OK, for those of you who paid attention to my Sekirei Story you'll have noticed I said I was contemplating a Minato/Miya story, and well, here it is. I actually wrote this originally more than a year ago (I have a bunch of stuff written that will never see the light of day) and it sat on my laptop mothballed for a while, then I got the itch again, and I originally had it written in first person, so I went back and changed it and tried to make it better since I've hopefully improved as a writer since then, so if you see any 'I' in the narration it's because I missed it. As far as when chapter 2 will come, I can't make any promises or give you a timeline. I have several stories both under my name and published by another author, and I write what I feel inspired to write, so it's all a matter of luck… The good news? I cut this chapter off with 7 pages more already written, so I just have to go back over that and change it all up and then I can start from scratch. You'll have to forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes, and while I'm going to use the Japanese honorifics (-san, -chan,-kun, etc) I'm not going to use the words for younger sister, older sister, grandmother, etc. Anyway, enjoy.


It's night in the city of Tokyo; MBI has engaged the Sekirei Plan into its second stage…

Her name is Asama Miya, Sekirei Number 01.

"ASAMA MIYA!" A man's voice booms from seemingly all around her.

"What the?" Sahashi Minato asks curiously, looking around at the dark buildings that surround them.

The two of them stand on a sidewalk along a row of buildings at night. The city streets here are seemingly deserted this late at night, with MBI sealing the city and the recent increase in Sekirei battles people have been staying in doors at night whenever possible to try and avoid being caught up in all the bloodshed.

"Miya…" Minato whispers, moving closer to the lavender haired woman.

Shadows move among the buildings, and the Sekirei often referred to as the 'Smiling Monster' can tell that they aren't human beings moving around.

"Minato, stay close to me." Miya responds tightly, her hand reaching for the concealed sword hidden in her white chihaya.

"No." He denies, and she looks to her right to see a look of resolution on his face. "A man doesn't let a woman protect him, they're after you Miya. I'll hold them off while you get away."

He wants to protect me? He knows that Sekirei are beyond human, and that I don't want him to be my protector…

Placing a gentle hand on his right shoulder, Sekirei Number 01 gives him a gentle squeeze.

"I'll be all right, darling." Miya whispers in a reassuring tone.

"I don't want you to take up the sword again." He says while the Sekirei begin to assume predatory positions around them, closing the net. "Takehito and I agree on that, you aren't a killer, and I won't be the reason you become one!"

She can't help but smile at that, at the true love that has formed between the two of them in just a short time…

A Sekirei leaps from the shadows of an ally nearby, Miya tackling Minato out of the way, scooping him up into her arms like a husband carrying a bride across the reservation of a new home.

"M-Miya?" He asks, her legs coiling, the two of them soaring up through the air.

"It's all right darling."

The two of them land in an alley that is empty of any of the attacking Sekirei, the mouth of the alley forming a choke point. Setting Minato down on his feet, Miya makes sure to put him down behind her, so that she stands between him and the mouth of the alley, and presumably, the attacking Sekirei.

"Miya…" He begins, not knowing what to say.

Her Sekirei ability is in the use of a sword, and with one she is practically unstoppable.

Reaching over her back, she grasps the hilt of the concealable sword there, pulling the blade from the sheath in a slow deliberate motion.


It's lighter then a standard katana, and since it's meant to be concealed it isn't as long and doesn't have the curve in the blade, but it's a hand forged weapon made by a master, and it's got an edge…

"Miya…" Minato whispers, his eyes locked on the sight of the polished steel blade now held in her hand, the young man knowing full well that blade will soon be stained with blood.

"Don't worry darling." Miya's voice is calm, a hint of warmth and affection for the man behind her.

The first of the group of Sekirei charges, and she goes into motion, moving past the Sekirei, her blade leaves a deep cut down her shoulder and into her chest.

Her clothes hardly ruffle.

"Miya…" Minato mutters in surprise, watching as the first Sekirei falls, crimson liquid flowing down the blade of the sword, dropping to the ground with a soft patter.

