Hello again!

Ok, so this isn't a continuation of the fic. Straight has ended. I just felt like with the ending there wasn't really a reunion between Kurt and Blaine, and I wanted to show that. So I just wrote this extra chapter to fill the space between and give you some final Klaine loving.

This is the last I will write of this story - I swear :D

Liz xxx

The Moments After

Kurt and I jumped into the car. I didn't care that we were missing school. I didn't even care that I was leaving my automobile in the parking lot – fully at risk for vandals and angry high schoolers. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

"Ok…" Kurt said, looking like he was having to calm down. Unable to stop myself I leant over and kissed him, feeling him relent as my lips captured his and pushing him down into the seat, beginning to climb across.

"No, no, stop." Suddenly he broke away and I whined, the sound having a noticeable reaction. "Not here not here."

"Why not here." I looked at him, overcome with love, and went to kiss him again, but this time only just got lip contact.

"Blaine!" The shout made me jerk back, and then Kurt looked upset that he'd scared me. "Please. Let's go home."

"Ok." Sitting back in my seat and trying to calm down Kurt breathed in and out a couple of times, patting down his hair so it was immaculate as always. Oh God. I wanted him so bad. The separation had only made my feelings stronger and now we were back together they had all rushed at once into my brain – filling it up completely so I could barely even think straight anymore.

"Ok." Kurt fumbled for his keys and I laughed, him laughing too. This was ridiculous.

"Please get to your house quick" I mumbled, probably making the situation worse. Kurt finally found the right place for the key and started up the engine, the sound making us both jump. He slammed his foot on the accelerator and the car jerked forward, speeding off as he blushed in embarrassment.

The car journey was a nightmare. I was torn between staring at Kurt, staring at every part of him and thinking about which bits to kiss first, and craning my neck to look at the road, searching in vain for his house. I figured me ogling would distract him further, his eyes already constantly darting over in my direction and his lip being worried by his teeth, so concentrated on reading every street sign, every house number, until we reached his.

The drive was empty and as we pulled in I knew what this meant. Kurt had barely cut the ignition when I was already flinging the door open, sprinting to the door and waiting for him to follow. I wasn't sure if he locked the car or not, but he was over mighty fast, now fumbling for the key to the door and almost whimpering with anticipation. Standing so close to him was making my mouth water and when the door finally opened I almost fell into him in a rush to get inside.

We stumbled into the hallway and shut the door behind us – immediately I threw myself on Kurt, unable to contain myself any longer. The keys crashed against the wooden floor and he let out a shout, throwing his arms round me for balance and then responding with his mouth, kissing me fiercely. For a second I was so overcome with love that I actually forgot what to do, my body frozen, but then hands moulded into me and I was brought back to reality. I began to head towards the living room but then Kurt jumped up and hooked his legs round me, pointing with a free hand upstairs. I responded, moving towards the stairs, but it was hard to keep my balance. I crashed into the banister and Kurt laughed, pausing only for a second before going back to kissing me again. Man. This was so hard. People always made it look easy in the movies.

Grabbing hold of the banister with one hand and keeping Kurt in place with the other I stumbled up the stairs, the process taking much longer than I would have liked, and then when we reached Kurt's room I moved straight towards the wall. He thought we were going to the bed but then I slammed us against it and he cried out, dropping his legs to the floor.


"No," I said in between kisses, "I want…you…undress…" It was much easier for me to undress Kurt standing up, and that's immediately what I began to do, my hands reaching to tug at his shirt and pull it over his head. My boyfriend moaned at the loss of lip contact and then when his shirt was discarded immediately began sucking on my face again. He wasn't making any attempt to remove my shirt – just pawing at my body relentlessly and I let us kiss for half a minute or so before speaking.

"Kurt, take my shirt off." He seemed not to respond, still pulling me in closer, kissing me deeper, and eventually I had to move his hands to do the work for him.

"I love you…just…want to…kiss…"

"Ok, yeah…" I shifted my feet closer to the wall, pressing my whole body flat against Kurt's so he moaned and then stretched out our arms to link our fingers against the plaster. This was everything – this was hot, sexual, loving, caring all rolled into one. I ran my hands down Kurt's arms as we kissed, passing over his armpits and then trickling down to his sides – my boyfriend shivered in pleasure, bringing his own hands down my back in a soft scratching motion and then cupping my ass. Oh sweet Jesus. I wanted to grind against him but didn't, focusing on channelling my sexual desire into my kiss and eventually after what seemed like hours we broke away.

"God…" I sighed, my breathing heavy but happy. Kurt stared back at me, a dreamy look in his eyes and at that moment he had never been more beautiful.

"I love you." I said again, unable to express how much I truly meant it. "I love you I love you." Leaning in to kiss him again I dragged my teeth across his bottom lip and then when I went to move along his face he stopped me.

