Doggie sat in the cockpit of the Goose one of the world largest seaplanes flying high over the Andes heading to Lima, heeding home. Doggie sat quietly in the cockpit of the Goose thinking to himself, how thing can change so fast. 3 days ago there were a team of six green berets and six civilians trying to hunt to get an ancient idol before the American navy, the German army, Texans and Nazis got to it. After three days of hell he was the only surviving Green Beret. Race and Gaby the only 2 surviving civilians, Renée part of the German army team and Uli a BKA agent. They were the only survivors from all the teams that were there. Man I never saw that coming.

Doggie put the giant seaplane on autopilot and walked out into the cargo hold, where Race, Renée, Gaby and Uli were. Race and Renée sat on one of the planes buck beds with Renée lying on his shoulder fast asleep, while Race was talking to John-Paul Demonaco of the FBI, Gaby sat on one of the other bunk beds. Uli was sitting up the back injured after being shot and pushed off a bridge at the mine .The plane was silent everyone thinking about what had just happened all that you could hear was Race talking to John-Paul Demonaco of the FBI on his phone.

Doggie walked back into the cockpit he looked out the cockpit window it began raining doggie stared out the window. "Hey" a voice behind him said suddenly. Doggie turned around and saw who it was it was Gaby. Doggie had a crush on Gaby; he loved her the minute he had laid eyes on her. "Hey" he respond nervously "thanks for helping me with that caiman back in the moat" she said "oh" Doggie blushed "it was nothing" "well thanks anyway". "No problem". There was a long awkward silence. "Say I was wondering" Gaby said nervously. " if you weren't –you know-seeing any body back home, maybe you'd like to come over to my place and I can cook you dinner" doggie heart almost skipped a beat. He smiled a broad, beaming smile. "That would be great" he said. The two then shared a kiss for their new found love they both new that they were meant to be together "so where are we anyway" Gaby said about 4 hours from Lima, just then Race walked into the cockpit.

"So what new "Doggie said to race "well I just got off the phone with john-Paul demonaco he gave me a number and address of the American embassy in Lima. "Is that it" doggie said "well I also found out that I am the chosen one I was the one that was meant to save the idol and the world". The goose touched down in Lima, just john-Paul demonaco said a member of the FBI was waiting at the airport he drove them to the embassy and got all there paper work and their visas done, three days later they were home.

It funny how thing turn out race had discovered he was the chosen one that was meant to save the world from birth and the idol and still worked at the university, Uli survived and retired for the BKA, Renée got an American citizenship and lived in a small apartment in new York she went to new York university just like race, and Gaby and Doggie got married and had 2 kids one boy and one girl, Doggie quit the army and now they Gaby and Doggie own a small café. All of them catch up every year at the café and they are all still good friends, all enjoying their lives, friendship and the world they live in, because if not for them there would be no world all.