Looking over her left shoulder at him, she can feel the resolution to kill once again, a feeling she hasn't felt for a long time. He looks down at the body, surprise filling his eyes as the Sekirei's blood drips from sword.

This is the first time I've taken up the sword since Takehito was alive, and this is the first time Minato's ever seen me fight…

"Number 01…it's been a long time…" A familiar male voice enters her ears.

Chapter 1: The Smiling Monster

Her name is Miya, and she is the landlady of Izumo Inn, a small Inn in Tokyo in the northern part of the city. She has long purple hair with her bangs tied behind her. She wears a purple hibakama and a white chihaya top with white tabi and sandals. At the moment she is out of the Izumo Inn, walking around enjoying the late afternoon sun.

For some reason she'd been struck with the urge to go out for a walk around town, but she didn't want to just simply remain in an otherwise empty Inn with only herself to fill a home meant to house at least five or six…


"Ow…!" A young man proclaims in pain, falling over in front of her.

Blinking in surprise the lavender haired Sekirei hardly has to shift her stance to keep from falling. Watching him fall on his behind right in front of her, her eyes go wide in surprise as he hits the ground, Sekirei Number 01 truly lost in thought and not paying attention.

Oh no! I knocked him over!

"I'm so sorry!" She quickly apologizes; dropping to one knee she extends her left hand to help the young man up.

It's then that she takes in his appearance; he's a dark haired young man with short hair, probably in college. He's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a jean jacket. Underneath the jacket he's wearing a short sleeve white shirt, and he even has a small backpack on his back. Looking up at her, he rubs his hind quarters, suggesting that he fell on it, a light chuckle escaping his lips, a slight grin coming to his face.

"I'm sorry." He offers sincerely. "I should've been watching where I was going…"


He doesn't take her outstretched hand. Instead he pushes himself up, brushing himself off.

"Sorry about that." He apologizes again, bowing his head. "Something happened today and I wasn't paying attention."

"I…I was at fault too." Miya admits, the young man shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, bye then." He says, smiling at her and waving farewell.

He starts to walk away, and a part of Miya says to just let him walk away, but another part of her reaches out with her right hand, gently grasping his shoulder.

"Please let me repay you, I run an Inn, and I could make you dinner if you want…" The words pass her lips before she even has a chance to think about them.

He looks back with stunned surprise in his eyes.

"Um… are you sure…?" He asks hesitantly.

"I am." Miya says with a nod, lowering her hand from his shoulder.

"You…really don't have to do this…" He responds slowly, and Miya quickly shakes her head no, forcing herself not to fall into old habits and try to scare him into compliance.

"I really feel bad for just blundering into you like, so please let me make you a meal to make up for it." Her words are sincere, and he grins slightly, reaching up to scratch at the back of his head nervously.

"OK…I suppose…" He says quietly, still not completely sure the woman in front of him is on the level.

"Then please, follow me." Miya says, turning back the way she came.

He hesitantly nods, and it doesn't take a genius to see that he has some reservations about going somewhere with a woman he hardly knows, and yet he's still willing to come along…

I really should introduce myself to him, and hopefully learn his name in turn…

"My name is Asama Miya and it's a pleasure to meet you." She says to him over her left shoulder.

The young man blushes in embarrassment.

"I'm Sahashi Minato; nice to meet you as well Asama-san." He introduces himself.

"Please, call me Miya."

"Ah…okay… Then you call me Minato." He says with an uneasy smile.

"All right, Minato-san."

He seems to relax a little at that, and she doesn't want to let the spark of the conversation die.

"Are you a college student?" Miya asks inquisitively.

A somber expression comes to his features at the question.

"No…I actually failed to get into Tokyo University today…" He trails quietly.

He failed to pass the entrance exam?

"Well, don't you have any other schools as back ups?" She tries to brighten his mood, but her attempt fails completely.

He slowly shakes his head no.

