Madlax: Enfant's Back

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Summary: Two months after Margaret Burton save the world from insanity, Enfant has reorganized to take revenge on both Margaret Burton and Madlax. When a news report said that Madlax has just been captured, will Margaret Burton get herself train in time to rescue Madlax?



Margaret Burton – A nineteen old girls who saved the world from insanity. Margaret is now in her home country of Nafrece taking care of her new little sister, Laetitia. When Margaret hear a news report that Madlax has been captured, she decides to get into Madlax's profession and trains to be a mercenary and assassin with help from Madlax's former rival, Limelda, in Gazth-Sonika. She still carries a Colt M1911 that she got from her first visit to Gazth-Sonika.

Madlax – An exceptionally charismatic and attractive young woman, who is at the same time the best mercenary agent in Gazth-Sonika with 98% mission success rate. She now works with her former rival, Limelda, to get rid of the remains of Enfant. She will be capture during the story and Margaret will try to rescue her. She still carries her trusty SIG P-210-2.

Laetitia – Margaret's litter sister, she stays by Margaret wherever she goes. She will support her big sister, Margaret, no matter what happens.

Limelda Jorg- A former second lieutenant of the Gazth-Sonikan Royal Guard that now helps her former rival, Madlax. She is still the most prolific sniper in the country except for Madlax. She is Margaret's teacher to teach her the ways of a mercenary and assassin.

Nakhl – She is Lady Quanzitta's former servant, but still an agent. She is the most capable hand to hand and bladed weapons fighter in Gazth-Sonika and, effectively, the only one to ever defeat Madlax in combat. She helps our protagonists in the story later.

SSS (pronounced: Three Speed) - The one that gives the jobs to Madlax.


Tuesday Thursday – She is the new leader of Enfant that wants to take revenge on both Margaret and Madlax for killing Friday Monday, the former leader of Enfant.

Ami Jorg – New number two of Enfant and took over from Carrossea Doon. Sister to Limelda Jorg and will try to do what it takes to bring in both Margaret Burton and Madlax in.

More Characters will be posted as the story goes along.

Chapter 1: Visit to Margaret's Place

It was Labor Day in Nafrece. It was a nice sunny day as well. Madlax and Limelda Jorg were heading to their awkward job assigned by SSS. Madlax asked,

"Why did SSS assigned us to Nafrece?"

"I don't know," said Limelda, "but I know that the location is almost here."

"Also, he did not give me who the client is for this assignment," said Madlax.

"I think that we will find out now," said Limelda, "because we are here."

"Wow," proclaimed Madlax, "15467 N. 43rd Street East. Well let's meet the …"

Before Madlax finished that sentence, her cell phone ring and she answer it.

"So Madlax," said SSS, "you found the client's house."

"Very funny SSS," said Madlax. "Can you tell me what the assignment is?"

"The person that wants you," said SSS, "will tell you the assignment and details."

Madlax hang up her mobile, and Limelda and she went to the door. Madlax ring the doorbell.

"I get it," said Laetitia as she went to the door and open it. "Hello! It's been a while, Madlax."

"Don't tell me," said Limelda and Madlax, "that Margaret is our client."

"You guess correctly," said Margret, "but it is not pasta this time."

Margaret let both Limelda and Madlax into the house. While they went to the living room, Margaret asked,

"Do you want something to drink?"

"Water," said Laetitia, Limelda, and Madlax.

When Margaret got back with three glasses of water, Margaret sat down and explained,

"I heard something on the Nafrece's News Channel that Enfant is back with a brand-new leader."

"Wow!" said Limelda and Madlax with complete shock.

"The new leader of Enfant is called Tuesday Thursday," said Margaret.

"So," said Limelda, "you want us to shoot him down for us."

"Tuesday Thursday is a girl," said Margaret.

"To make matters worse," said Laetitia, "she is not only after the person that killed the former leader, Friday Monday, but also the person that open the door of the era."

"So," said Madlax, "you are telling us that Tuesday Thursday is after Margaret and me."

"Yes," said Laetitia.

Next Chapter: A News report has just announced the new leader of Gazth-Sonika and the quest will be on the breaking point for them. Madlax Enfant's Back, Next Chapter: Going Backwards. Anyway, please REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW!

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