Drabble Fic. Written in 100 word bites.

Disclaimer: I don't own Maximum Ride. I just enjoy playing in the sandbox. For 6 years. Ye Gods.

Author's Note: People die. Have fun!

Let me tell you about the week that Itex died.

Fang called out for the world's children, the internet generation. We stood together, we stormed the gates, we fought for what we thought was right.

At the Castle, the fight between those loyal and those who rebelled was bloody. It was two days before they, the authorities, gassed us all from the outside.

Two days too late.

A hole in the wall. One building on fire. Babies suffocated in their cots. Whitecoats dead in the halls. Erasers contorted with the kill-pill poison wracking their bodies. The courtyard sticky with blood.