So, when I started to write this, I was thinking about making it a oneshot, but as I started to write this, I started to think 'it's not going to be a oneshot." So it's not. This isn't going to be that long of a story (Of what I'm thinking right now) but, I might change the length.

The story is (I'm thinking) after Klaus is dead, and Stefan is back in Mystic Falls of his own will and he has his humanity. In this Chapter, Elena breaks up with Stefan and finds comfort in Damon.

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Elena POV

"Stefan," I said as I looked into his eyes. Sadness was filling up inside them. "I can't," tears started to flow out his eyes. "I'm sorry." I almost started to cry myself, but I kept it in. I'm not going to cry.
"Elena," he whispered to me. "Please." I looked down, avoiding his gaze. I wanted to stay strong and not break down in front of him. "Don't." He whispered barley audible. I looked back up to him.
"I'm sorry Stefan," I was going to say more, but I didn't know what else to say. I just looked at him with an open mouth, like I was going to say something. I gently took my hands away from him and looked up at him. I took a deep breath in, slowly turned around, but as I did Stefan grabbed my arm to turn me around. I looked at him and lied a kiss on my lips. I let him have it, but when he gently pulled away, he looked into my eyes. I gently shook my head and walked away from him.

General POV

Elena walked threw the hallway in the Salvatore house, trying not to cry. She walked passed the front door, and went straight to the stairs. She stood there for a second, looking back to the living area. Tears started to leave her eyes before she walked up the stairs. Elena walked straight into the bedroom and plopped onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling. There, on the bed, she let tears flow freely out. There was some footsteps coming from the hallway, that continued into the bedroom. Elena looked up and immediately started to wipe the tears from her face.

"Damon," She said while she sat up, "What are you doing here?" He stepped closer to her.
"It's my room." He said before he sat down next to Elena on his bed.

Elena's POV

"Oh," I let out a little laugh, "right." I looked down, not wanting to see the sadness in his eyes. He has always been sad when he sees me like this.
"Are you okay?" He asked me. For some reason I felt like I was going to cry again.
"Stefan and I," I let out a breath of air, "Officially broke up." I looked up at Damon, trying not to lose it again. "It shouldn't hurt like this, but," I looked down, "I can't help it Damon." He gently grabbed my hands and just held them. I looked up at him and couldn't help but have a small smile appear on my face. "Thank you Damon." I said to him before scooting closer to him and putting my head on his shoulder.

"You're welcome." He whispered into my ear. He kissed my forehead and I smiled. Being with Damon, made me feel safe and happy. Sure, I felt the same way with Stefan, but after I found out that he kept parts of his past secret from me, I started to feel less safe. Damon never lied to me about who he is, and he always cared for me, even when I was with his brother.

"I'm tired." I whispered.
"Then lay down on the bed." Damon told me. I lifted my head off his shoulder and looked at him. I couldn't help but have a small smile appear on my face. With Damon, I already felt better, just by him being here, next to me. Damon got off the bed and let me lay down, under his blankets.

I could tell that he went downstairs and let me sleep on his bed, by myself.

General POV

Elena was laying on Damon's bed, where she has slept the night before. She moaned and slowly started to open her eyes. Elena noticed that there was somebody under her arm, so she slowly moved her head up and saw the person who was on the bed with her. Damon smiled at her when she looked at him.
"Sleep good?" He asked her as she snuggled her head against his chest.
"Sort of." She told him as he started to gently rub her head with his hand. He smiled at her, he always thought about her, even when he didn't want to. She would always make him feel better, the least he could do is do the same with her. "I'm hungry."
"You want some breakfast?" Elena nodded her head against his skin. "Come on, I'll make you something." They got off the bed and Damon looked at Elena. "Nice bed head." He joked. Elena walked over to the mirror and noticed that her hair was messy.

"It's messy," she said out loud looking at herself in the mirror. "I have to brush it." Damon came up next to her, appearing in the mirror. "Relax, your hair looks fine" Elena smile a little bit.
"I still want to brush it, but my stuff is still in Stefan's room." Elena looked down, remembering what happened the night before.

"You don't want to go in there?" He asked her, looking at her reflection.
She shook her head before looking at his reflection, "I'm going to anyway," She looked up to Damon. "I'll just meet you in the kitchen," She smiled a little, "Okay?" Damon smiled at her and nodded his head before leaving her alone in his room.

Elena's POV

I looked at my bedhead, thinking about rather or not to brush it. I wanted to brush it, but then I would have to go into Stefan's room. I'm strong enough to go into his room and not let him get to me. By putting a smile on my face I tried to show myself that I am strong enough, that I can do this.

General POV

Elena took a deep breath before walking out of Damon's room to the door leading to Stefan's. She stood there for a minute before reaching for the doorknob and opening the door.
"Elena," Stefan whispered as he saw Elena enter his room. Elena gave a quick smile and went to Stefan's bathroom.

Elena's POV

I grabbed my stuff and got out the bathroom.
"Elena," Stefan gently grabbed my arm which made me turn around to face him. "Please give me another chance." I closed my eyes and gently shook my head.
"I'm sorry Stefan," I told him before leaving his room and going back into Damon's.

