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Matthew played with the rim of his tea cup as he and Holland sat out on the wrap around porch that was right outside the sliding doors of their bedroom. Holland was still naked as the day he was born, comfortable in his bareness with the stillness of the night. The blonde demons hair was beginning to spike again as it dried giving the Lord a softer look then normal that Matthew would normally tease him about. Not tonight though. Tonight Matthew was torn between staring at the cup slowly cooling in his palms and the man beside him. Holland took a deep slow breath closing his eyes with a slight upturn of his lips as if he was in fact breathing in the beautiful night itself.

"You haven't touched your tea." Holland spoke softly keeping his eyes closed and his head leaned back, soaking in the gentle atmosphere around them.

"Oh I…" Matthew looked at the cup feeling guilt rise up in him and his cheeks heated. "I'm just…thinking is all."

Holland made a 'hum' noise, peeking on eye open to look the angel over. "And what, pray tell, has got you thinking so hard tonight Angel?"

Matthew shook his head again and forced a smile. "Just everything. Everyone. We have come such a long way…from home…from where we started. It's…overwhelming is all."

Holland smiled at that and nodded in agreement falling quiet again and closing his eyes once more. Matthew looked back at the cup in his hands. He could drink it. Be done with it. Let the drug take all the blame and finally, finally finish the game of cat and mouse and do it. He swallowed thickly.

Or he could man up and do it himself. All nerves, and jitters, and shyness; but clean, and pure, and totally his choice. There would be no looking back and going 'I wish I could have felt it for real.'

It could be a total disaster. A pain filled, regret filled, horrible mistake of a disaster without the help of the tea to steady him, and give him the confidence that he needed to go through with it.

But with the tea how would he know that the bond they would be making was completely him and not some drug induced high that made him content and complacent. Without the tea Matthew would be free to feel as he feels now and even though at the moment he had nerves twisting in his stomach he still remembered how Holland made him feel in the shower. How carful and kind he had been.

But what if he ruined the moment because he was too scared to actually go through with it?

Matthew bit his lip, closed his eyes and sent up a prayer he'd made the right choice before he leaned over and sealed his mouth over Holland's in a tentative kiss.

The demon made an appreciative noise and kissed back softly before they pulled back and looked at one another. "What was that for?" Holland asked smiling.

Matthew swallowed hard and licked his lips twice trying to come up with an answer making Holland's face go between amused and confused. The angel huffed slightly in defeat blushing hard before lowering his head and just blurting out the next words. "Do you want to go back inside?"

Holland glanced back into their room more confused than before but nodded. "Yeah…Sure Matthew, anything you want."

Matthew nodded quickly, stood taking Holland's hand, and led him back into the room taking the time to shut the doors firmly behind them.

His now cold cup of tea was left on the porch.

Matthew pushed Holland down by his shoulders until he was sitting on his futon and took two steps back. "Matthew?" Holland questioned and the angel shook his head quickly feeling his face heating again.

He forced himself to meet Holland's gaze as he lowered his robe to the ground leaving him bare like his partner was.

"Matthew." Holland repeated again somewhere between breathless and stern. "What are you doing?"

"Can't you just shut up?" Matthew huffed crossing his arms across his chest already feeling the nerves settling low in his stomach. "I am trying to do something here and your butting in is just making it worse!"

Holland raised an eyebrow at that and leaned back on his hands looking Matthew up and down slowly in a way that sent a shiver up the angel's spine. "Alright…alright carry on then."

Matthew swallowed and nodded firmly, uncrossing his arms and putting them on his hips as looked down at Holland seriously before he bit at his bottom lip and a blush started up his face. "Ok." He said taking a calming breath looking Holland over. "Ok um…I honestly don't know what to do next." He admitted.

Holland gave him an amused smile before he leaned forward and carefully showed Matthew his hands before placing them on the back of the angel's legs to gently pull him closer. "I could help you decide the proper course or action, if you would just let me know what it is your trying to do you cute little thing." The demon said nuzzling his face into Matthew's stomach.

The blond tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut sending up a prayer for courage as he laced one of his hands in Holland's hair. "I want to make love and finish our bond." He said softly.

Holland jerked back quickly to try and look at Matthew's face only for the angel's hand to get caught on a knot in his still damp hair making him jerk to a stop. "Oh My God!" Matthew exclaimed quickly untangling his hand as Holland leaned his check against the man's stomach to keep from tugging against the struggling angel. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry!"

