The Next Decade


Summary: After the battle with the ninth Angel, Shinji meets an extremely old man, who gives Shinji the power to truly escape the world in which he is now alone. With nothing certain and everything possible, bear witness to a journey through the decades!

Note: This Eva takes place in the Rebuild continuity, where Shinji is (ultimately) less meek and is a lot more angry at the world, especially at this point in the Eva timeline. Also, because this is Rebuild of Evangelion, that means that the Ninth Angel is Bardiel, and the pilot of Unit-03 was Asuka.

Also, I have not seen the entirety of Kamen Rider Decade – in fact, I've only finished up to the Den-O episodes, so really I haven't even finished the Nine Worlds Arc. Still, I can just pass any discrepancies off as this being an alternate timeline of Decade, hence why Tsukasa is still alive after the end of the series (I do know some spoilers, after all).

Rating: T for now, may raise to M later.

Pairing: ?

'To hell with this. To hell with Father, who uses me for a damn tool, even against his own pilots! To hell with Misato, who's never really there when I freaking need her! I'm sorry for what my father made me do to you Asuka, but damn you for being so damn hard to work with! … To hell with you too, Rei! Given a choice, you'd side with my damn father over me, wouldn't you?'

His anger coming to a peak, Shinji let loose a feral roar as he yelled, "TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU! TO HELL WITH THIS WORLD! TO HELL WITH YOU, GOD! ALL ANY OF YOU EVER DO IS MAKE ME SUFFER! WELL GUESS WHAT? I! HAVE! HAD! ENOUGH!"

Having gotten that out of his system for the moment, Shinji felt a bit light-headed. In fact, he'd roared out his emotions with such ferocity that his face had gone numb.

After a moment, he heard a voice off to his left. "Well, you seem pretty pissed off. Can't imagine what could make you hate the entire world enough that you'd want to get rid of it."

Snapped back to reality, Shinji turned and saw an old man wearing a black longcoat; he looked to be almost as old as Sub-commander Fuyutsuki.

After a moment, Shinji replied, "I don't necessarily want the world to end, and I don't really want to die either, but I just… don't want to be here. It's kind of complicated."

The old man sat on a bench and asked, "Why don't you try and compare it with something different, then?"

After a moment, Shinji finally came up with something. "I guess… it's sort of like having a really bitchy girlfriend. She just keeps abusing me every chance she gets, and she almost never does anything to try and make it up to me. She reaps all the benefits and laughs in my face when I get nothing."

Beginning to feel his face again, he continued, "I guess there were decent enough times in the past that I don't really want her dead, but I sure as hell want out of the relationship. I feel like I'm going to get killed if I don't break it off… I just want to leave, damnit."

At this point, the old man asked, "I can understand what you're saying. Tell me something, though. Just what would you do in order to leave? Would you throw away everything you have in this world, and in exchange be forever passing through, drifting from one world to another?"

Shinji paused to think about that for a minute. "As far as I'm concerned, this world has betrayed me for the last time. The people who should care about me either don't, or else they actively hate me. Everyone insists that I fight to protect them, and nobody's willing to give me a reason why. So even if I can't stay in one world forever, at least I'll be away from this one. Even if I have to fight, at least maybe I'll get a 'please and thank you' somewhere else. … Old man, you say that like you actually have the means for me to leave this wretched world. Do you?"

Smirking a bit, the senior citizen replied, "My name is Tsukasa Kodoya. And to answer your question… Yes. So, how about it? In exchange for leaving this world you feel has betrayed you, do you have what it takes to become a passing-through Kamen Rider?"

Shinji nodded quickly, and Tsukasa gave him a belt buckle and a book of cards. "Take those and you can now travel the worlds."

As he said this, a grey veil of energy appeared and swept over the area, and when it vanished, so had Shinji.

Grinning a bit, Tsukasa looked to the sky just as the alarms sounded. Like a wounded dog, he'd finally found a place where he could lay down and die.

As the Tenth Angel arrived and burst through most of the Geofront's armor plating in one strike, Tsukasa Kadoya smiled. At long last, one Decade had come to an end, and the next was just getting started.

Next time on The Next Decade:

Shinji: "So this is another world…?"

?: "Hold it right there, criminal!"

?: "Why are you helping us?"

Shinji: "A parent who betrays their child… cannot be forgiven!"

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