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Chapter 19: Visions

Ice PoV

I sat there, shaping a piece of ice. This was not what I normally did. This was what my sister did in her free time, not me. I normally am the one training the recruits which have mastered the basics. I muttered a string of curses in Latin as the piece I was working with shatters into pieces, before turning into fine ice dust.

I growled in annoyance and slashed my hand at the now very finely ground ice, it disappeared, a new one taking its place. I sighed and placed a hand on the chunk of ice. It reformed to a rough shape of a miniature version of a tree.

So far so good. I thought to myself, after making sure that my sister wasn't poking around my head. Now, time for the hard bit.

The ice hollowed out in the middle, pushing itself out to make branches and leaves. The whole thing looked very fragile. It didn't look as nice as my sister could have done but… My hand brushed gently against one of the leaves. I cursed in a combination of Ancient Greek, Latin and English as the whole thing shattered again, except, this time, it imploded.

I ran a hand through my hair as I sighed in frustration; this was why I never made anything.

Watching you fail is very funny at times, but it gets boring after the tenth or so time it's the same problem, just with a small variation of what caused it.

I jumped at the sound of my sister's voice in my head.

When the heck did you get in to my head? I'm sure that you weren't there earlier.

Just because you absolutely fail at cloaking your presence doesn't means that I do. Anyway, I've been trying out cloaking my presence when I'm in another's head too.

Hey! I don't fail.

My sister sent me one of my larger failures when I had been trying to cloak my presence. The one where instead of making myself blend in, I stood out.

Well, maybe just a little.

I could hear my sister hysterically laughing. I grimaced and started poking around my own mind to find out where she was. After about ten minutes of searching with my sister's laughter echoing in my head, I found a small patch of, well, nothing. Concentrating, I pushed her out of my mind.

That wasn't very nice. My sister's voice was slightly sarcastic, but this time, it was coming from the link, not in my own head.

I never said it was. I retorted back.

I could feel my sister rolling her eyes at me. I cursed as I realised that my mental defences weren't nearly good enough to keep my sister out, as she was better than Lord Chaos himself at finding holes in mental defences. I could feel her probing my defences, teasing me.

Don't you want to know why your projects keep shattering?

That snapped me out of my thoughts, it seemed almost as though my sister was purposely mocking me about my failures.

I'll figure it out eventually… I trailed off. Knowing that when I said eventually, it meant whenever I decided to give up and just ask my sister for an answer. Logic was never my strong point.

Sure, just tell me when. The bad thing about it was that she knew too.

Damn it Frost. Just tell me.

When you're making the leaves, you're using the ice inside to push outwards, creating a vacuum inside the glass, making it implode. Well, that was what happened on your last one. On your earlier ones which all exploded outwards. It was because you were forming air inside the bubble, making it hold too much air. Other than those main ones, it would mostly because...

Could you please explain that in a language I can understand? I butted in.

It's English you jerk. You just can't be bothered to think. I love my sister's sarcasm sometimes. Well, basically your technique is wrong, you need to have a hole to let the air go in or out, you can seal off the hole later.

Thank you, that wasn't very hard now, was it?

Learn basic science you idiot.

That's your job sis. I scrunched up my eyes in pain at a sudden headache. It seemed as though someone had just hit me… mentally.

What the Hades was that sis!

That was my new project… A way of causing pain mentally. Just basically being able to hurt them without hurting their bodies, so their minds can be driven insane by mental pain, and yet not a scratch will be on their physical bodies.

Can't you already do that my shattering their memories? This time, I was generally curious. I had seen my sister's victims once she was done with them. They were little more than drooling idiots.

Well, yes, I could shatter their memories, but that would leave them without any chance at recognising people from their former lives. What I am trying to do now is to trap them in a world of mental pain, leaving them with enough sanity to recognise people from their life, and yet not enough to do anything but scream bloody murder every time they try to form a thought to say to that person.

Holy… I trailed off, still processing everything my sister just said. Go find another test subject.