By the time they got detached Holland was chuckling and Matthew looked ready to cry while he covered his own face with his hands to hide his shame.

"Matthew, come here." Holland laughed tugging the angel down so he was kneeling on the floor. "You, my adorable angel, are just too much." He teased pulling away the other man's hands so he could look at his face.

"I fucked it up already." Matthew muttered miserably.

Holland leaned in and kissed Matthew sweetly before pressing forward a little more boldly cupping Matthews face and sweeping his tongue into the angel's mouth devouring him as best he could.

When they pulled back they were both short of breath and Holland smiled at Matthew gently bumping their foreheads together. "You haven't fucked anything up. Now come on. You started this; tell me exactly what you want to do."

Matthew swallowed hard and placed his head against Holland's shoulder to hide his embarrassment. "I want…you to…make love to me." The demon lords arms tightened around Matthew and the angel could feel the other smiling against his temple where he placed a kiss.

"And the bond?" Holland asked softly.

"I want to finish it." Matthew felt like his face was on fire and his hands held weakly at Holland's hips not sure where else to put them. "I want you to belong to me as much as I belong to you." He added after a moment of silence.

Matthew heard Holland's breath catch and felt his own heart stutter in reply. This was it.

"Alright then." Holland said as he peppered kissed down Matthews jaw as he pulled the angels face up from its hiding place and let him go to lay back on the futon. "Come on then this is your bond you have to lead this show."

Matthew flushed even brighter red as he looked over the long lean body laid out before him. Holland was half hard and looked completely at ease. "Holland." Matthew begged weakly. "I don't know what I am doing. I have never lain with a-a man before. Or a demon. I don't know what to do."

"What feels good on your body?" Holland asked with a casual shrug and a lazy smile. "You should know enough about that to start somewhere on mine. I'm sure we will figure the rest out along the way."

Matthew bit the inside of his lip trying to calm himself down and looked once more over Holland's body. Should he start right off touching the mans...business? Should he kiss him? Rub his chest like he did a woman's? The angel let out a pitiful sound before quickly straddling Holland and kissing him hard bumping their noises and gripping his chest all at once. Holland chuckled into the kiss angling their heads better before he ran his hands up Matthew's biceps and rolling his hips once brushing their manhood's together.

"Calm and easy." He whispered. "We have the rest of our lives no need to rush anything."

Matthew relaxed a little and placed kisses on Holland's lips before he left a trail down his chin to the demons neck and sucking a mark onto his skin. He moved on once he was sure the mark would be there in the morning and scooted back a little so he could continue his path south. He took the time to nip at both small brown pebbled nipples making Holland hiss in surprise before he followed it up with an annoyed sound. "Watch the teeth angel!"

Matthew blushed a little, but chuckled as he placed a slightly rough nip against Holland's flat stomach. "Your one to bitch about biting." He teased placing a kiss over the flushed red spot he left on the others skin before moving on at Holland's half annoyed half amused huff. Matthew kissed his way passed Holland's fully erect penis and started down the inside of his thighs nudging them open a little so he could get better access. Getting a little more relaxed Matthew sucked marks across Holland's legs enjoying the way his legs went tense and started to tremble a little. "Matt-" Holland choked out reaching down to pull him up and smash their mouths together. "You are killing me." He breathed out when they pulled apart. Matthew smiled and felt his chest swell with boldness and lifted his hips a little to let Holland's dick slip up behind his balls and pressed back lightly to push the head against his entrance.

"BABE!" Holland yelped, hands shooting up and grabbing frantically at Matthew's ass pulling him back up making the angel fall forward onto his elbows above Holland's shoulder so there were face to face. "Jesus. You're going to hurt yourself! You can't just go hopping on it willy nilly like that! You haven't been opened up at all!"

Matthew flushed bright red, eyes wide. He licked his lips slowly fighting down his embarrassment before opening his mouth. "I don't know what any of that means." He admitted softly and Holland blinked at him shocked before laughter bubbled up in his chest. "Oh angel…" He chuckled. "I have so much to teach to." He patted Matthews ass gently before letting go and reaching under his pillow pulling out a small bottle of lubricant.

"This is lub and will be your very best friend when it comes to sex."

"I know what lub is." Matthew muttered testily looking away but not moving again afraid to mess up any more.