"Bed." Ok, yeah I wanted that. Moving swiftly across the room Kurt lay down on the mattress and I climbed on top of him, eager but still moving gently. My legs straddled him on either side and then I lowered my body down, propping myself up with my forearms and stroking his hair with my fingers,

"I love you." We kissed semi roughly again several times, before I went back to travelling across his body. My lips trailed over his cheek, pressing soft kisses until I reached his jaw and then began to make my way down his neck. Kurt arched his back up into me and it was hard not to respond. His skin was smooth, beautifully smooth and when I reached the area around his collarbone I couldn't resist biting my teeth down and sucking.

"Aaah." The sound was one of pleasure, but it was enough to get me to break away. Kurt immediately whined, pulling me back down towards him but I resisted. For the first time I looked critically at his body and was taken aback. There were bruises everywhere. On his shoulder, his chest, his arms… A small gasp flew from my lips and Kurt looked concerned, before realising what I was looking at and sighing.


"No." I batted away his hand and continued to stare in horror. Who had done this to him? Was this all my fault?

"Blaine please it's ok-"

"No it's not! Look at you…" My fingers ran lightly across Kurt's chest and he shivered. How could I give him so much pleasure but then at the same time have been the cause of so much pain?

"Blaine." My boyfriend took hold of my hand a squeezed it, staring deep into my eyes. "Go back to what you were doing." I felt my eyebrows furrow for a second before glancing back at his neck.

"What? That?"


"No." I shook my head. I couldn't do that. I couldn't add another mark to Kurt's body.

"Stop saying no."

"I can't…" I continued, still gripping onto his hand but still shaking my head. "I can't…do that to…"

"I want you to." I flashed my head round. Kurt looked serious – his eyes weren't lustful but they were loving and the look seeped into my soul and made me feel complete. "I want that mark there. I belong to you." He tugged on my hand and I let myself fall forward, adjusting myself gently to the position I had been in before.

"I belong to you too." I said, before capturing his lips again. Kurt sighed, bringing up his hands to twine in my hair before I worked up the courage and went back to his collarbone.

Despite his blessing I still didn't want to actually hurt my boyfriend, so let my teeth graze over the area lightly as my tongue licked at it. Kurt groaned but I didn't change my speed, slowly pressing my lips down and then beginning to suck. In a way this was actually better – sexy but without any pain. Kurt went crazy, writhing underneath me so I had to press my body down slightly harder to curb it.

"Mmmmn…yes…" I got into a rhythm, occasionally letting my tongue run along the skin and then felt a leg slip out from between mine to wind round and rub up against me. Wow. This was super nice. I don't know why we hadn't done it before. Of course I wanted sex with Kurt more than anything – there was no experience comparable. But somehow at the moment this was all we needed. Just, closeness.

As Kurt's hands traced patterns over my back and he mumbled unintelligible sounds I rested my weight on my forearms and threaded my fingers through his hair, making contented murmurs of my own. We stayed like that for a while – neither of us making any sense but both of us knowing exactly what it meant.

When I finally let my lips pop free from my boyfriends skin he let out a sigh of disappointment. I relaxed my arms, settling down on top of Kurt and then rolled lazily off him to lie on the bed. Kurt immediately turned his body to follow me and we both lay on our sides, gazing deep into each other's eyes.

"Did you leave a mark?" He asked after a few seconds of silence. Our eyes didn't break contact even to look at the patch of skin.

"No." My boyfriend's nose crinkled and I found myself almost cooing, so overtaken by every part of him.

"I wanted you to."

"I know. But I'd rather leave a mark on here instead." I moved my hand to rest lightly on his chest, just over his beating heart. Kurt sighed and placed his own hand over mine.

"You already have." I shifted my body a little closer, pressing our chests together so our hands were crushed and winding one of my legs between his. Our noses were touching and I could feel Kurt's breath tickling against my skin.

"I am still so sorry." I whispered, still unable to get rid of the guilt that coursed through me every time I thought about how we had both been a couple of hours earlier.

"Sssh…" Closing the last few millimetres Kurt kissed me, long slow and tender. I kissed back but then when we broke away carried on talking.

"But Kurt I still feel terrible-OW!" Had he just bit my nose? My boyfriend giggled, my eyes wide from the shock of the sharp light sensation that had shot through my face.

"Stop trying to ruin our romantic moment." I scowled and Kurt giggled again. It was hard to be serious when he was that goddamn adorable.

"I'm not ruining it. I'm just trying to make up for what I did."

"You've already made up." I tried to shake my head but Kurt stopped me, bringing the hand that wasn't still linked with mine up to play with the hair round my ears. "I know what you did was very wrong, but you didn't mean it. I know that and so do you. Otherwise I would be in Biology right now." I snorted, making Kurt smile and his hand move up to massage the top of my head.

"I still can't believe we skipped school. I can't believe you skipped school."

"What can I say – you're a bad influence." I sighed and closed my eyes for a second, almost purring at the feeling of my boyfriend taking care of me, loving me.

"All I ever wanted was for you to love me – and you do."

"Oh God yes, God yes I love you." Kurt smiled – that same smile that seemed to light up his face whenever I revealed my feelings for him – and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"So lets just, be. You and me."

"You and me."

"Kurt and Blaine. Together."

"No matter what anybody says."

And in that moment – we were.