Summary: With a twist of fate, Quinn & Rachel found themselves lost in a Gay Town, penniless and away from the Glee club. To survive, Quinn and Rachel have to pretend to be a couple. With help only arriving 8 days later, can they survive with just each other? PS: Alot of singing


Day 1:

Quinn growled in annoyance and shifted herself to a more comfortable position. She increased the volume of her MP3 but found it too distracting to fall asleep.

Rachel's singing was suffocating the bus. God that Rachel Berry and her annoying, gorgeous, beautiful voice.

Of course she would never tell her the last two bit. Not like she needed more assurance to boost her already-huge ego.

She swung her head to Sam's shoulders and he shifted slightly to accommodate her. Quinn could almost see the smile on his face. There wasn't many times when Quinn would initiate contact with her boyfriend. Well, it's not like she did not like it, but she's just not comfortable with body contacts. Sam held her hand into his and she smiled.

She liked Sam, she really did. Maybe not in a lover kind of way but definitely as a friend. He was so much more sensitive than Finn or Puck and the way he touched was so much gentler than the two. Sam touched…well, he touched almost like a girl. And his lips were so soft that Quinn almost didn't mind kissing him…if only he stopped smelling like a guy. It's not to say he did not smell good, he just smelt…well, like a guy which Quinn found it slightly less pleasant to her preference. No, she mean she did not…Wait, God, why was she even explaining herself?

"Wakie Sleepyhead. We're at our pitstop now."Sam whispered and Quinn sighed. She barely even sleep, thanks to Rachel Berry. She ran her hand through her short choppy hair and yawned. Rachel was still singing. She groaned. Will she ever stop singing?

She needed to get out of the bus…get away from Rachel's voice.

"I'm going to the washroom."

Sam held onto her hands before she could slide passed him, a knowing look on his face. She sighed under her breath and gave him two small pecks on his lips, "Happy Sammy boy?"She whispered and Sam grinned. "I'll just talk to Mike and Finn about football stuff."He replied and jumped two rows to the front before slapping his pal's shoulders, hard. He let out a goodhearted laugh at their faces.

The Glee kids were on their way to New York from Ohio, thanks to Kurt's dad and his friends' donations to save the Arts, against Sue Sylvester. Mr Schue wanted them to be inspired after this trip. Inspired to get out of Ohio and aimed to be in one of the top state in US which embraced and appreciated Arts. Most importantly, he wanted this trip to be a bonding session among them, in view of the upcoming Regionals. Unity separates which team make it or break it, he said. Quinn smirked as that comment. She found it ironic to put unity and separate in a single sentence. It pretty much summed up what Glee club was right now.

Mostly separated but united when needed.

And as part of the assignment for this trip, they were supposed to prepare a song to perform for Regionals, as a team.

Quinn dreaded this part of the trip. She could see the Glee kids fighting over the songs to perform and who gets the solos. God, she's so over this shit about singing and solos. She used to love singing… she really did. She found it as a way to express her feelings when words couldn't do it for her. And that's the uncomfortable part. She really detested expressing her feelings to others…especially when all she wanted to do was to deny them.

Quinn Fabray was the ice queen, right?

Maybe that's why she was always against Rachel. Rachel was always all about feelings and wore them like a billboard on her face. Part of her admired her courage and ability to do that. But a huge part of her detested that. Emotionally, Rachel was just the opposite of Quinn in all spectrums.

Quinn splashed the water on her face to freshen herself. It's gonna be another 4 hours of torturing, with Rachel Berry's endless singing. She was, in fact, so excited about this trip that she had the whole itinerary up for the club weeks before it. Why was she not surprised, Quinn smirked.

She dragged her feet out of the toilet and her mind and body protested returning to the bus. Her body absolutely could not tolerate another 4 hours of sitting without moving! And her ears were protesting! Glancing to the bus, she shrugged. Maybe she could have a quick stroll along this street before heading back? Without another glance, she picked off in the opposite direction.

Everything about this town was fascinating to her. Well, it's not that she had not travelled out of Ohio. Her dysfunctional family made it a point that they travelled around and beyond US, even against their will. But,she had yet to set her foot onto this part of the country. The air smelt fresh and Quinn could almost taste the dew in the air. The atmosphere was friendly and the mood was light. She smiled unconsciously.

