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The Decision (Part I)

Frost froze, her hand hovering above one of the nastier stab wounds on a demigod's leg. She'd felt a twist… a turning of wheels… something had changed, her powers from Apollo telling her that much… but what was it…

"Milady?" Frost's head snapped up to look at Xi. He tried to hide his concern about the commander and heiress spacing out; it certainly wasn't something that happened often.

"Sorry." Frost muttered under her breath, turning her attention back to healing. With practiced ease, she drew healing wound using the demigod's own blood, it closed up until it looked weeks old; a red line. She ignored how the demigod had stared at her in shock before promptly fainting.

'A turning of wheels…' Frost began to think as her eyes swept across the infirmary, 'The only form of wheels attached to Apollo's powers are…' She watched as a screaming demigod under Nyx's eternal night curse began lashing out at Xi's medics, smashing one of their scalpel blades into his arm. She was turned to heal another and felt the eternal darkness tear at his mind. That demigod's fate was sealed.

She ran her hand over a cut; it closed over without a trace, 'What could have happened to make the wheels of fate turn?'

Xi placed a hand on his commander's shoulder and gained a questioning look in reply. "The critical injuries have been healed; the others will heal themselves in time. We don't have enough power to heal everyone right now." With a silent nod, she strode straight out the door, missing the strange looks from any soldier she passed.

She walked around camp, going nowhere in particular. The once lively camp had an air of sorrow, grief and pain. 'Well, this is what happens when one fights a war and loses friends and family.' slowly, her eyes settled onto the blood stained surroundings of the camp. 'How many more lives must be lost before this war can be won.'

Her eyes darkened as she recalled the demigods which had died defending Olympus from the titans. And yet, now the titans had other forces along with them. 'Almost all of us died inside that day, I wonder how many will die physically or mentally this time.'

A metallic glint caught her attention. Frost watched as the familiar form of her brother swooped into camp. She sighed and unsheathed her blade; there were still preparations for their traditions to be completed.

"We leave in two days' time. I've said my piece to the Olympians. This is not our war, so we should not lose our soldiers." Ice spoke through their devices.

Frost didn't wait for an answer from her fellow commanders and turned the device off. She still had had to find a suitable burial site for her comrade.

"-lo? Apollo?"

Apollo groaned as came to from his vision. The headache was slowly fading away, the words of his latest prophesy replacing the pain. The first words out of his mouth summed up their situation; "Oh, shit."

The sound of whirling in his ears grew louder, he frowned as he listened to them; the wheels of fate had begun to turn whether it was for the better or worse was yet to be determined.

"Apollo?" His blue eyes turned to his sister.

"The wheels of fate are turning, faster than usual. Make your choices; it may be the last one you make." Artemis' eyes widened as she met the sky blue eyes of her brother. For a second, she swore there was a flash of black. Before any others could react, Apollo flashed off.

"What could he mean…" Athena began muttering a string of possibilities under her breath as the remainder of the Olympian council descended into disorder.

"SILENCE!" Zeus yelled over the ruckus. "First thing is that we must deal with is the prophecy." Mouths snapped shut and everyone turned to the wisdom goddess.

"Well," Athena began, "The first line has already past; the deities of the old being the primordial gods, they have obviously risen. War shall be fought where never beforenow, I'm not quite certain about that, but it may be referring to the camp grounds… there had never been any wars there, just a few… internal disputes." Her eyes flicked to Artemis and Ares. "The army of Chaos has already arrived to assist, so the third line has already been completed.

"Now, Night shall cause the mystery to fall I see nothing…" her eyes snapped to Hermes. "Hermes, check who the sea spawn was referring to when he yelled that he had 'lost a commander'."

After less than a minute of tapping on his phone, the messenger god looked up. "I can only find one person within the Chaos Forces who has died. Is the one known as 'Chi', if I remember correctly-"

"Chi was the group which specialised in…" Athena's face paled when she pulled out her notebook with the lists, staring at the blank space next to 'Chi'. "Chi was the group which had no specialisation… or had a specialisation which no-one knows of… in other words, a mystery."

"In other words… Nyx murdering Chi is the next line of the prophecy?" A voice asked from the corner of the room. Eleven heads whipped around to see the lord of the dead leaning against the wall.

"Before you throw a hissy fit about me being up here Zeus, the Fates personally ordered me up here." Hades cut off any statement from the youngest brother. It seemed the king of the gods was no more willing to cross the weavers of fate than any other. "Continue, Athena."

After a moment of hesitation, the goddess of wisdom began speaking again, "Yes, that ine has also been fulfilled… which leaves out last two lines. All shall be lost lest the gods plea, I'd assume this would be referring to stopping the forces from leaving. Any yet, why does the final line tell us to plea to the 'prince and princess of the sea'…" she trailed off and looked pointedly at Poseidon.

"What? I haven't crowned anyone prince apart from Triton, never crowned anyone princess…"

"No time." Eyes snapped towards Hermes. "The monster army has grown. They will attack again soon, we need to make a decision as Apollo said."

As the sun rose to light up the sky, it highlighted the ranks of soldiers in a clearing in the forest. Full gear, cloaks and armour, perfect ranks; each and every soldier stood in rank, not a single sound was made in respect of their fallen commander.

It had always been a tradition for all ranks to assemble and stand for the hour of dawn as a commemoration for a fallen member of the forces. The more the late member of the forces was respected or liked, the more people would stay after the mandatory hour.

It was midday before anyone moved, within an hour, the only ones left were the commanders of each present platoon; the ones who had known Saphiria personally.

Another hour ticked by, slowly, the commanders had trickled off, nodding in respect to Frost, Ice and Alpha, who looked like he never wanted to move. Omega walked up to Alpha, placing a hand on his shoulder. At the look that clearly said 'What?' Omega simple nodded with a sad smile before leaving.

It was well past nightfall when the silence was broken by Alpha's quiet sobs of grief. Frost jerked her head in the direction of camp to her brother before placing a hand on Alpha's shoulder, leading him into the forest, away from the shrine constructed in Saphiria's honour.

Suddenly, Frost stopped, spinning around to face the swords master. "Let it out Luke. It will cause you more pain if you try to keep it in."

"What do you know about it," He growled out. "You didn't lose someone that close to you!"

"I lost a friend, just like you did." Frost replied, knowing very well that Saphiria had been more than a friend and comrade to Alpha. He needed to vent, to scream out his grief and anger.

"She was not just a friend!" He yelled.

"I know exactly how you feel Luke; there is no need to hide the anger, the grief, the pain-"

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Luke roared, snapping. "YOU HAVE NEVER LOST THE ONE YOU LOVE! I loved her… with all my heart. You have never suffered in grief as much as though part of you heart had died with her… DON'T YOU DA-"

Frost held up a hand, cutting him off halfway. "I understand perfectly well, Luke. Did you truly think that Apollo was the only one that I loved?"

Before an answer could be formed, she vanished, leaving Alpha staring in shock.

The Forces of Chaos had gathered, the massive rune array having been prepared in their cabin. To transfer everything on it back to Chaos' Palace. That was when Chiron knocked on the door.

"May I have a word before you leave commanders?"

Both Ice and Frost exchanged looks, before nodding. "Outside."

The sight they met was eleven Olympians standing before them, looking as though they had swallowed a lemon. The first words came from the king of the gods.


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