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Damn, they found him already?!

'Bloody hell,' Harry grit his teeth, quickly hiding behind one of the shelves he had just been wiping dust from, 'How did they know I was here?'

Padfoot growled lowly, but stopped when Harry shot him a warning look and gestured him to follow after him quietly. The two silently made their way to the back of the shop, hoping that there was some sort of back door they could escape from before they were caught.

"Please, do not try to escape from me, Harry Potter," He recognised Sebastian's voice as it rang throughout the dusty shop, "My Young Master is waiting for you and I do not wish to chase you any further."

'Hell if I care,' Harry huffed, picking his wand from his pocket and spinning around on his heel when he heard Sebastian step up behind him. He furrowed his brows when he realised that the Undertaker was not far behind, "I thought you said you would keep them from finding me!" He said in frustration.

"Ah, I said that I would keep William and the Dispatch Society from find ye," Undertaker pointed out with that crazy grin that was beginning to get on his nerves, "Not Michaelis here."

"Fine then," Harry knew he had to go all out, "Confringo!" He called out and the spot Sebastian was just standing in exploded and burst into flames, along with a few shelves and coffins, "Let's go, Padfoot!" He wanted to escape in the smoke before the two realised what had just happened.

Too bad he underestimated both of them.

"You're quite interesting," Sebastian murmured in his ear and Harry froze, wondering how he had gotten behind him so quickly and without him even noticing, "But I'm sure I understand now." He felt a pressure on the back on his neck.

And everything went black.