The Vengeance of A Sith.

Summary: Anakin is captured by Darth Algaroth a Sith Lord, formerly known as Aldous Payne, friend of Obi-wan Kenobi and Padawan at the Jedi Temple; nearly sixteen years ago he was swayed to the dark-side, now he has returned for revenge.

Anakin: 15.


Anakin groaned, awakening to impenetrable darkness. He tried to sit up, only to discover he was completely unable to move; he was completely imobilised, held down against rough, cold stone.

Against his will he felt his breath quicken as he remembered, He'd approached him from the landing bay when he'd been working on his ship...

"Could you help me?"

Looking up Anakin smiled, leaping down from inside his ship he landed nimbly on the gound. "That depends on the problem," he held out a hand to the man, "I'm Anakin Skywalker."

"Algaroth," he shook his hand, his head cocked. "Skywalker...?" Then he grinned, "you're Obi-wan's padawan."

Blinking Anakin folded his arms, "you know Obi-wan?"

"Well yeah," Algaroth grinned, "he's only my best friend." He smiled delightedly, "Obi-wan's told me all about you."

"Nothing good I'll bet," Anakin said with a grin. Then he frowned, "if you're such good friends, why hasn't he ever mentioned you before?"

Algaroth stepped back, stunned, "he's never even mentioned me?" At Anakin's nod he let out a low whistle, "well, now I relly have to find him."

"Is that what you needed help with? because I can take you to him if you want."

Algaroth shook his head, "not exactly what I had in mind." Grinning at Anakin he shrugged, "I'm planning a surprise for him, something he'll never see coming."

"What did you have in mind?" Anakin asked, grinning at the idea.

"Well..." Algaroth grinned back at him, waving his hand he sent Anakin flying backwards; he struck his ship, his head striking the metal...

Landing hard, Anakin coughed, wheezing as he struggled to rise; his head throbbed, his vision blurred as a figure knelt before him.

Algaroth's face grinned down at him, "it's a liitle something call revenge."...

"You are awake."

The voice came from the darkness, twisted and evil; it sent shivers down Anakin's spine.

He gaped as a hand brushed against his cheek, he still couldn't see; or move. "Why can't I move?" His voice shook slightly, as he tried to see through the darkness.

"I don't want you to move," the voice breathed against his ear, a soft whisper. "I won't let you move."

Swallowing Anakin realised he was held down by the Force, "who are you?"

"Someone your Master owes," Algaroth chuckled evilly, "and now I've come to collect."

A lightsaber ignited beside him, and Anakin saw his captor for the first time; hideous scars covered his face, his eyes were a deep fiery red. He grinned, a sadistic, evil grin; he lifted the lightsaber, brushing its tip down the length of Anakin's left arm.

Anakin screamed as the lightsaber cut into his flesh; it was a shallow wound, enough to inflict pain, but not enough to cause serious damage. Gasping Anakin fought back another scream as the lightsaber was run lightly along his right side, agony flared through him as its tip was held against the side of his chest.

He sobbed as it was removed, his chest heaving as he struggled to control his fear. "P-pleaseā€¦ s-stop."

A hand gently cupped his face, "you will turn to the dark-side; that is the only way to end your pain."

Shaking his head, Anakin frowned; he could move his head at least; the rest of his body was still immobilised. "No," he would not turn!

"That is such and ugly word," Algaroth smiled, "I don't like it."

Anakin screamed as the lightsaber was rubbed against his cheek, his skin parting instantly at its touch.