Chapter 9

Walking back into Izumo Inn Minato feels like he's been kicked in the stomach. Coming back from MBI Tower he'd thankfully been alone, Karasuba choosing to remain and…do whatever it is psychotic aliens that enjoy killing do when they're alone.

The car dropped him off four blocks away from the Inn, Minato choosing to walk the rest of the way, the young man using the time it takes for him to walk from his drop off point to the front door to calm himself, to try and forget the horrific things he's just witnessed. Walking back to the Inn Minato has forced the memories out of his mind, pushing the memories into a dark part of his mind, where the young man finds himself putting everything he can remember that has to do with Karasuba…

Shaking his head to clear it Minato is back in the here and now, the young man pushing the front door of the Inn closed behind him, Minato exhaling a heavy sigh.

"I'm home!" Minato calls out, not sure what to expect as a purple haired head pops out from the dining room.

"Welcome home." Miya smiles at him, and Minato can't help the curl of his lips at the sight of Miya's smile.

He could never let himself be locked up, stuck in a room, cut off from the world, never seeing his mother, younger sister, or any of the other people in his life he cares about. Even if it means being a willing assistant in Karasuba's homicidal outings.

And it isn't as though Karasuba will stop killing even if I let Minaka lock me up… Minato thinks to himself.

"Welcome back." Miya smiles at him warmly. "Cram School classes end early today?"

Nodding Minato smiles uncomfortably, a deep, empty feeling forming in Minato's stomach at the thought of lying to Miya. He doesn't want to lie to her, but he has to, if he tells her about the Sekirei Plan MBI really will lock him up forever and not let him out as punishment. At least if he's free Minato can try and formulate some plan to stop her.

Maybe if I'm really lucky a bunch of powerful Sekirei will be drawn to me and be my partners…As if…

Minato knows that the odds of that happening are slim and none. He knows that as Karasuba's Ashikabi he's going to be the subject of a lot of negative attention. Sekirei looking to leave the game are going to come to him to try and kill him, not come to him hoping to become Karasuba's allies in murder.

Besides…who knows what other weirdo things the other Sekirei might do…

What Minato doesn't know is that Karasuba is for lack of a better word: unique, and most of the other Sekirei aren't like her in that she wants to kill and bathe herself in blood.

"Is everything all right Minato?" Miya asks after a moment and Minato doesn't respond, concern in her voice.

Blinking Minato pushes his thoughts about the Sekirei plan out of his mind.

"Actually my stomach is a little upset…" Minato lies, not having to feign the disgust he feels at lying to Miya. "I think I'm just going to go lay down for a while."

Nodding Miya feels a pang of sympathy for the young man.

"Do you want your dinner, or should I save it for later?" Miya asks, and Minato shakes his head in denial.

"Can you just save it please?" Minato asks, and Miya nods affirmatively.

"Of course." Miya smiles at him. "If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

Smiling a strained smile Minato starts walking for the stairs.

"Thank you Miya-chan." Minato offers earnestly.

What I need is someone strong enough to kill Karasuba and get me out of this insane deal…Minato thinks to himself as he starts up the steps.

Were he only aware the young man would know that the only creature within the city capable of granting that request watches him walk up the steps, concern on her face for the man in her life.


Closing his door Minato sighs heavily, not even bothering to roll out the futon before he just lies down on the floor, Minato lying on his side, the young man suddenly feeling like he's run a marathon, the young man exhaling heavily as he closes his eyes, Minato just wanting to sleep for a few minutes, the young man promising himself that he's only going to rest his eyes…

I'm just going to rest my eyes for a bit…


Feeling something soft and heavy on his chest Minato opens his eyes, a familiar face practically right on top of his, Minato blinking in surprise, Kazehana looking down at him, smiling casually as though nothing were wrong.

"Kazehana…" Minato mumbles, and the woman smiles at him, her head lowering as Minato's eyes drop down.

She isn't wearing any clothes, and neither is he.

Oh KAMI! This has to be a dream, this can't be real!

Giggling Kazehana whispers into his ear.

"You've been a naughty boy Minato…" Kazehana whispers playfully, Minato blinking in surprise.

"Wha…what are you talking about?" Minato asks, and Kazehana giggles again, pulling her face back in front of his.

