The metal cylinder pushes me up the hot, stale air taking my breath away. I look at all the other tributes, standing in a large circle around the cornucopia waiting for the gong to ring. Waiting for the gong to ring so the bloodshed can begin. For the sound that turns us all into raging savages, no respect for mankind. Its eerie staring into the eyes of all of them knowing soon that all but one will be dead, a mere memory for someone's nightmare. We all look so young now, the costumes and makeup from the interviews gone. You can see the terror in their faces, Fright gleaming through their eyes. They want this no more than I do. We are just mere pawns in the Government's games. They pluck us children from our homes, throwing us into certain death just to show everyone that they are the ones in power. No one has ever wanted to defy them, too afraid of the consequences. The gong should ring any minute now, the time slowly slipping by. This is my moment. My moment to show them that I am me, not just another pawn to push around. If I am going to die, I'm going to die my way. I grip my token, a small wooden ball, saying my goodbyes silently in my head. You don't own me; you can't tell me how to live or how to die. I control my destiny. "Goodbye" I murmur, dropping the small wooden ball off my platform. As I watch it fall to the ground I know in mere seconds there will be nothing left of me, the mines engulfing the platform, leaving ash and charred remains. A small smile creeps across my face. I'm doing these games my way. In my way I win. This is my moment.