Imogen sniffed and sat up, trying to wipe her eyes to hide she had been crying.

Emma had come into her room and crossed her arms, "Your still here." She was actually shocked.

Imogen sat on her bed and narrowed her eyes, but not at Emma, she didn't want to look at her.

"I'm not welcomed here, I get it." She snapped, "I'll pack my stuff and go."

Emma sighed, tilting her head at her little sister and then went over, sitting on the bed in front of her.

Imogen stared oddly at her.

Emma finally confessed, "Imogen you were right."

Imogen tilted her head curiously, like Emma just did. Sisters are alike after all.

Emma tried to fight her tears and said, "I didn't react right to Blue's death. I miss him so much." Her voice cracked and she sucked in a shakey breath.

Imogen softened a little bit, eyeing Emma.

Emma tried to speak but bursted into tears, "I still don't want to believe Blue is actually gone." She looked up and the tears ran down her cheeks, "God.. he is so gone and is isn't ever coming back."

Imogen leaned forward and hugged her big sister. Emma laughed sadly and whiped her eyes hugging back.

They let go and Emma took a deep breath, "I'm suppose to be your big sister. I'm suppose to let you know you still have me... and that we can work through this. First thing we need to do?" Emma asks and says, "Get mom to take a vacation and us 3 just GO somewhere. Have a real conversation with another and get to be with another again cause family is important. We can't afford to lose another one of us."

Imogen had tears now and nodded quickly, "Em, I'm so sorry for how I've been acting. I'm so sorry." she choked on her tears and they hugged again. Imogen held so tightly, missing her and feeling badly about how she's been.

After a few moments, the girls were laughing together again, catching up.

Emma wondered out loud, "I wonder if mom would take us to New York. That'd be awesome." She said.

Imogen nodded and giggled, "You mean 3 of us right?"

Emma gave a wierd look.

"Plus Jay and all.. since he goes everywhere you do." Imogen confirmed teasingly and Emma blushed, "You little hoe!" Imogen teased, throwing her pillow at Emma, "Are you dating now?" she could tell by the look Emma had , something had to be going on. She was as red as a tomotoe.

Emma smiled brightly and looked so happy as she nodded.

Suddenly the door knocked and in came slowly was their mom. Christine was back.

"Imogen." She said, kind of shocked it was her laughing with Emma and blinked. Was this a deam?

Imogen stopped smiling and looked around. Right. Her mom kicked her out. She quickly shot up, "I'm sorry, I'll leave." She grabbed her bag.

"Imogen, Imogen!" Christine exclaimed, grabbing her hand before she darted out. She shook her head, "I was just shocked you guys were...getting along."

"We want to make this work." Emma whispered, nodding at her mom who looked even more shocked to then smile happily.

"Good." She smiled wide with her daughters, "That's why I came home. This family has a horrible instinct to run away and we're not going to be ever doing that again." she promised them.


"Did I hear your dating Jay?" she suddenly had to ask, looking at Emma incredulously.

Emma groaned covering her face from another blush.

"Ohhh." sang Christine, blushing a bit herself, "He'd be a good man of the house."

Emmas eyes widened and Imogen laughed, how embarressing.

After talking and making up, Emma stepped out of her front door to see Jay leaning on the front of his car, waiting for her, arms crossed and one foot over the other.

He smirked when she came on over and shared a quick kiss, "How'd it go?" he asked.

"We talked." Emma said in amazement, "Everything seems..better again."

He smiled a bit, "I'm glad."

"We even talked about Blue." Emma mumbled, looking down sadly.

Jay sadly frowned but put his hands on her hips, "You know.. me and you never talk about it.. not really." He admits, "And I don't mean to point out favorites but I know he loved teaching you to surf, and he was always with me 24/7.. ranting about how proud he was of you."

"he did?" Emma asked looking up with hopeful eyes.

"Mhm." He said with a small smirk and then slowly went serious, "I don't blame the tourists anymore Emma for what happened to him.. that was stupid. What happened, happened. It was no ones fault."

"Then what was that whole Sean thing?" Emma teased a bit, but played with his shirt a bit, avoiding his eyes from getting sad about going over Blue's death again.

"Jealousy obviously." Jay admitted with a grin and shrug, running his hand through her hair and holding the back of her head as he sighed, admitting to himself he was a softy for Emma Nelson here.

"What about the guys before that?" Emma asked, remembering him literally chasing the guys who were flirting with her and Manny. The whole crew did.

Jay groaned, "Still jealousy Emma." He then added, "I got over blaming them a long time ago. Everyone that lives here knows your mine."

"I am not an object Jay Hogart!" Emma said, hitting his chest. He now put two hands on the back of her head, running his fingers through her smooth long hair.

Jay rolled his eyes nodding, it's not what he meant. Just that, he knew he belonged to her and hopefully she was his too.

No one else's.

"But the ones that don't live here? The tourists, they don't know, how else was I suppose to keep them away from you?" he asked helplessly.

"Show them I'm into you." she shrugged.

"How do I do that?" he asked, raising an eyebrow interested and squinting his eyes at her

Emma just smiled micheviously and leaned up kissing him. He leaned down and kissed her back more deeply, pushing his tounge against hers. He grabbed the back of her legs and jumped her up.

She giggled and leaned her head down on his.

And they lived happily..ever after!