"You've been acting like you aren't interested in me, yet…"

To accent her point Kazehana moves her left leg, her thigh brushing against Minato's 'sword,' his…weapon obviously loaded.

"That's…" Minato trails, a rush of red coming to his cheeks at Kazehana's implication.

"Are you sure you want to lie?" Kazehana asks playfully. "If you tell the truth then I'll give you a reward…"

"R…Reward?" Minato mumbles, the young man sure that this is a dream, that Kazehana would never actually do what she's doing to him.

In spite of that Minato doesn't try to change anything, a part of him more than curious as to where this is going to go…

"Mm-hmm…" Kazehana offers wordlessly. "Do you want it?"

Feeling sweat beginning to form on his forehead Minato's heart begins to pound, the young man's heart rate rising at the prospect of what Kazehana might do to reward him.

"Yes…" Minato agrees without hesitation.

"Do you want me?" Kazehana asks, and Minato nods.

"Yes…I want you Kazehana…"

Smiling Kazehana leans her head in, pressing her lips to his as her right hand travels down, the woman reaching between them and grasping Minato's thing, positioning it just so before Kazehana slowly lowers her hips…


Opening his eyes with a start Minato's pants feel wet, the young man frowning at the feeling of wetness in his pants.

Then he notices the fact that he isn't alone. His eyes coming into focus Minato takes in the sight of a purple dress with a thatch design, long dark hair and a pretty face.

Kazehana is on top of him, just like she was in his dream, except she's wearing her clothes, and she isn't trying to take his virginity.


"Hmm…" Kazehana smiles slightly at him, lowering her face down to his.

"Kazehana-san?" Minato asks again, the young man trying to collect his thoughts.

"You looked so cute…lying there asleep…" Kazehana replies, her voice lowered to a whisper.

"What…what time is it?" Minato asks curiously, Kazehana giggling lightly.

"A little after 1 AM…" Kazehana explains, and Minato blinks in surprise.

He'd been asleep for over 8 hours.

"Wha?" Minato mumbles, not sure what is going on with Kazehana literally right on top of him.

Her face drifting closer to his Minato can feel his heart begin to pound, excitement and fear coursing through his veins Minato desperately doesn't want Miya to walk into this situation. If she did she'd likely be furious.

What is even going on? Do I even know what's happening right now? Why is she like this? Why does she look like she's going to kiss me?

"Kaze…" Minato begins, her face drifting closer and closer to his until…

Her face seems to jump forward, covering whatever distance between them, Kazehana pressing her lips to his, Minato opening his eyes wide in surprised horror, the young man stupefied as to what is happening when a sudden warm feeling flows into him, Minato wondering what is going on when he feels like he's been kicked in the stomach.

A light sparks behind her, a very familiar crest appearing in the air, surrounded by several large feather like projections surrounding it, the feathers changing, forming into a crystalline set of wings…

She's a SEKIREI!

Their lips parting Kazehana has her eyes closed, a gasp of pleasure escaping her lips Minato stares up at her, his jaw falling open as Kazehana opens her eyes, looking down at him, a smile on her lips.

"Now and forever, my Ashikabi-kun…" Kazehana whispers, and Minato blinks, his eyes rolling back into his head.



Lying in her bed Miya can't help but stare at the ceiling, the lavender haired woman unable to keep her mind from wondering about Minato. She'd gone to check on him before dinner, but Minato was out cold, the young man sleeping peacefully Miya had decided not to wake him and let him sleep. With Matsu's arrival and pleading for sanctuary Miya has yet another problem to deal with, the Landlady of Izumo Inn positive Matsu has been talking with Kazehana in secret, the two of them still friends from when they were S Plan Guardians together.

But will she convince Kazehana to act on her feelings? Miya thinks to herself, worry on her face. If she brings Minato into the Sekirei Plan, makes him an Ashikabi and drags him into that nightmare…

She doesn't know what she'd do if that happened. Killing Kazehana wouldn't solve anything. As an Ashikabi Minato would naturally attract even more Sekirei, and once Kazehana popped his cherry, as it were his powers as an Ashikabi will only grow stronger…

Biting her lower lip Miya exhales slowly, trying to push whatever thoughts she may have about MBI and the Sekirei Plan out of her mind.

