Summary: Bella was bullied by the Cullen's in middle school, so she moved to Phoenix. 3 years later Bella is back beautiful and confident. But now the Cullen's want a second chance but will Bella be so willing to give it to them? Or will she get the revenge she's always wanted?



I'm back

Chapter 7

Edward smirks and says "Well, well, well this ought to be fun…"

I swear it has been 5 minutes that I've been standing at the door staring at Edward in shock, and the whole time it just kept feeding his ego by the way he was smirking at me. I quickly compose myself into my infamous glare and walk to the seat next to him.

"Please sit down," Edward offers.

"Fine, as long as you keep your hands to yourself or we might be doing a replay of the scene before lunch and this time there are no witnesses understood?" I threaten.

"Ohhh feisty I see, I like it. Oh and you don't have to worry about me touching you…" Edward says "For now," Edward whispers the last part so I don't hear him, but I do.

"Whatever just leave me alone," I say firmly.

"I just don't get it," He whispers to himself.

"What don't you get?" I ask.

"I don't get why you hate me so much when you don't even know me!" Edward shouts frustrated, throwing his hands up in the air making me flinch.

"Ohmygod Edward! I told you already I know what type of guy you are! You're a player; I know this because I've met at lot of them at my old school! And I'm sorry that you can't handle having 1 person in this school that hates you, that doesn't fall at your feet or see what you really are an asshole." I practically scream at him, he doesn't react; he just looks at me like he's trying to figure me out.

"Do I know you? You look familiar…did we…did we hook up?" Edward questions.

"God no! We did NOT hook up. Why is that your first conclusion maybe we were friends, or you saw me on the street or at a party?" I can barley look at him. "And ew so you're telling me that you've hooked up with so many girls that you wouldn't be able to remember any of them? That's just disgusting," I shudder and move my chair as far from him as possible. But there is one thing wrong with me plan he pulls my chair back to him.

"Hey! Let go of my chair! I told you to keep your hands away from me!" I scream trying to pry his fingers from my chair but he has a steel grip on it so I just give up.

"Will you stop shouting already it's getting really annoying now and…"

"Well now you know how I feel," I interrupt.

"AND," Edward continues ignoring my comment "You told me not to touch you not to not go near you and I didn't, I touched your chair so you can stop freaking out because people are starting to enter the class. You don't want a reputation as a spaz, now do you?" He chuckles.

I look around the class and see half the class filling in before the bell and a few are looking at me and Edward, I glare at them until they look away. I look back at Edward and notice how close our faces are so I push him away so fast that it catches him off guard causing him to let go of my chair. So I can quickly move my face, body and chair away from him before anyone else in the class notices how close we were. When Mr. Banner walks in I quickly jump out of the seat next to Edward and rush to him so I can get assigned to a seat far, far away from Edward.

"Um Mr. Banner I'm Isabella, I'm new so here's my slip," I explain.

"Oh yes here you are" Mr. Banner points to my name on the attendance "Here you go and please take a seat next to Mr. Cullen." Mr. Banner says giving me my slip, my mouth falls open when he tells me to sit next to Edward but I quickly compose myself and practically drag my feet to my seat. I frown as I sit down while Edward has a big grin on his face oh how I'd like to smack that grin off his face, the thought makes me smile. As I'm listening to Mr. Banner lecture us on stuff I already know a folded my up piece of paper hits my hand, I pick it up and it says Read Me on the front. I open it up slowly it and read it:


I look to my right to see Edward giving me a crooked smile and a little wave I groan and rest me head on my arms. I feel another piece of paper hit my arm, when I don't make a move to read it another hits my arm, then another after 5 more pieces of paper I finally lifte my head and read them all. And Edward got a satisfactory smirk on his face pissing me off.

Wake up Isabella no sleeping in class

Hey it's rude to ignore someone




I'll just keep annoying you until you talk or look at me


Isabella, Isabella, Issssaaabeeelllaaa

I glare at Edward "You are so annoying you know that right?" I hiss at him.

"You'll learn to love it," Edward says leaning back with his arms behind his head flexing his muscles.

"Don't count on it," I tell him.

"Just so you know the longer you resist the longer I'll keep trying to break you and bothering you," Edward says casually like its absolutely normal behavior for him than again it probably is.

I roll my eyes and turn back to the teacher just to realize he was packing up meaning this horrible class is finally over. I grab my bag from the ground but an arm catches mine, I look up to see Edward looking at me with an intense stare "You should really stop getting my siblings in trouble it's not very nice." Edward says, he lets go of my arm and walks out of the class like what happened between us didn't. Wait what? Nothing happened he just annoyed me ugh I hate him!

