; birthdate, full name, parents, siblings, jobs, political affiliations.

Over the next few pages, there was a summary of Dumbledore's life. What surprised Hadrian was that Dumbledore had apparently been childhood friends with Gellert Grindlewald; this surprised Hadrian because he knew that Grindlewald had been a Dark Lord during World War Two.

Over the next twelve pages telling Hadrian a lot about Dumbledore's past, and almost all of it surprised him.

Hadrian hadn't been this surprised when he learnt that his mother had hated his father right up until their fifth year. James and Josh hadn't been able to find out what happened then to make his mother warm to his father.

Hadrian finished the folder around midnight that night, with a smile plastered on his face. He had so much blackmail material on Dumbledore, he would never run out.

He knew that his folders probably weren't complete, so he made that his goal over summer; to work with James and Josh to find even more information on certain people.


"Had," Tonks called out, across the training room in Ambrosius House. "Can you see if I'm doing this right?"

"Sure," he replied, and strolled over to her.

Everyone enjoyed their own training room; it meant that James could run one practice a week in the castle, rather than making everyone walk all the way down to the pitch to use facilities which weren't exactly what they wanted. It also meant that Hadrian could train them in some martial arts whenever anyone had spare time.

Hadrian enjoyed it, but preferred being left to train on his own. Everyone else actually enjoyed watching him as well. Especially when he used swords or knives, he promised to show them each a little bit after exams.

Hermione had been after them all to start studying for their exams, months out.

"Hermione, can you do me a favour?" Hadrian asked one evening.

"What?" She turned on him, the bags under her eyes telling them all just how exhausted she was.

"Go to bed now," Hadrian told her.

"But there's still so much to go over," she complained.

"And if you don't sleep, what happens to your brain?" Hadrian asked.

"Your neurons and synapses don't repair properly, meaning you can't focus properly or learn effectively," she replied offhandedly.

"So, sleep, now," Hadrian told her, pointing to her room.

She realised what he was talking about, and grudgingly went to bed after saying goodnight to them all.

"How the hell did you manage that, Had?" Tonks all but yelled after she left.

"Simple, I went logically rather than forcefully," Hadrian grinned.

Everyone else just looked confused.

"I was the voice of reason," Hadrian explained. "Something that she never argues with."


Slowly Hadrian came to realise that he and Hermione were true anomalies when it came to students, they studied as hard as they could in both theoretical and practical aspects of magic, and while they got better results in one or the other, most other young witches and wizards would only focus on one aspect or the other.

Fred and George did it the best, though, they picked what they wanted to focus on the practical side and the other focussed on the theoretical side. And they just grinned when Hadrian asked how many times they'd decided which exams to pass.

He'd been wondering for the whole year how they always seemed to know where certain people were, like their brothers or Filch, the caretaker. And when confronted, they just said it was a 'trade secret' and left. Hadrian realised that it must be something against the rules for them not to give any hints.

It took a while for Hadrian to get proficient in Occlumency, but when he did, Professor Snape was impressed.

"I don't know what impresses me more, Hadrian," Snape said after their fourth week of trying, "the fact that you can throw me out of your mind in under a minute, or the fact that you can pull me in and trap me in the same amount of time."

They had figured out that particular talent the week before, Hadrian had decided that instead of kicking Snape out of his mind, he would bring him right in and confuse him. He'd brought him right to the centre of the library, and held him there as he made every book fall off the shelves.

Snape had been worried that he'd never get out when he felt Hadrian pull him further in than he'd ever been.

"Now I just have to keep practicing my shields every day," Hadrian stated, "thank you, sir, for giving up your time to help me."

"Normally I wouldn't help a student, but you remind me of myself at your age," Snape told him. "And I would help anyone who wants to protect their secrets enough to come to me without outside influence."

Inside Snape was wondering exactly what those secrets were, but he knew better than to ask, especially by a first year student who exhibited so much knowledge and above average power. He thought about it, and realised that Hadrian may trust him enough one day to reveal his secrets.

It was this thought that triggered his next, how is this child not the spoilt brat spawn-of-a-Potter, when his father was supposedly more powerful in the muggle world than Draco's was in the Magical. And yet he didn't appear to be arrogant, and certainly didn't think that he would get handed everything in life, like Draco had thought would happen.

Although, he thought, Draco's attitude had change since he was re-sorted to Ambrosius House. Snape doubted that Lucius was happy, and he doubted that Hadrian would have stood for any slander against muggle-borns.


Hadrian smiled, he just saw that they would be playing Hufflepuff in their next match, and realised that they could probably win if only James and the Chasers turned up. But he realised that he would need to see how he faired against their seeker, he wanted to make sure he didn't miss a single catch in his first season.

What he didn't know was that there had been scouts at every single game this year, scouting players like Oliver Wood, James, Montague and Smith, the Hufflepuff seeker who had a younger brother in Hadrian's year.

Smith's older brother had been a great seeker, but one bad crash and he had become a withdrawn Seeker. He was, however, still one of the better Seekers at Hogwarts, and Hadrian was going to make sure he didn't lose to a withdrawn seeker, no matter how good they were.


