A very short love story

"So why did you come here?"

"Its… Complicated"

"I think I can keep up."

I hesitate. "Ok…But you cant tell anyone, alright?'

"Ok" he quickly agrees

"Ok ,well, it all started when my mother remarried." I stop there wondering if I can trust him with something I've never told anyone.

"Ok… So, what happened?" he asked impatiently.

Finally deciding I can trust him, I say, "Well, my mother didn't realize he was abusive before they got married." His face is so shocked I push out the ending. "He would beat her up just for the hell of it. Eventually he started beating me too. Then one day my father called and said I could come visit him. He said he would pay for the plane ticket and everything, so, I came and just haven't and don't plan on going back."

Eventually the shocked face dies down, but its still in his voice that he's stunned by the story. "So, if you escaped ,why do you look so depressed?"

I look into his eyes "Because I didn't take my mother with me, she's still with him."

Realization immediately crosses his face.

Next thing I know, I'm in his arms. He held me like that before I heard him whisper, "I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone." the pain was surly going away through his heartfelt touch. I've never had a guy hold me like that because they were worried about me. It felt great. And just like that the pain seemed to melt away. I no longer felt guilty for leaving my mother with an abusive husband.

I leaned back to look at his eyes, and it was like I could see into his soul, he was good. All he wanted was for me to be safe, to feel better. I was looking into his eyes so deeply I didn't notice when he bent his lips to mine. The kiss was slow, but very, very sweet. I kissed him back. He wrapped his arms tighter around me. Again this felt good, right. His soul wasn't thinking about getting into my pants, his only thought was to comfort me and for that I appreciate him.

Someone cleared their throat behind us. We started apart (sadly). We hadn't realized that we were still in class.

But from that day on, I never looked at him the same.

- I didn't name the characters because I didn't want to get attached to these unnamed characters. The idea of this story came to me from Twilight when Edward and Bella had their first conversation. But I wondered what if the situation was different so I started writing and this popped out.