I walked into Damon's room and went straight to the bathroom. I put my stuff down on the counter and looked into the mirror. My hair became straight and neat as I brushed it. I looked at my reflection and for a split second I thought I was looking at Katherine.

General POV

Elena shook her head a little to get the thought out of her head and changed clothes.

Down in the kitchen Damon was cooking breakfast. He always thought of making breakfast for Elena, and now he was doing it. A smile cam across his face when he thought of showing off his cooking skills.
He could hear Stefan come in from the other room. "Making breakfast, huh?" Stefan rested against the doorway, looking into the kitchen.
"Yep." Damon said popping the 'p'. "not for you though."
"But for Elena, right?" Damon nodded his head while he put scrambled eggs on a plate.
"You should leave, I don't think Elena wants to see you today." Damon brought his attention to his cooking.
"She already saw me." Stefan took a step into the kitchen.
"I heard." Stefan walked into the kitchen and grabbed a sausage from what Damon was cooking.
"I'm gonna go out."
"Don't come back soon."
"Nice to know you love me brother."

Elena was walking on her way to the kitchen when she bumped into something. She looked up and saw that it was Stefan.
"Elena." They stood there for a second before Elena walked around him and walked towards the kitchen. Stefan stood there, watching Elena. 'I'm gonna get her back.' He thought before leaving the house.

Elena walked into the kitchen and took a deep breath in.
"What smells so good?" She asked Damon as she walked to a chair and sat down.
"I told you I was going to make breakfast. Did you expect it to be bad?" He sat down across from her at the table.
"I didn't know what to expect," She put some scrambled eggs in her mouth, "I never had your cooking before." She swallowed the eggs and smiled, "There are the best scrambled eggs I ever had." Damon couldn't help but have a small smile appear on his face. "Where did you learn how to cook anyway?" Elena asked as she had some more of the breakfast he made for her.
"When you're around for more than a hundred years, you pick up a few things." They smiled.

Elena finished her breakfast pretty quick. She kept stuffing her mouth with the food that Damon made. She sat back into the chair and rubbed her stomach.
"Well," She said with a smile, "I'm full."
"You did eat a lot." Damon gave Elena a small smile.
"Well, it's your fault for making good food."
"Then next time I'll burn it so you won't eat as much."
"Hey!" Elena got up off the chair and walked over to Damon. "Let me help you wash the dishes."

Elena was almost done washing the dishes when she turned to Damon. Damon was sitting at the kitchen table, with his feet relaxing on the table.
"You know I said I'd help you with the dishes, not do them all for you."
"Are you going to do something about if?" Damon said to Elena with a smirk on his face. Elena playfully rolled her eyes. She put her hand in the dishwater, getting it wet, and shook her hand towards Damon.
"Hey!" He exclaimed as water landed on him from Elena's hand.
"oopps." Elena playfully smiled. Damon used his vampire speed to get to Elena in a flash. He had her against the counter with no where to run. She looked around to try and find a way out, when Damon picked her up.
"Damon..." She shrieked. He started to carry her to his bedroom. "Damon, let me go."
"Okay." Damon dropped her on his bed. Elena reached behind her and threw a pillow at Damon.

"Stop throwing things at me."
"No, I don't want to." Elena glanced at the clock on the wall, "Oh, shoot."
"I'm supposed to meet Bonnie and Caroline at the grill."
"I'll see you later?"
"Yeah" Elena said with a smile.

"So," Caroline said as put down the cup she was drinking from, "You and Stefan broke up."
"Yeah," Elena let out with a sigh, "It was coming, but it still hurts."
"Well, at least now you can jump Damon's bones."
"Caroline!" Bonnie exclaimed, "She just broke up with Stefan. It's not like she's thinking about having sex with Damon." Elena looked down at the table when Bonnie looked at her. "You're not, are you?" Bonnie scoffed and Caroline smiled a little. "Elena!"
"What? It's not like Caroline waited when Matt broke up with her."
"But you're different than me Elena," Caroline started, "You usually want to get to know a person before you actually get in bed with them."
"But I already know Damon. We've hung out, talked, and we tried to rescue Stefan with me back when he was with Klaus." Elena took a breath, "I've almost always had feelings for Damon. Even when I didn't want to admit it, I've had them. Now, I can... well, you know." Elena let a smile appear on her face.
Bonnie smiled, "At least he makes you happy. Well, now anyway."
"Speaking of Damon," Caroline said when she spotted him walking into the grill. Elena and Bonnie brought their attention to him. Elena smiled when she saw him look at her. Damon smiled at her smile and started to walk towards him.

Damon walked up to the table where the girls where sitting.
"Hey." He said to them as he sat down next to Elena.
"We should go," Bonnie looked over to Caroline. They smiled before looking over to Damon and Elena.
"See you later," Caroline said to Elena before she and Bonnie left the grill. Damon and Elena were now sitting at the table by themselves.

I had the idea in my head where Elena breaks up with Stefan, and I just had to write it out. Like I said, I was trying to write this as a oneshot, but as I was writing it, I thought of ideas to have in the story. So instead of making one giant chapter, I'm going to have more chapters and have it as a story. I just came up with a quick title for this. I think it fits, so I don't think I'm going to change it.

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