For Hadrian, as the year began coming to a close there was excitement but also apprehension, he knew that it would be good to see his father again, but it would also be hard to stop learning practical magic.

"Hadrian," Fred began one day, about two weeks before exams began for the younger half of the school. "How have you always been able to tell me and George apart, not even our mother can do that half of the time."

"It is one distinctive feature, which most people would overlook," Hadrian replied. "And that is as much as I will tell you today. Unless you share how you know where everybody is when you want to."

"Not this year, Hadrian," George told him. "Maybe next year."

"I guess that that's fair enough," Hadrian agreed.

It wasn't long before every Dragon was studying hard, using the in house library to their great advantage. Although, Hadrian would rarely be seen in the library, he could always be found talking to the founders in the evenings.

"Hadrian, shouldn't you be studying?" Hermione confronted him one day.

"I do, I study in the morning before classes every day," he explained, "so that I can have my evenings free to learn from the founders. They have wisdom and knowledge which can't be gained from study, it must be experienced."

"So how do you expect to learn it from listening to them?" Hermione asked him, a little confused.

"I don't, I expect to prepare myself to learn it in the case that similar situations occur with me at the centre," Hadrian told her.

Hermione was still a little annoyed that he didn't seem to be worrying about exams at all.

"But what about exams, if you don't pass them, then you can't come back next year?" She asked him, in what she thought was concern.

"I've managed to keep myself at the top of the year," he replied, starting to become annoyed, "so I think that I can handle a few more tests."

Hermione realised that Hadrian considered the conversation over when he turned back to the portrait of the founders and continued talking.


"Welcome to the final game of Quidditch at Hogwarts before exams begin," Lee Jordan announced. "It's a clear day, with just a little wind as we wait for the Dragons and Badgers to take the pitch. As of now, the Badgers have lost two matches and the Dragons have won two."

"Both teams have kept the same line-up from their previous matches, the Badgers are Keeper, Herbert Fleet, with Chasers, Tasmin Applebee, Heidi Macavoy and Malcolm Preece, Beater and Captain Anthony Rickett along with his partner in crime, Maxine O'Flaherty and Seeker, Xavier Smith."

"A good line-up last year, but not quite coming up trumps this year, they will be coming up against the Dragons, Keeper and Captain, James Green, who shut out the Snakes earlier in the season, Chasers, Alicia Spinnet, Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy, Beaters, Fred and George Weasley, and Seeker, Hadrian Kuznetsov. And there goes the balls, the sixth game at Hogwarts this season has begun."

Over the next two hours, Hadrian kept a look out for the snitch, which seemed intent on hiding for as much of the game as possible, while watching for the snitch Hadrian messed with Xavier's mind, by feinting every fifteen minutes or so. After about the third time, Xavier stopped even chasing, which became a distinct disadvantage, when the Dragons got to 250 – 40 and the snitch decided to show itself. He didn't start chasing until it was too late to catch Hadrian, or redeem some honour for Hufflepuff.

"Good game, Hadrian," Xavier said as he shook his hand. "You messed with me enough to make it an easy catch, but I'll remember that for next time we face each other."

"I hope you do, because I have some other tricks I have been wanting to try out," Hadrian replied.

"Well, I'll be ready for those as well," and with that, Xavier realised he wasn't a lost cause of a seeker, far from it.


Before Hadrian knew it, it was time for exams, not that he found too much difficulty in them, he made sure that he always relaxed before going into them, which was much easier thanks to his Occlumency, which also helped his memory and control.

First years had all of their exams in one week, with a one hour theory test and a two practical assessment for Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology and a two hour theory test for Astronomy and History.

Each night, the first years would all sit down together and have a group session for the next day's exam. Although, generally, Hadrian and Hermione would help everyone else with whatever problems they had.

By the end of the week, everyone was looking forward to having more free time, Hadrian especially. It would give him time to work on his own martial arts more, as well as catch up on reading the last few journals he had received, as well as few of the other books which he hadn't felt the need to read during the year.

While the OWL and NEWT students had their exams, the other years all had more free periods and got taught things that weren't part of the curriculum, but were handy to know.

"Professor McGonagall, how does one become an animagus?" Hadrian asked during a transfiguration lesson after the exams.

"Normally, I wouldn't cover this till third year, at least," she replied. "But, I did promise to answer your questions if I didn't have a good reason not to. There are two ways to become an animagus, if you have the ability, one is through a potion and the other is through meditation. Studies have shown that those who find their creature through meditation show more aspects of that animal in their everyday life, while those who use the potion find it harder to control their animal to being with. However, after several years, it is hard to distinguish someone who used the potion from someone who used meditation."

"So all you have to do is meditate?" Draco asked.

"Well, you also have to have the actual ability," McGonagall corrected. "And you need to meditate with a set purpose in mind. Which I will not be telling you, as it almost impossible for anybody under the age of fifteen or sixteen to actually find their animal, I would, however, encourage all of you to try when you become of age."


Over the course of the OWL exams, James still managed to run trainings every second day, putting them at a clear advantage over teams who had more older players sitting NEWT and OWL exams. And it wasn't long before OWL exams were over and the Dragons were in the stands watching the Ravens beat the Lions, knowing that they would have to play them the weekend before term finished.