"You want my help or not?" Holland asked raising an eyebrow. "I mean feel free to go at it your way if you want me to just shut up."

"I want you to shut up and show me how to do this right." Matthew hissed growing aggravated to hide his mortification gasping in surprise when a slippery finger pushed inside him and Holland pressed their mouths together for a quick peck on the lips.

"There's that spark I like." He teased working his single digit in further using his thumb to press gently on Matthews rim helping him to relax and stretch him a little more for the next finger.

By the time three fingers were pumping in and out of him Matthew had his chest flush with Holland's, his cheek pressed into his shoulder, and his ass pushed up high so that the demons fingers could brush the perfect place inside him that made him see stars.

Matthew let out a high pitched noise when the fingers slipped out of him that should have made him blush but he was enjoying this treatment to care too much. "Holland?" He questioned weakly blinking pleasure glazed eyes at him partner asking why he stopped. "You should be open enough now to take me Matthew." Holland said pushing hair out of his face smiling when understanding crossed Matthews face.

Matthew pushed himself up to a sitting position and swallowed feeling Holland slick manhood press against his hole again. "Oh!" He gasped feeling the head push inside him.

Holland made shushing noises and ran his hands everywhere he could touch trying to help Matthew relax, telling him to go slow and breathe. "I know how to breathe Holland." Matthew finally cut in smiling slightly and pushing down a little more making them both gasp at the feeling as he was fully seated.

Closing his eyes Matthew placed his hands against Holland's chest and rocked a little making Holland let out a grunt and then a moan when he did it again. Slowly he picked up his pace as he became accustomed to the strange feeling, groaning when he found a good position to brush his prostate making him tighten his hole.

"Matthew! Fuck!" Holland snarled out eyes glowing bright amber. Matthew's halo around his neck hummed lightly emitting a soft light as the angel sat up completely and threw his head back enjoying being on top and in control.

He laughed slightly to himself feeling powerful and beautiful while running his hands up into his own hair as he rode his lover. "I love this. Fuck Holland I love this so fucking much. Promise me we can do this all the time."

"All the time." Holland promised gripping at the sheets and arching up to press in deeper, making Matthew moan and laugh at the same time. He felt euphoric.

"Every day." Matthew insisted looking back down at Holland as he twisted his hips in a slightly different rotation that has Holland gritting his teeth to fight back another louder sound.

"Yes! Yes every day!" Holland swore before reaching up and pulling Matthew down so he could whisper in his ear. "Whenever you want. Anywhere you want. How ever you want. I would be this close to you always if you let me."

"I love you." Matthew smiled at that before kissing Holland and picking up his pace.

"Shit." The demon gasped grabbing a hold on Matthews hips and pulling him down harder onto his cock as he thrust his hips up.

Matthew's gasping turned to full on pants as he rocked back faster and harder and gripped at his own weeping prick jerking it as best he could while still keeping pace. "H-Holland!"

Holland let out loud groan pressing his head against Matthews shoulder while his body shuttered and jerked as he came. The demon lord sighed out Matthews name as he finished and it was enough to tip Matthew over the edge into oblivion.

Matthew woke up with a hand being petted up and down his spin and Holland softened cock still inside him. "I passed out." He said softly and Holland chuckled kissing his head.

"I saw that." The demon teased keeping up his petting making goose bumps break out across Matthews back.

They sat quite for a moment before Matthew spoke again. "I enjoyed that." He offered weakly peeking up at Holland through his bangs.

"I should hope so!" Holland out right laughed. "Seeing as you rocked my world and made the strongest bond with me that I have ever seen between an angel and a demon."

Matthew smiled widely and leaned up kissing Holland before the demon tapped at his halo. "You were glowing and I'm not sure why."

Matthew made a hum noise in the back of his throat as he sat up and felt Holland slip out of him. "Sex gives off a lot of energy. It must have been enough to fix my halo."

"I'm glad I could be of some service." Holland said cheekily as Matthew rolled off him to lay on the futon and smiled again.

"Will the others see our bond?" Matthew asked growing tired as Holland wrapped himself around him.

"Mmm, Yeah if they are looking for it they will feel it. I wear your mark now on me as you were mine." He said tapping a finger against his hip pulling back enough that Matthew could see a feather shaped white mark like an old scar against the demons skin.

Matthew made a pleased noise and burred himself against Holland as he pulled up the blankets around them. "Matthew." Holland said softly.


"I love you too."