Changing Me

A/N: So, if this isn't any good, it's because my mind is kind of scattered everywhere on the planet; Patrick Ness kind of just blew my mind with The Ask and the Answer and I have a HUGE science test tomorrow I'm trying to study for but I can't get this book out of my mind because I just finished it and I need to get my hands on the next one. Please. So I stand a chance at passing this test. I don't even think this one shot makes sense, it was just a way for me to get out all the Todd and Viola and Mayor and awesome out of my mind. WHY IS THE NUMBER OF FICS FOR THIS SERIES SO LOW? WHY? PEOPLE CAN'T HANDLE THE AWESOME, THAT'S WHY. Anyways. Review please, because I'm not getting any love on my Vampire Academy story so maybe I'll get some here. xD


My father usually didn't read me many stories. It wasn't for any reason you may assume, like he didn't give me the time, affection, or anything of the sort because he did, but I did this weird thing where I would suddenly speak like the characters and think like them, because I would just get so engrossed in the story that I would become the character, for a while.

And then I would go back to being Viola.

Literate, innocent, young Viola.

The same thing would happen to me when I was told stories but not as much because I could never really feel the protagonist's emotions as well as I can when they're written. And it'd be fun for a while, too, to be some else. Some one different. Some one other than literate, innocent, young Viola.

Then everything horrible happened.

My parents had died, and my ship had crashed.

I remember being so confused.

Then I met him, and became even more confused.

I got to know Todd, and started to find myself again, the Viola I was familiar with.

One night, while we were trying to escape to Haven, and Todd was sleeping, I was awake.


Reading his Noise.

I know it's wrong, but really, he's such a fascinating character. His story isn't that amazing, not yet, but it will be. The way he thinks, though sometimes it's a jumble, gets me in a way no author has ever done before.

He just ponders and wonders and wonders and I feel it happening again.

With the way I'm thinking.

I'm thinking like him.

I can't help it, it's just me.

My sentences are getting longer and my thoughts deeper and sometimes faster and choppy and I'm using words like ruddy and effing but I don't say ain't.

I never say ain't.

Because I'm intelligent Viola. I'm literate. Todd is not, but no one can really blame him for that.

And there is no way anyone is ever going to make me say "ain't."

It's just not me.

But I should have known, that it wouldn't stay that way. That, one day, I wouldn't be literate, innocent, young Viola.

Because I grew. I changed. I lost my innocence. I used improper grammar, too.

And though I made my choices and mistakes, most of it is all his doing.

I ain't never leaving him, though.


He can change me all he wants, because the old Viola wasn't very exciting, anyway.