"No…since I did so well in high school, I didn't think I'd fail the exam so I didn't bother applying to any other schools." He explains to her. "So, I'm still a rounin, and the exams aren't held again for another year."

The Landlady of Izumo Inn gives him a slight smile.

"Well, then you'll just have to study harder and pass the exams next year." She says matter of factly, the young man shrugging his shoulders.

"I was thinking of applying to a cram school…" He trails, his gaze falling to the sidewalk beneath his feet.

"Do you really think you need to go a cram school? They're expensive, aren't they?"

He nods in agreement.

"Yeah, but if I need to go then there's no getting around it." He explains for her. "What about you?"

"Well, I recently retired from a job and my husband passed away about a few months ago." She explains to him.

His expression immediately shifts in sympathy.

"I'm sorry." He apologizes. "I didn't know…"

Miya shakes her head, waving her hand dismissively.

"It's all right Minato-san." She responds easily. "I've come to grips with it, and he wouldn't want me to live my life depressed that he wasn't with me anymore."

"Well, I'm still sorry to hear that he died. What did he die from?"

"Prostate cancer." She lies like a rug.

"Really…wow…Did he have life insurance or anything?" Minato asks, trying to find the silver lining in the cloud.

Miya nods solemnly.

"He had a very large insurance policy…"

Chuckling nervously Minato scratches his head again.

"Well, at least you aren't hurting for money…" He trails, trying to brighten the mood of the conversation.

"What about you? Do you live with your parents?" Miya asks, sensing his trying to change the subject.

He shakes his head no.

"No, I used to live with my mother, my sister, and my grandmother out in the boonies. I moved here to try and get into University. Without my mom's support I wouldn't be able to study at all."

"Don't you have any hobbies?" Miya asks quizzically. "Anything that you like to do when you aren't studying?'

He shrugs his shoulders, smiling at her.

"The truth is I haven't had a lot of time to think about hobbies or anything. When I lived at home grandma and my sister Yukari kept me busy nearly all the time, so I never really had any time for myself."

"That's a shame." Miya shakes her head. "You're a person too; just because you love someone doesn't mean you should give up your own pursuits for them."

He shrugs his shoulders indifferently.

"I don't know, and it isn't like it really matters now. I have another year of studying to do before the entrance exams are given again."

After that they make small talk, not really talking about anything important, and for 10 minutes she's comfortable with that, then the two of them reach the gate to Izumo Inn…

"This is your place?" Minato asks, standing in the middle of the gate.

Sekirei Number 01 bobs her head in affirmation.

"This is my home. I had hoped to rent it out to some tenants, but no one wants to live here, so for now it's just me."

"Wow…" He trails, his eyes panning up and down the mansion like residence.

Miya motions for him to walk into the Inn, raising her hand as if to point the way.

"Shall we go Minato-san?"

Blinking Minato nods quickly, a small part of ashamed for staring so long.

"Yeah, sure…"

As Minato follows her into the Inn, she can't help but notice him looking around wearily, as though he expects some trap to spring at any moment.

"Are you worried Minato-san?" She asks astutely, and he blinks in surprise.

He probably doesn't think himself so easy to read…

"Uh, no!" He quickly and adamantly denies. "I'm just impressed that you own all of this, and you're so young…"

"Oh my…" Miya blushes at the compliment. "Flattery will get you nowhere Minato-san." She mockingly scolds him. "Though I assure you, I only wish to apologize for bumping into you today, nothing more."

He scratches the back of his head in embarrassment.

"You already said you were sorry, you didn't have to make me dinner…"

Again she waves her hand dismissively.

"Don't worry about it. In truth it has been rather long since I've had any company, so I'm grateful for someone to talk to."

"Oh…" He mutters, looking down at the floor, his thoughts obviously finishing her statement.

Because you've been living in this big house alone ever since your husband died… Minato thinks to himself, the young man easily understanding how such a life could be very lonely…

To apologize for bumping into him, Miya cooks dinner for Minato and herself. For the main course Miya chooses to make pan fried Salmon and cooked rice.