I quickly grab my bag and rush to gym and put on my gym clothes. I get into the gym to see Seth and Jake waiting for me, I smile and walk over to them until I notice Edward and his whole family and they're all glaring at me again well except Emmett. I hurry towards Jake and Seth but I slow down when I realize that I'm showing fear, I slow down to a run way strut earning stares and cat calls from the guys I smile at them.

When I reach my friends Jake says "I'm not sure how I feel about all these guys getting boners from just you walking, I think we're gonna have to get you a chastity belt right Seth?"

"Seems so," Seth agrees nodding his head slightly.

"Ha ha very funny," I laugh.

Seth and Jake get a serious look on their faces "We're not joking Bella." I shake my head at them grinning and turn to Coach Clapp.

"Okay class we are going to be starting volleyball today so get into groups of two." Coach clap says.

"So who's going to be with whom? If my calculations are right there are three of us," I joke.

"Ha ha ha you think you're so funny Bella huh? Well if your gonna be like that than I'm with Seth," Jake says firmly.

"Fine I guess I could ask one of the many guys here to be my partner I'm sure they'll be very willing especially since my chastity belt won't be in until Tuesday." I joke turning to look at a guy to be my partner but a small annoying pixie is in my way.

"Hi, wanna be my partner I heard you didn't have one so lets be together. And don't worry about earlier I totally forgive you for it," Alice says energetically.

I look behind her at her shocked/glaring family "Are you sure your family won't mind?" I ask.

Alice looks behind her also; shaking her head she says happily "Oh they'll be fine they're just PMSing right now, they'll get over it."

I weigh my options she a psycho bitch but this could be fun and as everyone who knows me I really suck at volleyball. I get an evil grin on my face and say "Sure, this could be fun." Me and Alice make our way toward the wall away from everyone else "I'm giving you a fair warning right now I suck at this and I cannot be held responsible for any damage or pain that may come to you." I give Alice a small innocent smile.

"Oh that's okay I'll take the risk and I'm really good at volleyball, I'm actually on the team. Here I'll serve," Alice says she volleys the ball to me I panic when it gets close to my face and I smack it away hitting the wall.

"Ohmygod sorry!" I apologize somewhat meaning it.

"It's okay try to bump it like this," Alice demonstrates. I do what Alice says and actually hit the ball to her properly, we keep at it for a good while until my arms start to hurt and I hit it lazily and by 'accident' hit Edward Cullen in the face.

"Ohmygod!" I gasp running towards him "I am so sorry," I say trying to hide my laughter.

"Are you…are you laughing at me?" Edward asks.

I stop laughing immediately "Uh n-no I'm n-not," I stutter "I really am sorry." The look on Edward's face made me burst out laughing, after awhile everyone was laughing. Edward was trying not to laugh and to keep his pout on his face but he kept shaking with silent hidden laughter. I tickle his side and he burst out laughing and I laugh along with him until I feel someone pulling my arm away from everyone. "Hey what's your problem? Oh hey Jake why did you pull me away? I was having fun," I ask.

"Exactly Bella you were having fun with your old tormenters. What was that about? Like I got the whole being Alice's partner it was funny when you almost hit her and when you hit Edward in the face now that was hilarious. But then you guys start joking around and then you're tickling him? Tickling him Bella? Really, that was just wrong. I thought you hated them but I guess you're over it so just go be their friend and don't hang with us anymore." Jake shouts at me.

"Okay Jake you've made your point stop yelling now," Seth says calmly while I try not to cry.

"No it's not alright to just…" Jake starts again.

"Jake I'm warning you now," Seth threatens.

"Don't talk to me like that Seth you know just as well as I do that her befriending them is wrong!" Jake yells.

"Jacob! I said stop, that's enough I don't want to hear anything from you right now!" Seth yells at Jake even I flinch at his tone, some students even look at us but quickly look away from Seth's glare. Jake quickly shuts up at Seth's tone, Seth doesn't speak in loud harsh tones he's the quiet calm one so I know that he's serious, and looks down at his feet to avoid our eyes. "Bella," Seth whispers in a soft voice "Why?"

"I don't know Seth," I look at Edward and his family who are trying to see if Edward has a concussion or not, then back at Seth and Jake "I really don't know. But there's one thing I do know for sure...that I want revenge."