POV: Third Person

Her fingers are stained with blue.

It's a haunting, dark, shade of blue.

Her fingers are long, slender, lithe.

They snake alluringly around objects she holds.

She loved her hands.

They were hands of a perfect lady.

They were an attribute she was proud of.

But now they are stained.

Now, they have a tragic blue blotch emphasizing her fingerprints.

She's ashamed of the blue blotch.

She's ashamed of the instrument which splattered the blue on her hands in the first place.

She's ashamed of the A she made, on a fence painted just as clear as the unmistakable blue blotch which stains her skin.

A/N: I don't know who this is, it's just someone who did an A for the just popped into my head, I just felt like writing it. I haven't written anything in the longest time, I am so sorry it's just that writing is very difficult for me at the moment with everything going on in real life. If I were to ever stop writing these I would say so, so do not worry. :P And I especially feel guilty because I really need to write the next chapter for my VA story. D:

MeltedHappiness: I plan on writing a full-length story when I read the last book. :)