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"I kinda like places like this." Fang commented thoughtfully at the group's new surroundings. The troupe of l'cie just reached Mal' Habara a short while ago. The dark, closed in atmosphere, paired with the stagnant ancient air and metal scraps were a stark contrast to the lush, open space of the Steppes they had previously traversed.

"Cozy." Lightning replied in her usual dry tone while nudging a rusting piece of ancient metal with her boot.

Fang grinned at Lightning's attempt at a light humored reply. The hunter planted her hands on her hips and gazed at the machinery and metal strewn about the rocky tunnel with an excited twinkle in her eyes. She countered in a somewhat corny fashion. "Places like these just scream adventure. Just asking for someone to explore and conquer its mysteries!"

"Yeah well, we got enough adventure as is with all this l'cie stuff. I'm perfectly happy with moving through here with as little adventure as possible." Sazh said as the group began to move again.

Vanille giggled. "Fang's always loved finding places like this, even before we were crystal."

"Fang. Master hunter and fierce warrior…turned explorer. Interesting." Lightning quirked an eyebrow at Fang.

"What can I say? I have many talents." The hunter matched her pace with the soldier's so that they were walking side by side. She grinned slyly. "But master hunter? Fierce warrior? Was that a compliment Sunshine?"

Lightning rolled her eyes and shook her head. Fang excelled at thwarting Lightning's sarcastic comments with her witty charm and teasing her with that stupid nickname.

"As long as there aren't any giant turtles trying to squash me, I don't care where we are." Snow spoke up.

Everything on Gran Pulse was either far more ferocious or larger than anything found on Cocoon. Apparently turtles were not exempt from that. The group had encountered a couple of what Fang and Vanille referred to as Adamantoise during their trek across the Steppe. While they did well avoiding them most of the time there were some misses. Mostly due to Snow's own stupidity.

What they found were bountiful within the tunnels were ancient excavation machines that were somehow still operational. Most were dispatched without much trouble, aside from a couple larger machines. Fortunately they only encountered small groups or the occasional solitary Pulsian excavator. Hoplites and Phalanxes, Lightning recalled Fang calling them. They were all in agreement that if they encountered any larger quantity they'd be in trouble.

The caverns were quiet aside from footfalls on rusting metal and air howling through the tunnels. The area did have its own mysterious charm, Lightning could see why Fang took a liking to such places. However, her soldier instincts kept her from enjoying it in the way that the brunette did. Fang was skilled and observant as she was, but she also had an adventurer's spirit. Lightning on the other hand was far more cool and calculated. She didn't take risks for the sake of fun. That was something she always admired about Fang. The soldier smiled at the thought. Lightning looked ahead to Fang walking in front of her, taking in her surroundings with a glint in her eyes. The hunter's hips swaying to her ever so casual saunter, it was another thing Lightning had become to admire.

Fang turned to see the usual scowl on Lightning's face replaced with a soft smile. She smirked mischievously. "What's got'cha smiling Sunshine?"

The smile quickly vanished and was replaced by a momentary expression of annoyance at the nickname. "Nothing."

"Aw, c'mon. I've never known anyone to smile at nothing!" Fang enjoyed teasing the soldier. She fascinated her, and each time she prodded and pried at the tightly wound woman she found out a little more. She had hardly seen the woman smile, so she was quite curious as to what it was that had allowed one to escape her usually stoic façade.

"Just thinking." Lightning said simply.

"About what? You gotta give me a little more than that, love!"

This was another game Lightning found that Fang liked to play with her. Poking and prodding at anything the soldier did that was out of character for what the group of l'cie have come to know. At first Lightning was annoyed at her attempts to draw her out of her shell and obtain more information, but now she found it equally as amusing to make Fang work harder at it or keep her guessing.

She eyed Fang and smirked. "Maybe I'll tell you later. Maybe."

"Just gonna leave me hanging? I see how it i-"

Fang was cut short at the sound of rusted steel shutters springing open on either side of the group. Out came at least a dozen Hoplites, and two Phalanxes. Their earlier concern had now become a reality.

"Well, this isn't good." Fang finished.

"Run!" Lightning yelled and drew her gunblade. She took the head off of a nearby Hoplite and started after the rest of the group.

Fang drew her lance and speared one of the machine's clean through its chest and then ducked as a deadly metal arm swung at her head. Spells and bullets whizzed by as the group ran frantically through the tunnel, searching for any escape from the onslaught of excavators. She and Lightning held the rear, trying to keep back any machines rushing ahead.

They ran out of the tunnel and into an open cavern with a large bridge traversing to the other side. Lightning and Fang stopped at the entrance of the cavern and turned to face the excavators. They shared a glance, both acknowledging what they had to do.

