short but only thirty pages and all updates were pretty long


"I never fully realized just how well I internalized Akechi-san's words regarding not showing emotion when it's a bad time"

"hey it helped you through the hard times and you know even if our bodies had been found you would have had to finally mourn us at some point"
"true I guess but still, I never should have broken down like that in public"

Kenmochi and Akechi were both there as well

"Miyuki you were taking on the responsibility we shared when it came to investigations it's not surprising that you needed to release your pent up emotions. In fact I am actually regretting what I told you all those months ago because I don't think that will work for you like it does me"

"maybe but it kept my head clear enough for me to do my job"
"fine, but for now I think it's best we figure out your coping method"

well they soon got the chance because of the fact that the police lost an officer in the line of duty. It would turn out that Miyuki's best way of coping was to cry at the funeral, remember what she could of the officer, maybe cry more that night and then get back to work the next day

"so what's after high school Kindaichi?"
"not quite sure maybe college, or I might go after an official private investigator license"

"you're a detective through and through Hajime-chan"

"I know but still you have to admit that for now it seems to be the best option"

well they really wouldn't get a chance to see Kindaichi as a private investigator because all four of them would be on a final high school case for Kindaichi and there would be an explosion that would apparently kill all four of them police and high schoolers alike. At the funeral three days later

"all four of them loved cases especially murder cases, the two police officers of the group would occasionally help them out with the logistics. Well I guess I will say their favorite phrase for them in regards to the police. In the name of the Kindaichi legacy we will solve this case"

meanwhile the four supposed dead people were all at a hidden location looking much different from before. Akechi had black hair instead of gray, Miyuki now had red hair, Kindaichi had brown hair and Kenmochi had brown hair as well

"thank goodness for that tip that we got in the nick of time"
"agreed but now we're considered dead"
"can't help it though"
"true enough"

they get ready for the day and then Miyuki asks a very valid question

"so what do we do now that we're considered dead?"
"for now we blend in with society, we have these fake ID's that are also authentic in a way in that the government gave them to us when they gave us their survival plan"

"guess that will have to do for now, but I want to investigate the group that's after us further when we have the chance"
"agreed, but remember we're going to have to re-dye everything in regards to our looks every few weeks"
"that's going to be a hassle but we'll manage it"

"for now though we all have jobs we have to attend, well you three have jobs I have another interview to hopefully become a reporter"

"good thing you liked taking pictures on the side Miyuki"


and so they start their new lives together. The back story that was given so that they could all live together was that Kenmochi and Akechi were brothers while Miyuki and Kindaichi were brother and sister, they were Akechi's children living with their father and uncle because they recently lost the house after their mother died. Kenmochi as their uncle offered to take them in until they could get on their feet again and as Akechi no longer had the money to send his kids to school the kids were working to hopefully finish education someday and get college degrees. Three months later the back story was so established that even the four of them started to believe in the story, that is until a government agent did a check in to see how far they had gotten on their investigation, when that happened they all looked ashamed at slightly forgetting why they were doing this in the first place

"sorry we sort of forgot that this isn't our real life"
"the story is becoming a bit too real to you guys?"
"unfortunately, it's such a solid back story that we don't really get reminders of the truth, that and while we have been investigating into the group that wanted to kill us there haven't been any leads as far as we know"
(sighs) "we know we've been trying to do the same and have failed. I think I need to talk to my superiors about how close you guys are to believing the back story though"
"agreed, if you don't remind us more often of our true identities we might forget all together"

Kindaichi then actually thinks up a good solution

"I think I have an idea, we stage a huge fight between the four of us and find seperate living quarters for each of us"
"get you guys seperated and thinking about your true selves?"

"yeah that might be the best thing for us"
"ok but we still have to find a good time to do so and also find you guys housing soon after"


and so two weeks later everything was set and the four of them argued about multiple things that were big enough to cause them all to just split up into different houses. Once that was done they still went to their new jobs but refocused on their true mission, catching the people who wanted to kill them in the first place. One day Miyuki was on lunch break when she overheard the exact thing she had needed to hear from one of her sources

"hey Megumi I have a huge tip you might not even be aware of. I can't tell the police this tip because I don't know who in the police can be trusted anymore especially in regards to this situation"
"what is it?"
"well I'm sure you've heard of the ongoing investigation into Kenmochi, Akechi, Kindaichi and Miyuki's death right?"
"yeah, two of them were police officers one was a teenage detective and the other was a good friend who was also pretty much becoming a detective"

"well the group behind the explosion that killed them came up to me one day and offered me a highly illegal job. I ultimately didn't accept but they mentioned they have friends in the police force that would stop me if I ever leaked that sort of information to the wrong people"

"why are you telling me?"
"because I can't hold this in any longer so I was thinking that maybe you could carefully do some investigating on your own and get that information to the right people"
(sighs) "well I'm not making any promises but I will do my best"

"that's all I'm asking"

and with that the two go their seperat ways. Three hours later Miyuki called an emergency meeting of the group and told them what her informant had told her earlier that day

"well we need to tell the Japanese government so that they can help take care of these guys and we can finally get back to a form of normal life"

"agreed I hate being dead"
"don't we all"

as it turned out it would take another five years for the Japanese government to get everyone invovled enough to finally get the true perpatrators, once that was done it was revealed that Kenmochi, Akechi, Miyuki and Kindaichi had been alive the entire time working with the Japanese government to bring the criminal organization down. After the case was completed Kenmochi and Akechi returned to being police officers for another five years after which they retired. The reason why they felt comfortable was because Miyuki and Kindaichi had decided on becoming police officers like they were and both had recently been promoted to inspector some of the youngest and quickest promotions on the force. No one had known that both Kenmochi and Akechi had also acquired cancer during the past few months but they were hanging on and avoiding treatment hoping the two kids would get good enough to pass the reigns to before death. Seven months after Miyuki and Kindaichi had been promoted Kenmochi and Akechi had died in the hospital due to the cancer, it was later discovered that the two had developed cancer because of a case right as Miyuki and Kindaichi had entered the police academy, but the cancer would hide until now. Miyuki and Kindaichi married and had two kids, they also became a famous tag team due to how good they were at solving homicide, murder and many other cases but the homicide and murder cases seemed to be their specialty. The two of them would eventually retire and spend the rest of their lives being consultants with the FBI and Japanese government and at the age of 82 they simply died in their sleep after many falsified deaths and adventures