"Oh la la." Manny Santo's brought her sunglasses down to her nose to check out a guy who walked past them, them being her and one of her oldest most bestest beautiful friend! Emma Nelson

Emma laid on her stomach beside Manny, whom laid on her back, an the sun bathed them as Emma giggled at her best friend, "I don't understand the attraction you have to men and steriods, Manny."

They both watched the guys who stopped pretty near them, about to play volley ball on the beach. Their beach. The two were Florida locals since birth, and you can understand the annoyance they could have over the tourists who came and took up their beaches, stopped traffic for hours and tried to use the girls as some summer fling.

Emma took notice it'd usually be a nice quiet day but today was loud as ever, kids crying, teenagers screaming, music blasting.. because it was June 1st.. the day tourists came.

"Gets more crowded by the year." sighed Manny, turning her head back and forth to check out the people and even out in the ocean, all the surfers and wanna be's bumping into another cause it was so crowded.

Emma wore a cute yellow binki and her tan was like the medal bronze. She was a godess. Her white smile admired Manny though, who had natural beautiful tanned olive skin

"Look at him." nodded Manny as Emma finally turned around and just laid on her back beside her, leaning up on elbows as Manny checked out another boy, who was for sure a tourist by how pale he was, but yes I guess, good looking.

One of their friends came walking over, holding her surf board and over hearing the conversation as she stopped infront of them, standing over and laughed, "That guys going to be redder than a tomatoe." Jane said.

"Jaaaane!" both Manny and Emma said happily, smiling mischevieously as Jane rolled her eyes smiling and then her boyfriend Spinner caught up to her and stood behind.

"Hellloooo ladies." sang Spinner, being the goof as always and grinned sheepishly when Jane shot a warnful glare at him. He changed the subject, "is this beach trashed or what?"

The four looked around, all the liter, the crowds getting even bigger, kids stepping on other kids' sand castles and whining being heard.

Emma huffed grumpily.

Manny admitted, glancing at Emma, "Maybe we shouldn't of came to this beach, it's packed."

Spinner and Jane nodded in agreement

Emma shrugged and replied, "It is the first of June."

"Welcome summer." Jane spoke

"Welcome annoying tourists." Spinner growled, glaring at the crazy familys being to chaotic.

"Let's just go..." sighed Manny, getting up and Emma pouted "We can go to our beach." As she turned, a frisbie flew hard right into the side of her face. She yelped and fell back a bit into Emma who was still on the ground trying to tan.

Emma yelped but laughed, trying to help Manny sit up

Manny blinked and her eyes widen, throwing her arms out, "What the HELL was that?!"

Two guys came over, running, and the girls stopped laughing. Manny bit her lip seducatively.

"I'm so sorry!" a guy with short brown curly hair said, bending down a bit to check Manny out and she ended up doing the same.. but differently.

Emma was brushing the sand off her arms and went to get up until a hand went out in front of her, a very manly hand. Emma couldn't help but soften to those baby blue eyes that stared down at her, so much concern in his eyes.

She wasn't even the one who was hit.

He smiled large and those dimples of his made Emma melt. Wow.

"Need some help?" he asked, snapping her out of it.

"Oh." Emma shook her head and took his hand, and he easily grabbed her up, making her yelp a bit and he chuckled.

The guy tried to explain to her what had happened, "My friend Craig throws like a sissy, apoligize Craig."

The guy who helped Manny up must of been Craig, and he looked between the girls but back at Manny the way he did a moment ago, completely horrified.

Craig insisted, "I'm SO sorry."

Manny rolled her eye smiling now, "It's fi-"

"Maybe watch where you're throwing next time." taunted Jane, cutting Manny off. She could tell these two were tourists. Wearing wife beaters? Come on. You're at a beach.

Emma knew why Jane got edgy, and so was Spinner, glaring at the guys from behind Jane and Emma had to ask, "Your defiantly not from around here are you?" the guy with her could only smirk.

He eyed her and asked, "How can you tell that in just a matter of seconds?"

"You got that newbie stupid vibe" Jane taunted and Spinner rubbed his chin, chuckling, and Emma gave her a 'calm down' look.

The guy brushed them off though and went back to Emma, "Sean." He shook her hand

Emma tried to hide her smile and blushed a bit, looking away when she noticed him staring too hard. So Sean and Craig..

