Summary: Bella was bullied by the Cullen's in middle school, so she moved to Phoenix. 3 years later Bella is back beautiful and confident. But now the Cullens want a second chance but will Bella be so willing to give it to them? Or will she get the revenge she's always wanted?



I'm back

Chapter 1

I felt another piece of paper hit my back it was really starting to annoy me but no way in hell was I gonna turn around and tell that to Him and His family I knew that if I did they would beat me so hard I'd probably be in the hospital for a week. Then again a week without them would be like heaven on Earth.

After awhile the paper stopped hitting my back, I breathed a sigh of relief but then a really sharp pencil was poking my back. Each poke harder than the first. I could feel the tears in my eyes starting to form but I knew that if they fell I would just get made fun of and I just wanted one moment of not feeling bad about myself.

I was so happy when the bell rang signaling the beginning of lunch Oh great I though, another lunch avoiding the Cullen's. I races out of the room hoping to get away from them for just a second but just as I was turning the cornerI bumped into something that felt like a wall. I would have fallen backwards if someone had not caught me Oh no not Him, please don't be Him anybody but Him!

"Well hello Smella! How are you? You weren't trying to leave without saying hi to me or my family, were you?" He smirked "Of course you weren't because that would be incredibly rude!"

I looked up into the face of the devil Edward Cullen, Edward was the most popular, hottest and cruelest guy is this school. Second was his step-sister Rosalie, Rosalie was the most popular, gorgeous, and bitchiest girl in the school. Her boyfriend Emmett McCartney wasn't the smartest guy around but he had a deadly right & left hook especially when he hits your jaw trust me I know from experience.

Alice was one of the worst because she would pretend to be all nice and your friend that you would spill your guts to her then the next day the WHOLE school would know. And lastly there was Jasper he was Alice's boyfriend, he didn't really do anything but just stand there and watch them hurt you or sometimes he would hold you down.

Rosalie and Jasper are twins; Emmett and Alice are siblings and Edward is was an only child they were all adopted by Esme and Carlisle Cullen. And now they prey on helpless students like me. I don't know why or how they are so mean when Esme and Carlisle are the sweetest people in Forks; I wonder how did they end up with such devil children?

"So Cindersmella what should we do with you today?" Edward asked.

"Please…?" I whimpered.

"Please what? Please beat you up? Okay Bella but remember you asked for it!" He laughed. Edward wove his hands in my hair holding a firm grip in it pulling my head closer to him; he put his lips on my ear. I know this must sound intimate but believe me it was anything BUT! "Are you ready?" Edward whispered.

Before Edward could take a swing at me I slipped out of his reach and started running towards the office hoping to get inside before he caught me but with my luck I tripped over my own feet and fell over myself. I landed face first on the ground, I could already feel the blood on my face, I tried to get up and to keep running but Edward had already caught up with me and was yanking me up by my hair.

"Why do you run from me Smella? You know I'll always catch you!" He laughed; I felt tears forming in my eyes. When I didn't answer him he slapped me across the face, "Answer me!" He yelled I could tell that he was getting angry now.

"I…I d don't," I stuttered. Edward gave out a hard laugh and threw me on the floor. I started to cry letting my tears fall freely now I sobbed even louder when he started to kick me…hard. After awhile I felt the kicks get harder and in all different places, oh no they're all here!

I cried out in pure agony. I just wished they would stop kicking me, I felt like I was going to puke and if I puked on one of their shoes it would only be worse. Especially on Rosalie's expensive bright red heels.

Soon after their feet turned into fist and it only made it 100x worse to the now forming bruises. I knew if they kept up long enough I would soon pass out. That's when the name calling started; it's my fault I guess for being a fat, acne faced, ugly, loser.

"Hey fat bitch!" One of them said.

"Pizza face!" Another one called.

"Wow Smella stop taking up the whole hallway with your fatness!" One laughed cruelly.

"Fugly elephant! Just die already!"

"I'm trying…" I whispered to myself.

I just started to turn them out; I was already losing my vision only seeing black spots. I coughed up some blood and that was when the fist and feet stopped I didn't know what happened but I knew that it would happen again if I didn't do something about it.

When I got enough energy I crawled my bruised broken body home it took forever I had to take a lot of breaks but I finally got there. I almost fainted from all the blood loss but I just had to call her before I changed my mind. I got the phone and dialed the number that I've always been tempted to call. It rang twice before they finally picked up.

"Hello Charlie? Bella? Is that you? Bella are you okay? Why are you home so early? Shouldn't you be in school? Please answer me!" She yelled frantically. I sobbed into the phone before I answer her.

"I'm okay," I said in a small voice "mom? I want to come home; I want to go to Phoenix…"

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