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Chapter 1: Betrayal and Farewells

Tears stung his eyes as he ran back to his cabin. His life had turned its back on him and he had been left to die. What is the point; the only ones here who even acknowledge my existence are my twin, Thalia and Nico. Percy thought bitterly as he packed some supplies so he could leave the camp and run off to another life.


That single word from his sister echoed though his head was enough to bring back memories… Memories that he would much rather forget of this morning all the way to this afternoon…

Flashback - After the War

It was finally over. The two years straight of watching friends, siblings and innocent's blood being spilt over the battlefields had finally ended. Everyone was gathered at the amphitheatre for congratulations from their parents. This battle had been hard on immortals, demigods and mortals alike. They had all lost numerous friends against the titans and giants. Suddenly there were 12 flashes of light as the gods themselves appeared.

"Congratulations to all you campers for helping us in this war. Personal thanks to the campers who had helped us to defeat Gaea, the Giants and the Titans." Zeus' s voice echoed throughout the amphitheatre. "For this, I have decided to allow this day for each god or goddess to spend the day with their demigods and visit the mortal world."

"One more thing brother." Poseidon announced to the entire assembly of immortals and mortals. "I would like to declare Mathew as my favourite son!"

Cheers erupted throughout the crowd of demigods. They were all under the impression that Mathew had defeated a majority of the Titans and Giants single-handedly. The truth? All he had defeated was Rhea, the most peaceful of the titans. The one who had done what Mathew has supposedly done was all done by Percy and his twin, Aria. Percy and teamed up with his twin to defeat Atlas, Kronos and Hyperion of the titans as well all of the giants.

Unknown to everyone but three people, Percy had quietly slipped off to the forest to cool off by killing some monsters in there. Everyone is worshipping my jerk of a half-brother and what did he ever do? All he did was kill the most PEACEFUL of the titans.

Brother? Are you alright? His twin's voice echoed through his mind through the deep fog of emotions that there currently swimming through his head. It seemed sympathetic that he had been replaced by a jerk.

What do you think? I've just been replaced by an egoistic half-brother who has the ego the size of Paris! He replied without even thinking back to his twin. He couldn't help but wince at his own words to the one person who had stuck by his side throughout his entire life.

Percy, calm down! You're going to cause an earthquake soon! His twin's voice echoed through his mind as he realised that he really had been starting to gather his energy to cause an earthquake.

I'm going off to the beach, I need to cool off. He replied, not trusting himself to say anymore without lashing out with his power.

End Flashback

Percy grit his teeth in annoyance as he remembered what had happened on the beach, he remembered just who he had found there and just what they had been doing.

Brother, you're leaving aren't you? His twin's voice seemed full of pain, not even waiting for a response, another phrase came soon after the first, I'm coming with you.

No, I need you to stay here so I know that someone is here keeping camp at least relatively safe from any large threats that our stuck-up egoistic brother would do something stupid with.

He could sense Aria's annoyance of being separated from him; he knew how she felt about being separated from him. Brother, you have no-where to go. What could have happened to make you want to leave so suddenly?

He almost lost his temper then. Instead of replying he sent his memories of what had happened on the beach.

Flashback – a few minutes ago

He was walking through the forest towards the beach. He could hear the sound of the sea breeze echoing through the forest, the sound of waves crashing against the soft sand of the beach and voices… Wait, voices?

"I love you Annabeth." That single voice was enough to make him lose control of his emotions. The crashing of the waves on the sandy shore grew louder.

"I love you too Mathew, you're so much better than Percy…"

Those words sent a shaft of pure hatred and betrayal into his heart. He left them there, running back to his cabin to pack to leave Camp Half-Blood forever.

End Flashback

For once, his twin's voice was silent in his head. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore he sent a phrase that was full of pain and suffering. So? Are you going to stop me from leaving?

No, I won't stop you from leaving; I could never stop you, even if I wanted. You and I both know that you can defeat me in a full on fight.

Good, I need you to stay and take care of everyone in my place. I know that I can't rely on him to protect them.

Goodbye, Perceus.

With that one farewell from his sister, he turned on his heel, walked out of his cabin and into the night, not even looking back once and not realising that his twin was standing on Half-Blood hill, watching him disappear into the night.

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