I should go check on him. He's been asleep for a long time, and he may be hungry.

Nodding to herself Miya throws off her blankets, the lavender haired woman telling herself that she isn't going to check on Minato because she's worried Kazehana will try and put her lips on him, that she's actually worried about Minato and whether or not he's hungry or actually physically all right.

Ascending the steps Miya footsteps are light, the landlady of Izumo Inn turning left, heading away from the hidden room at the end of the hall where Matsu now sleeps, Miya walking toward Minato's room.

Careful not to wake him Miya reaches out, grasping the handle and opening the door just a crack, the light from the hallway lighting a small strip of space inside the room, Miya peeking through the crack…

What she sees makes Miya fling the door open, practically ripping it off it's hinges, the demon appearing behind her, Miya almost sure her own eyes are glowing in anger.

Kazehana lies on the floor, her dress tossed into a corner, Minato's head held against her chest, his eyes closed, his mouth partially open, his clothes still on.

It is only the sight of those clothes that keeps Miya from going downstairs and retrieving one of her swords.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?" Miya very nearly roars, Kazehana blinking before she turns her gaze toward the irate Landlady, Kazehana raising her right pointer finger to her lips.

"Shh." Kazehana shushes her. "Mina-kun is sleeping."

Staring at Kazehana Miya is sorely tempted to go get one of her swords anyway.

"Why are you naked!?" Miya bites off each word, her rage barely remaining sub psychotic.

Giggling Kazehana half turns her back toward him, revealing a very familiar crest on Kazehana's back, right between her shoulder blades…

Seeing it Miya's rage vanishes like water in the Sahara. Seeing it Miya feels a lump of dread form in her chest, the lavender haired woman realizing what that crest's presence must mean, and the implication therein.

"I'm just enjoying some alone time with my new love." Kazehana replies, looking down at Minato, adoration and longing on her face.

"What did you do?" Miya demands, and Kazehana looks back at her, a smile on her face.

"I found my new man." Kazehana replies matter of factly, Miya balling her hands into fists.

"NO!" Miya shakes her head, her lavender hair swirling around her with the motion.

Hands balled into fists Miya marches into the room, Kazehana staring at her former leader as the lavender haired woman stops right in front of her, Minato's head still held to her chest, Kazehana careful to leave his mouth and nose exposed, lest she suffocate him.

Kneeling down Miya reaches out; grasping Minato by the arm, pulling Minato away from Kazehana, the Sekirei of Wind feeling her Ashikabi pulled from her arms, Miya carrying him bridal style, as though the young man doesn't weigh an ounce, Kazehana blinking in surprise at Miya's sudden action.

"What are you doing?" Kazehana demands, and Miya stares down at her friend, the demon appearing behind her, Miya's tone dead level.

"I'm not going to let you take Minato's chastity in his sleep." Miya replies, and Kazehana feels a cold sweat form on the back of her neck.

Turning Miya walks back to the door to the hall, Miya carrying the still unconscious Minato out of his room, the lavender haired woman turning sideways momentarily to pass through the door before turning right and walking toward the stairs, and her bedroom on the bottom floor.


Feeling his head throb Sahashi Minato slowly opens his eyes, the smell of lavender faint in the air as Minato comes to his senses. Feeling something soft beneath him the young man comes to the quick realization that he isn't in his room, his vision coming into focus, showing him Miya's darkened bedroom, Minato groaning quietly as he sits up on Miya's bed.

Must've passed out after I got back…so everything that happened with me going up the steps was just a dream…Kazehana-san isn't a Sekirei, and I'm not her Ashikabi…

Thinking about her Minato feels different about Miya's busty friend, the young man not sure what to make the warm, fluttery feeling Minato feels in his stomach when he thinks about the woman.

"Probably just stress…" Minato mumbles to himself, Miya's voice gently wafting into his ears, concern thick in her voice.

"Are you all right Minato?" Miya asks, Minato slowly turning his head toward the source of sound, Minato seeing Miya sitting next to the bed, the lavender haired woman fully clothed, concern etched on her features.

"My head hurts a little, but I don't think it's anything bad." Minato explains to her.

He's had worse headaches, and his vision isn't blurry and he doesn't feel incoherent or anything like that, so Minato is somewhat sure he doesn't have a concussion.