"Wow Miya-san! It's all so delicious!" Minato says with chopsticks in hand, a filet of fish on the plate in front of him.

The two of them now sit at the table in her room, the only room in the entire mansion that's being used other then for storage.

"Thank you, but you really do falter me…" Miya smiles, taking some rice with her own chopsticks before raising them to her lips.

He nods, eating more of the salmon.

"It really is good!" He says insistently, a piece of salmon held between his two chopsticks. "My grandma doesn't even cook this well…"

"Oh my…" Miya trails at the compliment.

They both finish eating rather quickly, and once the food is gone (Minato ate seconds) she moves to take the dishes to the sink, and Minato is right next to her as she does.

"Let me help you with the dishes." He offers his assistance. "You made such good food, I can't let you clean it all too."

"Oh my…"

30 minutes later the dishes are done, and Minato sighs, stretching his arms in a yawn.

"I should head back…" He begins. "It's late, and I have to find a cram school tomorrow."

"Then let me walk you home." Miya offers, standing after she speaks.

Surprise crosses his face.

"Um, you really don't have to, and not to sound sexist or anything, but isn't it a man's job to walk a woman home?" He asks curiously.

"Is there something wrong with me walking you home?" She asks, smiling, but a demonic visage appears behind her.

The sight of it makes a chill run down Minato's spine

"Uh…no, nothing's wrong!" He quickly and adamantly agrees.

With his objection out of the way, the two of them walk through the dark city streets back toward his apartment. While crime isn't nearly as bad as one would think, for some reason Miya didn't want to let Minato go without at least knowing where he lives. While she hadn't mean to manifest the demonic visage in front of him, it's become so natural for her that she just couldn't stop herself.

Nearly 30 minutes after they leave Izumo Inn, thunder rumbles from the night sky overhead, and the first drops of rain begin to fall.

"Oh crap!" Minato barks in surprise.

He takes off at a run, and she follows, as much to avoid the rain as to keep up with him. They're closer to his apartment then the Inn, and running they get to his apartment in less than a minute, but by then the drizzle has turned into a full blown rain storm, and by the time the two of them are through the door to his apartment, both of them are soaked.

"Man, they weren't calling for rain tonight…" Minato mutters aloud, stepping into his apartment casually.

Miya stands just inside the door, her hands raised in front of her chest.

"Um, Minato-san?" She asks quietly, a hint of embarrassment in her voice with her hands in front of her chest over my breasts to conceal what the wet white top now shows….

At least he can only see my bra, if I weren't wearing any underwear…

He takes one look at her, and a split second later his head spins away chivalrously, his mouth moving at a million miles a minute.

"I'll go get you some clothes, so just stay there!" He says before moving like he's shot out of a cannon into another room.

With him gone, she takes a moment to look around the small apartment, and to her surprise it's clean, the only real 'mess' is a stack of study books piled neatly against one wall. Standing there with her arms over her chest, she can't help but wonder what she's doing here, soaking wet and waiting for a college student to bring her something else to wear.

Since I met him I've felt strange. I haven't felt like this since you were alive Takehito... You've only been gone a few months, and now I'm here acting like a teenage school girl afraid to let her crush leave her sight. I wonder, what would you think of me? Would you say I'm a cradle robber? Or maybe you'd approve…

A few moments later Minato emerges from the other room holding a white t shirt a black pair of sweat pants. He holds them out for her, his own clothes still soaking wet.

"Here, take these until I can dry your clothes…" He offers, doing his best to hold the clothes out for her and not look at her to give her some semblance of privacy

"Thank you." She says, gingerly taking the folding clothing from him.

"You can change in there." He says, motioning to another door. "It's the kitchen, and I swear I won't peek."

"Thank you." Miya says before she walks through the door he motioned to, closing it behind her.

Setting the clothes on a counter, she begins to disrobe, letting her wet clothes fall around her. Once she's down to her underwear, she looks herself up and down, wishing vainly for a mirror.