Maybe she just needed to get out of Ohio, after all that had happened.

As she explored the area, she was mildly surprised when she realized that people around her were mostly…well, gay. Gay couple with their kids on her right. Another gay couple with their family on her left. She swore she had seen more gay couples in this small area then she ever did in her whole life in Ohio. She shrugged. Well, she's fine with them as long as they leave her alone.

She continued on her quest to explore but paused on her track when something caught her eyes. She felt all the air in her lungs sucked out and her head felt dizzy.

They looked so similar.

Her chest tightened and her hand absentmindedly reached out to her neck. She bit her lips and she found herself drawn closer to the display, both hands on the glass panel. Her fingers twitched, as though she was touching it.

They really looked so similar.

Her mouth shivered slightly as memories flood through her defense against her will. She felt the streets shrinking and was rapidly consuming her. She leaned forward for support, her eyes burning with tears. She held her breath to fight against the merging pain in her chest.


She jumped in shock and was snapped out of her state. She spun around and was dumbstruck to find Rachel scowling towards her. But her face softened when she took in Quinn's red-rimmed eyes and quivering lips. Quinn looked away self-consciously. She hated that Rachel always have to see her in her most vulnerable state. Like the time when Finn found out that Quinn's baby wasn't his…the time at the prom…and even now.

"Quinn, are you ok?"She questioned with concern and took a step closer towards Quinn. Quinn eased away from her. "Why are you here, Berry." She asked, suddenly defensive.

"Well…I…er, the bus was about to leave and I realized you're not around."She mumbled as though embarrassed by that gesture. When she tilted her gaze to Quinn, she felt a prick of unexpected pain. Quinn's hazel eyes were guarded… like she was so afraid of getting hurt that she built up this wall to push everybody away. After tearing down the wall a couple of times, she was mildly hurt that Quinn was still guarded against her.

Like she would hurt Quinn at all.

Granted, she did hurt her when she exposed her about the baby to Finn, but she didn't want her to lie for the rest of her life. Or maybe, she just didn't want…

Quinn bolted pass her towards the bus without another word. Rachel sucked in a breath. Quinn and Rachel were in this not enemies, but not yet friends stage. Many times, Rachel had no idea how to act around Quinn. How much concern could she show before she's stepping out of their boundary? Where was the limit? Could she pat her back if she knew she had a bad day?

Rachel sighed.

She turned and was about to leave when she found herself staring at Quinn's source of pain. They looked… Rachel's eyes widened as she slowly pieced the puzzle together.


Quinn paused at her track. Okay, she was pretty sure the bus was here just 10 minutes ago. She darted to her watch and a small gap escaped her mouth. Holy crap, her little detour lasted almost 20 minutes.

"Where's the bus?" She heard Rachel's voice behind her. She marched forward and looked at the empty spot, eyes widened with astonishment. Her hand reached out as though trying to ensure that the bus did not just turn transparent. Even with her back facing her, Quinn could see the horror on her face. It would be funny if she wasn't stuck in this situation as well. Rachel stood in the middle of the empty spot, jaw dropped. She could not believe that an object that big could just vanish.

She turned around, fear and panic scribbled all over her face.

"OMG Quinn." She swallowed her saliva with the unspoken words hanging in the air.

"Took you long enough to figure."Quinn murmured under her breath. "Did you happen to tell your beloved boyfriend that you're off the bus?"She questioned and Rachel nodded.

"Guess our boyfriends are not listening again. Boys." She rolled her eyes. "OMG QUINN." Rachel exclaimed as she finally found back her voice. She panicked as reality burrowed deeper into her. "OMG QUINN!" She exclaimed this time slightly louder. "WE. ARE. LOST."

Passer-by were starting to throw them curious gazes and Quinn sighed with annoyance and bolted towards Rachel.