"Would you like me to get you some ice?" Miya asks, and Minato nods, swallowing the saliva in his mouth before he replies.

"Yes, thank you." Minato replies earnestly, the young man grateful that Miya is willing to help him.

Standing up Miya walks toward the door, the lavender haired woman walking toward it and stopping with her hand on the knob, Miya turning her head to look at him over her left shoulder, her expression inquisitive.

"Minato…can you tell me what you remember?" Miya asks, and Minato blinks in surprise at the question.

Why would she be asking that…

Mentally shrugging Minato doesn't pursue the thought.

"I remember coming home and then going upstairs." Minato explains to her. "I laid down for a nap and I had another weird dream about Kazehana…"

Her lips turning down into a frown at the sound of his words Minato stops talking, Miya seemingly hearing the silence between them after a moment, the frown disappearing from her lips.

"And then?" Miya asks, and Minato shrugs.

"I remember waking up and Kazehana was lying on top of me. She looked like she might've been drunk and was saying weird things, then she kissed me…" Minato trails, not wanting to finish his explanation and start talking about crests and light wings.

"And then…?" Miya asks, and Minato lowers his gaze.

"…I woke up here…" Minato lies. "Whatever it was that happened had to have been a dream, because what I remember never could've actually happened…"

"Then you don't remember making Kazehana your Sekirei?" Miya asks, and Minato feels like he's been kicked in the stomach.

How does she know about that!?

His head snapping up in panic Minato's face must show his panic, because Miya smiles at him disarmingly.

"Takehito used to work for MBI…and he told me about some of the things he was working on." Miya lies, and Minato feels a moment's relief at that, before yet another realization dawns upon him.

"Then…Kazehana is my Sekirei?" Minato asks, his mouth suddenly dry, and Miya slowly nods.

"I'm afraid so…" Miya confirms for him.


Feeling like a deer in headlights Minato just stares at her, the implications of Miya's statement hitting him like a proverbial truck…

Why me…?

It's the last thing Minato feels before passing out again, his head softly thudding against the pillow, Miya not in the least bit surprised at his reaction.


Opening the door to the hall Kazehana stands right outside, her expression a sour frown as Miya closes the door behind her, Miya meeting her old friend's gaze and not looking away as the Sekirei of Wind stares her former commander down.

"What happened?" Kazehana asks seriously, and Miya sighs, starting toward the kitchen.

"He thought he was dreaming, and when he realized he wasn't, he fainted again. I'm going to get him some ice for his head, he was complaining of pain before he passed out."

Blinking concern plays across Kazehana's features.

"Is he all right?" Kazehana asks, and Miya nods.

"I believe so. He didn't seem woozy or incoherent, and from what you've told me I don't think he fell hard enough to hurt himself."

Sighing in relief Kazehana's shoulders visibly slouch.

"Thank goodness…" Kazehana trails, and Miya stops at the doorway to the kitchen, looking back at her friend still standing near Miya's bedroom door.

"Remember what I told you Kazehana." Miya says matter of factly. "Open that door and I'll throw you out, winging or not."

Nodding Kazehana slides down the wall, a bottle of Sake sitting on the floor to her left, the dark haired beauty reaching for the bottle and raising it to her lips.

She wasn't going to go anywhere until she was able to speak to her Ashikabi again. After the way he'd initially reacted Kazehana has been unable to squelch the thought that he may not want her, and she wants to tell him what it means now that he's her Ashikabi, and if he is somehow involved with Karasuba, she wants him to know that there is no similarity between the two of them…

Walking into the kitchen Miya sighs, getting an ice bag from a cabinet and opening her refrigerator, Miya reaching into the freezer and withdrawing several cubes of ice and dropping them into the open bag, filling the bag with ice before closing the re-sealable cap, Miya walking back into the hall to see Kazehana once again has a bottle of Sake to her lips.

"Ku, ku, ku…." A VERY familiar giggle reaches Miya's ears, the Landlady of Izumo Inn looking toward the source of the sound to see Matsu sitting on the steps, the bespectacled woman watching the scene play out like it's a Broadway show.

Narrowing her eyes toward the bespectacled woman sitting on the steps Miya's suspicion is as clear as a billboard.

"Did you have something to do with this Matsu?" Miya asks, her tone as cold as nitrogen.