Does he even find me attractive? I know I'm not ugly, and when I was with Takehito I didn't care, but Minato is a young man. I doubt he views a woman like me as attractive, he probably thinks I'm like his mother…

For just a moment she wonders what she would do if he did in fact try to peek at her, but he never does.

Her solemn thoughts stay with her as she dresses, Minato's scent filling her better than human nose from the clothes. The entire apartment smells like him, which isn't to say he stinks at all…

Every human has a unique smell, even after they've showered and cleaned themselves up and down they still have that scent coming from them, and since I'm not 'adjusted' like the others my senses are unencumbered.

Dressed in the loaner clothes, she picks up her wet clothes, folding them into a pile like the ones he gave her. Dressed she emerges from the kitchen to see Minato wearing a dry white t shirt and a pair of jeans, his wet hair hanging about his forehead.

"Oh!" He says, practically jumping to his feet and walking toward me.

Miya hands over the wet clothes, and he accepts them, walking toward the door he went through earlier and closing the door behind him. Miya carefully takes a seat on the floor, looking around the small living space.

The only clutter is those study books, other than that there's nothing objectionable…

There's a knock at the door, and she sends a quick look to the door Minato went through, waiting to hear him say something. The knock comes again, and rather than bother Minato while he's in the middle of something, Miya stands up and walk to the door. Opening the door slowly, the lavender haired woman can see a middle aged balding man with dark hair wearing a pea soup green shirt and brown trousers standing on the landing outside the door. He has an umbrella over his head, and his eyes are narrowed in anger.

"May I help you?" Miya asks with a polite smile.

"Is Sahashi-san available?" He asks with a rude tone.

The Smiling Monster forces herself not to manifest the demonic visage.

"He's indisposed at the moment, can I deliver a message?"

"Tell him he has one week to move out for violating his lease!" The balding man growls at her, spinning on his heels before he walks down the steps.

Standing there, it takes a moment for Miya to realize what's just happened. Did I just get him kicked out of his apartment…?

Feeling guilt swell up inside of her Miya slowly closes the door, unable to help but feel guilty as Minato emerges from the other room, a curious expression on his face at the gloom that has settled over his guest.

"What's the matter Miya-san?"

"I think your landlord was just here…" She begins slowly, and she can see Minato's face contort in ominous fear. "He saw me here, and told me to tell you that you have 1 week to get out of this apartment for violating your lease." She finishes delivering the message.

Almost immediately he sinks into a manic gloom.

"Oh crap!" He curses, dropping into a sitting position with his hands on his head. "What am I gonna do? Kicked out? I can't let my mom know that I got kicked out!"

It's then the proverbial light bulb comes on in her head, a way for her not only to make up for her unknowingly getting him evicted from his apartment AND have him spend more time with her.

Approaching him Miya kneels down so her face is near his, keeping her voice level.

"Um…since I'm responsible for you getting evicted, you can come live at Izumo Inn. I won't charge you rent if you're looking for another place to live while living there…" Miya explains to him, the young man blinking in relieved surprise.

"You really mean that?" He asks in disbelief, and Miya slowly bobs her head assuringly.

"Yes." She answers, giving him a slight smile.

He gets up, wrapping his arms around her in an appreciative hug.

"Thank you Miya-san!" He says, pulling back, looking at her with a smile on his face. "I guess I should call you landlady now!"

"You don't have to do that!" Miya says quickly, a slight blush coming to her features. "Just call me Miya, please."

"All right…" He says, flashing a smile. "Miya-san it is."

After her clothes dry in Minato's dryer, he loans her an umbrella and sends her home. On the way back to Izumo Inn I Miya help but smile.

The man I've become interested in is going to be living with me all alone in Izumo Inn. There's still some time before MBI starts releasing Sekirei en masse, so even if Sekirei do come seeking shelter, Minato won't be involved, I won't let him get wound up in any of that madness…