"Do you mind keeping it to yourself?"Quinn whispered harshly into Rachel's ears. And when Rachel tilted up to meet her gaze, Quinn found herself looking into a pair of scared chocolate-brown eyes. It was then she realized, Rachel had never been in a situation that was out of her plan. High school, boyfriends, Glee...she always had them planned out. It was like she was kept in her little bubble all her life and suddenly she was exposed to the harsh reality of the world. Quinn felt the urge to protect Rachel heightened.

And then she was wearing this look on her face, like she was pinning on her to make things right. Quinn immediately felt her shoulders weighted. Nobody trusted her enough to give her that look. She was never a person somebody would want to rely on. And to be entrusted with such look from Rachel was overwhelming her.

The fear and naked trust in Rachel's eyes was too much to bear. She looked away.

"Do you have money with you?"Quinn asked, the sharp edge in her voice was replaced with an unnoticeable tenderness. Rachel dug through her jacket and pull out a $20. "That's all I have." She swallowed her saliva, feeling shamed.

Quinn cursed under her breath. Her money was in her bag that was in the bus. So here they are, stuck in a foreign land without any cash.

Perfect. Fucking perfect.

She eased away from Rachel, her mind frantically formulating a plan to this fucked up situation. She needed to make money to last them at least for today.

"Don't tell me not to live, just sit and putter" Quinn almost jumped out of her skin. She twirled around and was very very surprise, no scratch that. She was beyond surprise. She was flabbergasted when she saw Rachel started singing.

Her brows perked up in amusement. WTF?

She knew Rachel sings when she's sad or happy or excited. But she had no idea Rachel sings even when she was panicking.

Now people were REALLY starting to stare.

Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter

Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade

Rachel started pacing around the empty spot like it was her stage. Her hands stretched out and she sang with vocal so strong that Quinn was taken aback that this was the same girl who seemed to have her voice robbed away just minutes ago.

And if I'm fanned out, your turn at bat, sir

At least I didn't fake it, hat, sir

I guess I didn't make it

Crowds were slowly gathering around them, mesmerized by Rachel's performance. Who wouldn't? Rachel performed like a star.

I'm gonna live and live NOW!

Get what I want, I know how!

One roll for the whole shebang!

One throw that bell will go clang,

Eye on the target and wham,

One shot, one gun shot and bam!

Hey, Mr. Arnstein, here I am ...

The crowd was growing and Quinn felt herself smiling at Rachel's perfect rendition of the song. It's not like this was the first time she had seen her perform...but that didn't mean she could not be blown away every time right? Who wouldn't be?

The way she wore that look of sheer determination. The way she swung her arms up as though to announce her arrival. The way she sang with perfect pitch and emotion.

Nobody, no, nobody, is gonna rain on my parade!

Rachel finished the song with the last perfect note and faded off. She panted, slightly out of breath. Loud applauses and catcalls emerged from the crowd and Quinn wiped off the proud grin on her face before anybody noticed it. Rachel grinned shyly and bowed to accept her applauses gracefully.

A tall middle age man emerged from the crowd, still clapping. A huge grin of admiration hung on his face.

"Wow you girls...are you girls singers?"

Rachel and Quinn shared a glance before turning back to the man.

"Well...we are from the Glee club."Quinn started, taking a step closer to Rachel. This mysterious man infront of her magnified her instinct to protect. "Well, I'm absolutely positive that I'll be a future Broadway Star."Rachel injected with a small grin.

Quinn rolled her eyes. Welcome back Rachel Berry. She missed the speechless Rachel Berry already.

"I have no doubt. I am impressed."He praised and his hand shifted to his pocket. Quinn's eyes trailed to the man's pocket and she felt her heart caught in her throat. Quinn was unaware that her hand was now wrapping around Rachel, pulling her closer. Was he going to hurt them? Her body twitched to put herself between Rachel and that random man.

The man, totally oblivious to the tension, took out his wallet and fished out a $10. He grinned. Quinn instantly felt the adrenaline wearing off and her hand dropped off Rachel like a bomb. A small blush creeping up her gorgeous face. Turned out, Rachel Berry was not the only drama queen here. Consciously, she took a step away from Rachel.

"So where do I pay for the perfect performance?"

Rachel and Quinn looked at each other, a mixture of emotions playing on their faces. From shock to surprise to relief before they finally settled for excitement.

They were not going to starve afterall.


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