In the last few weeks of term Draco came to Hadrian.

"Hadrian, do you remember how I said that my father wasn't happy about my placement in Ambrosius House?" Draco asked the day before the final Quidditch match of the year.

"Yes," Hadrian replied, "he hasn't disowned you or anything, has he?"

"Nothing like that, yet," Draco replied. "It's just that I might not be able to write you over the holidays, I have no doubt that my father will check my mail. I will however, try to get a birthday present sent to you."

"And on that note, I have a present for you," Hadrian replied, before going to his room and grabbing a small box.

Draco opened it, "you didn't have to do this, Had."

"It's fine, really," Hadrian told him. "Everyone needs a wand holster anyway."

"Thank you, Hadrian," Draco replied, genuinely grateful for such a useful present, and not another pair of bloody dress robes.


"Welcome to the final match of this season at Hogwarts," Lee Jordan welcomed everyone. "In the last match before we all head back to reality, we see the two top teams face off, the Ravenclaw Ravens," one side of the stadium erupted into cheers, "and the Ambrosius House Dragons," the other side of the stadium erupted this team.

"Onto the boring part, over the course of the season each team, and each player, has played outstandingly."

"In the two keepers, James Green, the Captain of the Dragons, and Grant Page, of the Ravens, we have seen some phenomenal keeping ability in the fifth and fourth years. James has only let in 13 shots over the whole season, whereas Grant has let in more than double that number at 28."

"On to the Chasers, we have the powerful Ravens' trio of Roger Davies, Randolph Burrow and Jeremy Stretton, who have scored 31 goals between them, with the break up fairly even, at ten, eleven, and ten respectively. They are coming up against the agile Dragons' trio of Daphne Greengrass, Alicia Spinnet and Draco Malfoy, who have scored 37 times, with a slightly centre based average of eleven, sixteen and ten respectively."

"Then comes the beaters, with the almost telepathic pair of Weasley twins for the Dragons up against the incredibly accurate pair of Jason Samuels and Duncan Inglebee for the Ravens."

"Finally, in the glory spot, the seekers. A first year versus a seventh year. Incredible reflexes versus incredible sight. Hamish Burrow, Ravens, versus Hadrian Kuznetsov, Dragons."

"All in all, this is stacking up to be an incredible game," Lee had done an incredible job warming up the crowd. "So, here we go!"

"The balls are all released, Stretton, with the quaffle, shoots up field, with Davies and Burrow flanking him. He passes to Davies who fakes a pass for a shot, 10 – nil Ravens. Malfoy in possession is shooting up field, catching the Ravens unaware, he's one-on-one with Page, he takes the shot, and it's 10 – 10."

Hadrian was high above the match with one ear on the commentary while he searched for the snitch. He knew that Fred and George's brother, Charlie, was in the stands, so he wanted to make a good impression.

"And after half an hour of these two teams getting used to each other, it is 40 – 30 to the Ravens. Both trios of chasers are finding it harder and harder to get shots past the keepers. Especially now that the beaters have got their eyes in."

It was almost an hour into the match before Hadrian even got a glance at the Snitch.

"What's this? Has Kuznetsov seen the snitch?" Lee announced.

Hadrian was going straight at the ground, following the snitch, he knew that Hamish was right behind him, and he realised that he was closer, but Hamish had seen it first. The snitch was only a metre or two off the ground when it doubled back past both of them, and Hadrian followed it almost slamming into the ground. He heard a dull thump as Hamish did exactly that.

"That has to hurt, Hamish Burrow is on the deck, getting up slowly," Lee told everyone. "Kuznetsov seems to be chasing the snitch still. The score is 150 – 110 to the Ravens. Make that 150 – 120, Spinnet just slipped one past the Keeper."

Hadrian kept following the snitch, not gaining ground but not losing any either. He knew that any minute Hamish would be back up and on his tail, so he needed to catch the snitch quickly.

"Davies has got the quaffle, and is heading back up field," Lee commented. "Not anymore, that bludger from Weasley had to hurt. Malfoy with the quaffle, he passes to Spinnet who flicks it on to Greengrass. Greengrass back to Malfoy, and a quick shot from Malfoy puts it away, 150 – 130."

Hadrian had finally started gaining on the snitch, and he heard Hamish behind him. All of a sudden the Snitch rocketed back towards the ground; Hadrian followed it, while he poured as much speed on as possible. They were a metre or two off the ground again when the snitch doubled back once more, but Hadrian was ready and stuck his hand out. The snitch slammed into it and he closed his fist. Pulling out of the dive just in time for his toes to run along the ground.

"Hadrian has the Golden Snitch, the Dragon's win, 280 – 150," Lee told everyone as about half of the crowd cheered as loud as they could. Gryffindor had been supporting Ambrosius house as had Hufflepuff.

"Nice catch Potter," Burrow said as he pulled up alongside Hadrian.

"My name's Hadrian, but thanks for the good game Burrow," Hadrian replied as he stuck his hand out.

"Unless you go professional as well, this will be the only time we face each other, and I'm thankful for that."


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