My sister laughed at me, without even attempting to conceal it, Fine, fine. Be that way. I'll go find another test subject in out Lord's dungeons. I felt my sister retreat from my mind.

I shook ye head and turned back to my ruined project which had lain forgotten on the table. I considered it for a few seconds before muttering to myself. "Stuff it." I got rid of the ice and walked out the door.

Frost PoV

A hill, with a large pine tree on the top of it…

A battle field, wounded demigods screaming in pain while their comrades dragged them off the fields, blood dripping off injured and ones helping them alike…

Hades, fighting alongside the twelve Olympians…

A stream of jet black light flying towards Hades at the same time an arrow is flying towards a blond haired daughter of Athena. As it drew closer, she turned around, her eyes widening in shock as it came closer and closer…

I woke up with a gasp. I sat up and caught sight of myself in a mirror which was hanging on a wall. My eyes were glowing gold. I blinked several times, slowly my eyes faded back to their normal icy blue.

I took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, whispering to myself, "What the Hades was that."

There was one thing for sure though. This had not happened before, eve when I was a normal demigod.

Teaching inexperienced demigods was something even the most patient soldier of Chaos would do anything to get out of. It was one thing teaching them how to defend themselves. A completely different thing to put them up against each other and end with them staring at each other in terror.

I sighed and span around, catching sight of my brother teaching a few children of Poseidon how to manipulate water to a larger degree than what they were already doing.

I sensed Annabeth approaching me, the same time that the light reflected off one of my brother's balls of water.

Annabeth, shouting something at me, making a large gesture with her arm before stomping her foot and walking away.

I blinked my eyes to clear my vision. I drew one of my daggers and turned it so the flat of the blade was facing me. I saw my eyes fading from the bright gold back to blue. What the heck was going on.

"Excuse me, but I think you should be teaching the new demigods properly."

That same annoying voice. I tuned her out; everything she said came in one ear, and out the other. I saw Alpha's mouth twitch slightly as he realised what I was doing, before he forced himself to frown and started barking orders to the group he was meant to be training.

I turned my attention back to Annabeth. By now, she was shouting. Then she did the exact same arm gesture as I had seen in my vision. I thought I might as well have a bit of fun.

"What are you going to do? Stomp your feet and walk away from me?" I said, raising my eyebrows in a mocking manner.

Annabeth, who had raised her foot up, ready to stomp, froze and put her foot back down. "You… you… You guys are all IMPOSSIBLE!" She screeched, throwing her arms up in the air, stomping her foot and stalking away. It was only after she had taken five steps that she realised what she had done.

All the demigods who were within hearing range were all rolling on the floor, laughing their heads off. I saw Gamma, who had been walking by, struggling to maintain her mask of indifference, clearly failing as her mouth twitch and a few snorts of laughter that were escaping her. Alpha on the other hand had given up on holding on to his mask and was freely laughing, leaning on his sword for support. The several balls of water which had been kept together by my brother were all dropping to the floor as my brother too dropped his mask, laughing with the rest of the demigods.

"YOU JERK!" I sighed, always the same person breaking the good mood. I saw the said jerk stomping up to me, he threw a poorly aimed punch and I decided that it was tome for some humiliation. I let the punch fly over my shoulder, bending down slightly as he was thrown off balance by the force of his own punch. In one smooth movement…


Flipped over my shoulder to stare at the cloudless blue sky. I couldn't help but snort as Mathew made a ridiculously accurate impersonation of a landed fish. Then I walked off, leaving him staring at the sky with a dazed expression.

"Better luck next time idiot." I called over my shoulder.

Ice PoV

Sometimes, I love my sister's sarcasm. Watching her beat up people using words and a little bit of tossing is fun to anyone who isn't on the receiving side of it. But even after a century of hearing her remarks, she still manages to make up more on the spot, and they still manage to make me laugh.

I sighed and turned back to teaching the children of Poseidon how to manipulate water so it could cause damage. So far, they had only gotten to the condensing water stage, not even up to freezing it.

Either way, this was going to be a long day for me. And there was still that shaping ice thing I needed to get done…

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