Author's Note: This is a series of short (1-2 page) chapters, which covers the events of Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. I was inspired by another Nancy Drew humor story, entitled Legend of the Shiny Skull of Doom.

I am the same person who makes Nancy Drew walkthroughs on Youtube, under the alias "arglefumph".

Weirdness at Waverly Academy

Nancy Drew read the letter that had been forwarded to her by Mattie Jensen. A school called the Waverly Academy for Girls was being plagued by a series of mysterious accidents. Mattie knew Nancy was good at discovering the truth behind deadly accidents, so she thought Nancy could help the people at Waverly.

Nancy tilted her head as she thought about it. Solve a mystery at a high school? She hadn't been to school in a long time. As in, a really long time. Nancy went on mystery-solving expeditions and vacations so often that she really didn't have time for school. In fact, she was failing half of her classes at River Heights High, mainly because it had been two months since she last stepped foot inside a classroom.

Nancy reread the letter, and her mystery senses started tingling. A student poisoned for no reason? Another student locked inside a closet? And something about a cute little kitty cat? This could be her most interesting case yet!

"Hey, Dad?" Nancy said.

Carson Drew looked up from his legal paperwork and adjusted his glasses. "Yes, Honey?"

"I'm going to need you to write out a form to get me out of school this week," Nancy said.

"Again?" Carson asked.

"There's a mystery for me to solve in New York," Nancy explained.

"Again?" Carson asked.

"Again," Nancy said.