Turning her attention to Miya Matsu giggles again.

"Ku, ku, ku, whatever are you talking about Miya-tan?" Matsu asks innocently, her lips curled in a smile.

"You know how I feel about Minato." Miya replies, staring her friend down. "If you coerced Kazehana into doing something definite, then I'm going to hold you responsible for what happens to him."

"So you'll hold me responsible when Kazehana-tan starts…experimenting with him?" Matsu asks, her timbre on the word 'experimenting' making it explicitly clear what the Wisdom Sekirei is alluding to.

"There will be no 'experimenting' with Minato under my roof." Miya replies evenly, and Matsu grins.

"Unless he's experimenting with you…" Matsu replies in a sing song tone, the demon appearing behind Miya.

"And what business is that of yours, freeloader?" Miya replies, accenting the word 'freeloader,' making sure to remind Matsu of her current situation.

Feeling fear running down her spine any hint of humor disappears from Matsu like it's been blown away in a hurricane.

"Not a damn bit." Matsu replies matter of factly, her tone laced with fear, Miya nodding approvingly at Matsu's answer, the demon disappearing again.

"Good." Miya replies pleasantly, the landlady of Izumo Inn walking back to her bedroom, Matsu choosing to watch her go.

The Sekirei of Wisdom chooses not to tell Miya about Minato's possible connection to Karasuba. Even when the two of them were fellow S Plan Guardians Miya and Karasuba never got along. Karasuba always holding a grudge against Miya, the fact that Miya was always more powerful than her never sitting well with the Ashen haired Sekirei. For her part Miya never really seemed to care, and being treated with such a blasé attitude only sent Karasuba further up the wall. The only things that kept the entire group in line were Miya's strength and the knowledge that they were the only thing that stood between the rest of their race and extinction. Once MBI went about awaking the other Sekirei and moved further toward the Sekirei Plan the five of them went their separate ways.

Watching Miya walk past Kazehana Matsu's lips turn down in a frown, her own thoughts consumed with the young man now lying in Miya's bed.

Could Karasuba have made him her Ashikabi? Matsu thinks to herself. Kazehana being winged by him only proves that he has the potential to be an Ashikabi. If he really is Karasuba's Ashikabi then Miya is going to be furious. If she and Karasuba ever seriously fought they could level the entire city…

The thought of Miya and Karasuba fighting after the lavender haired landlady learns that Minato is Ashikabi is a sobering thought to the Sekirei of Wisdom. So sobering in fact that should Matsu learn that Minato is in fact Karasuba's Ashikabi then Matsu would give serious thought to not telling Miya about it.

We'll just have to wait and see…Matsu thinks to herself. I'll keep trying to hack into MBI's Classified Server, if I can't get any concrete information on the subject soon then I'll have to go to the potential Ashikabi himself…maybe even get in an experiment or two while I'm at it…

Her lips curling in a smile Matsu stands up, walking back up the stairs as yet another innuendo filled giggle whispers past her lips.



Opening his eyes Minato can feel something cold against his forehead, the familiar sound of a sharpening stone being drawn against a sword familiar to him, the sound making him momentarily wonder if he's somehow in Karasuba's company before his eyes come into focus; the young man takes in his surroundings, Minato finding himself still in Miya's bedroom, the thought bringing him some semblance of relief. Looking around Minato takes in the sight of Miya sitting on a chair next to him, a sword placed on her lap, a whetstone held in one hand.

What the hell?

His eyes going wide Minato momentarily sees Karasuba, the vision of the psychopathic monster momentarily overlaid atop Miya before Minato closes his eyes, telling himself he's only seeing things.

"Minato?" Miya asks, sliding the sword into it's scabbard, Miya placing the weapon and stone aside before standing up.

Opening his eyes Minato manages a half smile.

"Hi." Minato offers awkwardly.

"How are you feeling?" Miya asks. "Are you hungry?"

His stomach growling the sound is loud in the otherwise quiet room, Minato's cheeks flushing with embarrassment as Miya's eyes drift to his stomach and back again.

"I guess so huh?" Miya half asks, and Minato reaches up, removing the ice bag from his forehead before he slowly sits up.

"How long was I unconscious?" Minato asks, and Miya blinks, her eyes settling on the bed sheet on his right.

