Holland looked at the Angel crying on the floor. He was beautiful. "You know…" Holland said tilting his head to the side watching large purple eyes leak giant tears. "They say that if a demon bathes in the blood of an angel they will become pure again."

The angel's whole body shuttered and Holland smiled widely before squatting down before the silently crying Angel forcing his face up so they could look each other in the eye. "Don't worry Cherub. I do not believe the blasphemy of my brethren. It would be a shame to drain you in a bath anyway. I have a much better use for you." The Angel shuttered again but his eyes were hard even if his lip quivered and one wing was broken uselessly at his side. Holland stood his full height again and the Angels eyes followed him. Watching. Waiting for a moment to strike out and kill the Demon even if it would cost him his life. "What is your name Seraph?"

"Why?" The word was spoken softly, but with power. Not power most would notice. It was subtle. Hardly distinguishable between the tremor of fear and hoarseness from crying.

"So that I may have something to call you when I take you into my bed." Holland said sarcastically watching as fear once again filtered into purple eyes. "It's a joke Angel relax." He said laughing. "I wouldn't bed you for fear that your pureness my rub off on me. I merely wish to know what they call you. You will be stuck with me for quite a while, before I return you to your God."

"Matthew…" He said dropping his head. "They call me Matthew."

"Matthew…" Holland repeated with a nod. "I am Holland. The demon of this realm and I claim you as my hostage for breaking the code and entering my sector without warrant. You will remain mine until I come to a deal with your God that I find agreeable compensation for your transgression. You will do as I say without fail until this time comes. Do you agree to these terms?"

Matthews good wing twitched like he wanted to use it but his face stayed blank as he stared back at Holland without replying. A growl formed in the back of Hollands throat. "Would you like me to break the other wing Angel?" He asked. "Then speak your vow to me so we may be down with it!"

A singular tear rolled down Matthews face. "I agree."