Bolt: The Unforgettable Journey


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It was a warm and calm summer night. Bolt and his new friends were laying in the front yard enjoying the night sky. A gentle breeze swept across the yard. Bolt sighed contently as it went through his snow white fur. "So Bolt how did you and Mittens become mates" Max the golden lab asked curiously breaking the peaceful silence? "Yeah how did you and Mittens become mates" Jade the grey fox asked even more curiously than Max? "Well it's kind of a long story" the white shepherd said getting up to stretch his legs.

"It's ok Max and I don't mind do you Max" Jade asked using the doggy face? How can I resist a face like that? "Not at all we've got time." "Ok since you want to hear it so badly I'll tell you" Bolt said smiling at the trick Mittens taught him while they were on their journey across the country. "It started out just like any other da…Bolt paused as he felt the slick fur of the cat that stole his heart on his. "Mittens what are you doing out here I thought you were supposed to be watching the k-kids" Bolt asked starting to get lose in her emerald eyes? "Well I sent them to bed so I can relax with my big strong super dog mittens said seductively rubbing against him. "… We can leave… if you want" Jade said feeling awkward ready to hop on all fours.

"Um Bolt" Mittens whispered in his pointed ear? "Yes Mittens" Bolt asked dazed "Aren't you suppose to tell them about how you and I became mates? " O sorry everyone I kind of got off track there" Bolt said turning red under his fur. "It's ok Bolt I know how you feel Max said not noticing what he said. O crap did I just say that out loud. "What are you talking about Max" Jade asked raising an eyebrow. "O its nothing um Bolt could you continue your story" Max said hastily? Yeah … sure, so like I was saying the day started out just like any other day. I love telling this story. Mittens and I woke up around 12:00pm then we ate breakfast. We noticed the kids were gone so we decided to take a nap on the porch while they were gone since we usually never get a break.

"Sorry about interrupting but how come you two didn't go looking for the kids" Jade asked confused. "The kids weren't born yet " Bolt answered. Back to the story before I went to sleep I heard a voice say "I found Bolt" but that's all I could make out so I went to sleep with my favorite cat. When we woke up Penny and the kids were back. So we were about to play with them when Penny asked me did I want to take a walk with her. I looked back at Mittens if I should go. I just waved my paw and started playing with the kids. The walk with Penny was fun until some bit me ….

A/N (what's going to happen to bolt? Will Mittens ever get a break? And why am I asking you all these questions? Well tune in sometime next week and these questions will be answered more or less , but before go I want to give a personal thanks to cloudsword for helping me.)