"A little over three hours, it's just after 8 AM." Miya explains for him, Minato nodding his head in understanding.

"I guess I'll skip Cram School for today." Minato replies, and Miya nods, turning toward the door.

"I'll make you some breakfast, so just try to relax…" Miya offers casually, Minato nodding as Miya makes her way to the door.

Her hand on the door Miya pulls it open quickly, only to be nearly face to face with a certain dark haired woman standing on the other side, her features contorting in surprise at the door's sudden movement, Kazehana very nearly jumping back and standing up ramrod straight.

Her mouth opening to ask a question Miya doesn't wait for her friend to ask.

"He's awake." Miya says briskly.

Relief playing across her features Kazehana sighs.

"He's hungry so I'm going to go make him breakfast." Miya explains to her busty friend. "Remember what I told you about the rules."

Nodding Kazehana doesn't bother to argue with Miya. Stepping back to allow Miya out of the room Kazehana watches her former commander walk by her and toward the kitchen, Kazehana slowly poking her head into the room, Minato meeting her gaze as Kazehana looks toward him.

"H…Hello…" Kazehana offers demurely, a slight flush on her cheeks, Minato breaking eye contact with her and looking away, the young man not sure how to proceed with the conversation.

His only experience in dealing with Sekirei is Karasuba, and if Kazehana is going to be treating him like Karasuba is Minato would rather not have another Sekirei.

If I had a choice I wouldn't have the first one… Minato thinks to himself.

"Do you mind if I come in?" Kazehana asks, and Minato blinks, the young man shaking his head no.

"Sure…come on in…" Minato replies awkwardly, the young man not sure that it's even his choice whether or not Kazehana can enter the room, it's Miya's bedroom after all.

"How are you feeling?" Kazehana asks as she enters the room, leaving the door open, genuine concern in her voice.

"…Better…" Minato replies, interlacing his fingers with his forearms resting on his thighs.

"So…are you upset about what happened?" Kazehana asks, her tone betraying her insecurity.

"I…" Minato mumbles. "I don't know how to feel about what happened…" Minato replies, and Kazehana slowly walks toward the bed, the Sekirei of Wind slowly sitting down on the edge of the bed, her eyes watching Minato carefully every second, the woman ready to stop at even the slightest sign of apprehension from her Ashikabi.

"Do you know what it means to be my Ashikabi?" Kazehana asks, and Minato blinks, the young man clearly not surprised by Kazehana's question, or the odd word in it.

"I…I don't really know what it means to be an Ashikabi." Minato replies, and Kazehana inwardly sighs.

"Well…do you know about the Sekirei Plan?" Kazehana asks, and Minato shakes his head no.

"I don't know what you're talking about…" Minato denies, and Kazehana sighs.

"Well…a few years ago MBI discovered an alien spacecraft that crashed on Earth a long time ago…" Kazehana begins slowly, watching Minato's face, the young woman expecting to see disbelief play across his face, but Minato's face doesn't shift as Kazehana continues her explanation. "Inside were 108 life forms, and MBI gave them the name Sekirei, giving each one of them a number and a name." Kazehana continues. "Now MBI is holding a Battle Royale tournament between the Sekirei inside the Capital. For a Sekirei to win they are released into the Capital to seek out their partner, their Ashikabi, and once they find that partner they'll all start fighting until only one remains, the winner's Ashikabi getting a marvelous prize from MBI." Kazehana explains, and Minato blinks in surprise.

"What about the winning Sekirei?" Minato asks. "What do they get?"

Her lips curling in a smile Kazehana can't help the expression when thinking about the Plan's ultimate end.

"The winning Sekirei gets to spend forever with their Ashikabi." Kazehana smiles at him, and Minato feels like he's been slapped.

"That's it?" Minato asks disbelieving. "You fight in a Battle Royale tournament, risking your life and all you get after enduring multiple life and death struggles is just to live with your Ashikabi?"

"Mm-hmm." Kazehana nods, and Minato just stares at her dumbfounded.

When he'd been briefed by Minaka about being Karasuba's Ashikabi he'd only been told about her role as an Enforcer and the existence of the tournament. He hadn't been told about the prize, and Minato hadn't thought to ask. (He'd just learned that aliens were not only 'among us' but he'd just kissed one) So while he's aware about what will happen if he dies and what will happen if he kisses a Sekirei that he's already winged, he has no idea what the ultimate end of the game will be.

