The applause thundered around her. Her heart beat, thundering in her ears, blood coursing through her veins a mile a minute. The stage lights burned Rachel's skin with a fiery iridescence, but she remained poised and smiling. For all the nights she had laid awake wondering if she made the right decision, this made up for it. The stage was "home." The crowd applauding and cheering, this was her moment, where she truly belonged .She and Jesse took their final bows as the curtains closed. The cast and crew collapsed into a sea of cheers and hugs, thankful for a show well done. The director busted out champagne and started pouring it into red plastic cups. Rachel quietly turned and headed back to her dressing room. "Rachel! Come celebrate!" someone called.

She smiled meekly. "I've got to pick up Lea. But have fun!" The truth was the one person she wanted to celebrate with was long gone. She opened her dressing room door and screamed. Will sat on the small velvet couch clutching a program. "Quite a response you got out there huh?"

"Will. . . .I. . . ." Rachel sputtered, her body frozen, words tangled in her throat.

He walked over to her and grasped her chin. "I love you."

Rachel began to try to speak, but he cut her off. "I love you. My life without you is empty. I can't sleep. I can't eat. I can't breathe. Rachel, you complete me. I can't walk around pretending everything is fine, missing a piece of my heart. I'm not expecting perfect but like you said, if I never try, I'll never know."

Rachel collapsed into his arms, tears streaming down her face. She grabbed both sides of his face, forcefully pulling him in for a kiss. Their lips met eager and full of longing. Electricity coursed through their veins, their hearts beating loud and wild. His hands became tangled in her locks, and she dug her fingers into his back, unable to determine if this were really happening. "Will. . . I . . . sorry. . . I. . ."

Will brought a finger to her lips, his eyes glistening, with tears. Rachel pressed her body into his, two mangled, bodies, warn and ragged becoming one human being again.

"I see you got my daisies." Will said, focusing on the flowers.

Rachel smiled and dried her eyes. "They're from you?"

He smiled. "The day I left, that morning that I saw. . . Me and Lea were walking to the theater and she saw daisies in the window of the flower shop. She looked at me and said "Pretty". Daisies are her favorite flower, just like you. We went in, got her one for her hair, and ordered you a bouquet, delivered on opening night." He gasped, pressing his hand to his mouth. "Oh my God, Lea. How is she? Oh I miss her. . . Where is she?"

Rachel smiled, her eyes tearing up all over again. "She's with Kurt and Blaine. Do you want to go get her with me?"

Will smiled. "I would like that." They linked hands and walked out.


Kurt opened the door. "Rachel I told you to go on and celeb. . . oh sweet cream and butter! Will?"

Will smiled. "Hi Kurt."

"I . . . wow. Glad to see you."

"Where is my little Lea bee?' Rachel said smiling at Kurt.

"Oh it's the cutest thing. Come in look." He opened the door and ushered them in, giving Rachel an inquisitive smile as Will passed by. On the sofa, Blaine sat fast asleep, Lea curled up in his arms snoring slightly.

"What is she wearing?" Rachel giggled, taking in Lea's extravagant outfit, of green rain boots, polka dotted tights, dozens of brightly colored necklaces and a tutu.

Kurt smiled. "She loves playing dress up. She gets that from Uncle Kurt."

Will walked over and scooped her up. Lea opened one eye, peeking out beneath her dark fringe of eyelashes. She closed it tight, and latched her arms around Will's neck. "Daddy, daddy I miss you."

Will hugged her tight. "Let's go home baby."

"Daddy come home?" Her tiny voice croaked out.

Will wrapped his free arm around Rachel's waist, "Yes, daddy's home."


A/n there will be an epilogue: D