"Snow! Get everyone across the bridge now!" Lightning yelled, never taking her eyes from the small army ancient mining machines inching forward with her gunblade poised and ready.

"Got it!" Snow hollered back. Footfalls clattered loudly on the metal as they ran to safety.

The two women backed away slowly, funneling the machines onto the bridge and driving them back to give the others a chance to get to safety. Their weapons danced through the air as they whittled them down little by little. However, more and more made their way onto the bridge. It creaked and groaned with the strain of the weight and its own age. The rusted support beams were starting to give way.

Fang drove her spear through the head of one of the hostile Hoplites, metal crunched and sparks flew as she removed her weapon. "Light! I think it's time we hightail it outa here!"

Lightning was in the midst of ducking away from one of the machines hefty swinging arms. She continued the motion and spun around, her gunblade slashing through the metal of the thing's legs. As it fell forward she lopped its head off with a quick flick of her blade.

"Let's go!" she called back to Fang before they both started sprinting to the other side.

They weren't halfway across before Vanille called out with a look of fear that was matched by the rest of the group.

"Look out!" Vanille yelled, pointing at something over their heads.

Lightning and Fang skidded to a halt and spun around to look at what the young Pulsian was pointing at. A huge construct that Lightning hadn't seen since moving through the Vile Peaks on Cocoon had leapt off a platform above. Their eyes widened in horror as the realization set in that it would land directly onto the bridge.

"Shit! Go go go!" Fang grabbed Lightning's arm and they began bolting to the end of the bridge.

The fear stricken faces of their companions were getting closer up until the sound of the large crash behind them. Suddenly the bridge gave way under them and their feet met empty air. They reached out for anything to grab onto but were only met with falling bits of metal. The women plummeted into the dark, unknown depths of the cavern below.

Fang groaned as she came to. She lifted her head off the ground to take a quick glance at her surroundings. It was dark, there was barely enough light to see more than a few feet ahead. There were scraps of twisted metal and debris littering the ground from the fall and it appeared she was lying in a puddle and dampened soil. The huntress started to push herself up into a sitting position but was stopped by a sharp stab of pain in her abdomen. Fang hissed slightly and looked down to inspect the cause of the pain. Pinning her sari to her skin was a rusted, jagged piece of metal embedded into her stomach. Grimacing, Fang pulled it free and pressed her hand against the wound. She stood slowly to get a better view of the area.

She was in another tunnel, not unlike the ones they had been in before. Looking up she could see nothing but darkness, there was no sign of where they had fallen, only that they fell far and somehow survived. With that thought Fang frantically began to look around.

'Sunshine, please be here…and alive.' She thought as she scrambled over chunks of metal and searching underneath for the missing soldier.

After a few moments of frantic searching she found her. Lightning lay unmoving with a large piece of steel grating on top of her. Fang rushed over and threw the metal scrap off. She grabbed her shoulder and gently rolled her onto her back. Blood seeped from a small wound just above her right eye.

"Light! Wake up!" Fang shook her lightly and softly tapped her cheek.

Lightning stirred with a groan. Something was touching her face and she was being shaken. She opened her eyes at the sound of her name only to be greeted by the sight of Fang hovering over her.

"We're alive?" she mumbled.

"It looks that way. How are you feeling?"

"I've had better days, but I'll manage." She got to her feet with the help of Fang to steady her until she was able to shake off her hazy mind.

"Looks like you took quite a bump on the head there, Sunshine." Fang reached forward with a hand and brushed the pink locks out of the way to inspect.

"Yeah, just what I needed…a head wound at the bottom of some pit with crazed machines running about…"Lightning grunted in response. She was trying hard to not let herself get too terribly flushed with Fang so close, touching her face. It was not easy to push back thoughts of feeling Fang's fingers brushing against her skin, the warmth radiating from her body, or at how within reach her lips were.

"I do believe you're the only person I've met who seems genuinely annoyed at the fact that they've gotten a bump on the noggin'." Fang laughed.

Lightning rolled her eyes and backed away, pressing a gloved hand against her head. The wound wasn't serious, but at least the pressure would help stop it from bleeding into her eyes. She focused her attention to the area they had fallen, not only to distract herself but to try and get them both out.

From what she could tell from the very dim lightning, they were in the middle of a large cavernous tunnel. One end was blocked by a mountain of fallen debris. There was definitely no way they could pass through there, and they surely could not climb up from where they had fallen. The soldier looked to the only obvious way to go, where the tunnel continued into darkness.

"I guess we go this way for now." Lightning said and started down the tunnel, Fang shortly joining her by her side.

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