"So…you're participating in this Plan because you want to spend your life with me?" Minato asks, and Kazehana smiles at him.

"For a while I thought I wasn't going to be involved." Kazehana explains to him. "I…I was rejected by my first love, the man I thought was my Ashikabi, but then I met you and all that started to change…"

"Have you been having dreams about me?" Minato asks, and Kazehana cocks her head to the left curiously.

"You've been dreaming about me?" Kazehana half asks. "What were they about?"

His cheeks flushing Minato breaks eye contact in embarrassment.

"They…um…" Minato mumbles, and Kazehana giggles lightly at his discomfort.

"They wouldn't happen to be about us being naked and sweaty in bed together would they?" Kazehana asks, and Minato's head snaps up, his mouth dropping open.

"You…" Minato mumbles, and Kazehana crosses her legs hanging off the side of the bed.

"I was reacting to you as my Ashikabi." Kazehana explains to him. "When that happens sometimes our sub conscious minds can connect, and that happens as shared dreams."

"I…I see…" Minato replies. "So…what do I have to do as your Ashikabi?" Minato asks. "Are there minimum requirements or special tasks I have to do?"

Blinking Kazehana shakes her head no.

"There's nothing like minimum requirements or anything like that…" Kazehana replies, sliding across the blanket, moving toward him Kazehana reaches out, touching his cheek gingerly. "What matters is that you love and care for me, nothing more, nothing less."

Blinking Minato lowers his gaze, his mind struggling to understand what Kazehana has just told him.

If that's the case…then what's going between Karasuba and me is anything but normal…

"You know…you're taking this awfully well…" Kazehana trails, and Minato blinks in surprise, smiling uncomfortably. "Most normal humans would be a little upset suddenly learning that aliens are real and walking among them."

Shrugging his shoulders Minato chuckles nervously.

"Well…it makes sense." Minato replies and Kazehana blinks curiously, the Sekirei of Wind looking at her Ashikabi for an explanation. "I mean…I'm a loser. I failed to get into College even though I was ranked fourth academically in the entire country. It only makes sense that only an alien woman would be attracted to me."

Listening to him Kazehana shakes her head in denial.

"You have a far too negative opinion of yourself Minato-kun." Kazehana replies. "You're a kind man and you're handsome. You help people without a thought of yourself, and you do your best in everything you do. Just because you failed one test doesn't mean that you're a bad person."

"I…" Minato trails, hesitation thick in his voice. "I guess…"

Smiling Kazehana leans in, puckering her lips the Sekirei of Wind places a gentle kiss on her Ashikabi's cheek, the young man blinking in surprise at the sudden contact, Minato pulling his head back to look at the voluptuous woman whose just kissed him.

"You're a good man Minato-kun, the wind that comes from you is strong is reliable…"

Staring into his eyes Kazehana could get lost in them, the look on her face like a school girl ogling a teen heartthrob, Minato blinking in sudden discomfort, not sure how to feel about the beautiful woman staring at him like that, no female, human or otherwise, has ever looked at him like that before.

"Your breakfast is ready." Miya's voice comes into his ears, her tone dead level, Kazehana jumping as though she's been electrically shocked.

Giggling nervously Kazehana reaches up and scratches the back of her head in embarrassment as she turns her head toward the door, Miya opening the door at the same time, Minato watching as Miya walks into the room, a tray table held in both hands, a delectable smell wafting into his nostrils as Miya approaches.

"Here you go Minato…" Miya offers politely, handing the tray to him Minato accepts it gratefully.

"Thank you Miya-chan." Minato smiles at her, the lavender haired woman returning the gesture.

"Great…" Kazehana mumbles under her breath. "First Takehito, now my Ashikabi…"

Her right eyebrow twitching Miya turns her attention toward Kazehana, the demon appearing behind her, Miya's own face changing into a scowl.

"What was that?" Miya asks crisply, and the hairs on the back of Kazehana's neck stand on end, the Sekirei of Wind looking away innocently.

"Nothing…" Kazehana replies in a sing song tone.

Sitting there with the tray table on his lap Minato closes his eyes tiredly.