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The first thing that Harry noticed when he came to was that he had hit the wet filthy ground and hit it hard.

He sat there for a moment, staring dumbly at the ground in a daze before the dark reality finally seemed to set back into his mind, "Sirius!" He called out desperately, glancing around for his Godfather in a blind panic and feeling a despair envelop him when there was no answer – it was worse than what any Dementor could cause, "Sirius..."

"Oh, good, backup!" A rather boisterous voice cut into his depression and Harry could only lift his head in response, looking rather startled when he finally noticed that exactly three pairs of eyes were outright staring at him, "Well?" He noticed the voice came from an eccentric-looking redhead who was looking pretty beat up, "Don't just sit there! Assistance now, please!"

"Another one?" A tall male dressed in all black narrowed his reddish eyes in disgust, before he widened them at the raw feel of pure death, "And this powerful, too."

"Err..." Harry began, standing up quickly because this looked like a very serious situation (since that butler-looking man was holding onto a chainsaw of all things, looking as if he were attempt to chainsaw the redhead to death), "Don't mind me, carry on." He said lamely, taking a few steps backwards.

"What?" The redhead shrieked, causing everyone in the vicinity to wince at the high tone, "I'm about to be killed and you say 'carry on'?" He asked of Harry incredulously, "We're comrades, brothers, fellow Death Gods! Save me!"

"Well, uh... wait," Harry blinked, stopping immediately at the rather strange words that came from the redhead, "What did you just call me?" Was he just referred to as a... Death God?

Where the hell did the Veil send him to?