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Prologue: Born With a Paintbrush in His Hand

Ever since he was a little boy, Laszlo knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. His father claimed that he was born with a paintbrush in his hand. Throughout his entire childhood, Laszlo was always dressed in a smock and goggles, and his bright red hair was smeared with bright acrylic paint at the end of each day (much to his mother's exasperation, who spent a good amount of time trying to wash it out before bedtime).

His parents would never see the end of it. It started with finger paint, during his toddler years. Then eventually, the tempera paint evolved into watercolor, then to pastel, and then finally, his favorite medium, the acrylic.

The location of his artwork also seemed to have expanded. From his bedroom walls, to his furniture, and then to the (surprisingly ordinary) use of paper. He even experimented with one of his sister's dresses, but a two-year-old Tallulah was not so keen on this particular episode.

Because of that last incident, it led his parents to the following four steps: One, purchase a stock full of canvases for him to use instead of his bedroom walls... or his sister's dresses... Two, turning one of the former station rooms (way back when the mansion was the Anderson Observatory) into his very own art gallery. Three, taking biyearly field trips to the museum. And four, enrolling him in community classes during the summer.

Then came the day he completed high school and enrolled into the one school that had been on his mind since the age of four: The Art Academy of Todayland. This was the place that would open so many opportunities for him. This was the platform that would help him launch off his art career. This was the foundation of where he would make a name for himself.

For the next three and a half years, Laszlo absorbed himself in his education. From learning the various techniques of pencil drawing, to mastering the craft of mural design. Now at the age of twenty-two, Laszlo was just a month and a brush stroke away from requiring the skills to obtain any profession he desired. But after having nearly four years of time go by...

A person is hardly the same person that he was when he had started.

Ever since he was a little boy, Laszlo knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. But as he approached his college graduation, he was not so sure anymore.

End of Prologue

Author's Note: Back in the summer and autumn of 2007, I was inspired by three songs: "High and Dry" by Radiohead, "Photograph" by Jamie Cullum (who also happened to have covered "High and Dry"), and the titular track "Slummin' in Paradise" by Mandy Moore. This was the result.

I also derived the line, "His father claimed that he was born with a paintbrush in his hand" from "His father said he was born with a pencil in his hand", about an American author and illustrator. Do you know who?

29 November 2011