Manny, shockingly, was being nice too, "I'm Manny, this is Emma, Jane and Spinner. And really it's fine, go enjoy your summer!" she insisted.

"At least let me buy you lunch or something." Craig said. He really felt bad! Plus... he was really liking this girls smile. Manny smiled back at him and nodded.

Spinner rolled his eyes, "You guys are cute," he taunted the guys, then glared at his girl friends, "but us locals don't hang around rodents like you."

"rodents, huh?" Sean taunted with a smile, and Emma raised an eyebrow at him... if only he knew who Spinner really was.. You see, the Florida locals really stuck together and young guys like Spinner would be found in a big gang of other guys like him who live here, and they insist its their job to protect their 'land and ladies' from the 'enimies'.. so basically they were punks in gangs.

"Let's go guys." Jane said, putting her sunglasses from on her head on and gave her girl friends a look. Emma knew better and gave a slight nod to Manny that it wouldn't be a good idea.

"Sorry." shrugged Manny at Craig and turned to start following Jane and Spinner off the beach. Dang. He was cute too!

Emma began to follow but Sean stepped a bit in her way, "Nice meeting you, Emma."

"I guess." Emma teased, half smiling and eyeing him flirtatiously as he was her.

Emma was dropped off at her house from Manny later on, and as she came in she saw her mom putting down dinner.

"Hey." Emma said with a smirk and kissed her moms cheek.

"ok, so I cooked." Christine said, pointing to the table of what seemed to be... tacos? Her mom wasn't much of a cook.

"You mean you tried?" Emma teased, noticing the meat burnt.

Christine gave her a warning look but they laughed and sat down and Emma took a deep breath. Her mom use to be a big surfer you know, everyone in town use to call her Spike.. but she knew her mom tried hard to forget those days.

"So hows grandma?" Emma asked, and Christine sadly frowned. Emma saddened and tried to change the subject as she looked around, "Where's Imogen?"

Christine gulped her food and clung her fork on the plate, "No idea where she is anymore, so sick of it.. I don't know what I did to deserve it." she whispered abit

"You didn't do a thing mom." Emma said, taking her hand in hers across the table and squeezed it. Christine smiled to her oldest daughter slightly but still upset.

Emma could kill Imogen, that selfish younger sister of hers. The two looked alike but Imogen had brown hair, she was a pretty girl too, and a good height for her age, and lately, rumour has it, Imogen had been going to parties filled with people even Emma's age.. she just thought it was dangerous for a 15 year old girl to be there. Emma was almost 18.. .

"I lost your brother, I don't want to lose her too... or you." Christine said with a cracked voice, snapping Emma out of it.

This time Emma fell silent and looked down, playing with her food. Suddenly she wasn't hungry. Her brother. How did they lose him? Here's the story..

A year and a half ago Emma's older brother died. His name was Blue. I know, wierd, but her moms old name use to be Spike... like pike! It was some obsession Emma's parents had with surfing and naming their kids after it, Emma got lucky. And no, she couldn't tell you where the hell her father was, he left a long time ago.

Anyway, Blue was 2 years older than Emma, which was also Spinner's age who we met at the beach earlier. . they use to be friends, close ones, but his bestest friend would of had to been Jay Hogart. We'll get to him later. Blue loved the whole beach gang he had, he called them 'his boys', and the water? He was always in the water that no wonder his name was Blue. He loved to surf too... unfortunately that's how he died. A wave took him too hard and he was under water for a bit, and when he reached back up, a boat with the name of 'yankees' drove past him, knocking his head really hard. If Emma remembered correctly, Jay, his friend, was the one who was with him. They were just having an early surf, around 5am, before the sun was really out or any people there. While Blue was under the water, his head hit a rock. Another hit to the head...knocking him out.

Let alone the hard waves kept pulling him under.

Emma heard that Jay had swam all the way out and almost drowned trying to pull Blue out. He got him all the way to shore and Blue was still alive but... while in the hospital, I guess things just went wrong. He bled too much, got hit too hard. It took Emma an hour to get to the hospital where Spike and Imogen already were, Imogen looked in shock, some would say this was her reason to act out, but it's been a little over a year.

Since the death of her brother, her family has been more ripped apart, let alone Blues gang of boys, like Jay, became even more territorial over their city because that boat who hit Blue was an american city boat, the yankees remember?