I know this completely sucks, and I don't even get the end quotes right, but bear with me here peoples! I tried!

I looked at the giant Golem one last time before we left. Actually, it was more of Rudy taking me by the wrist. I didn't want to leave though. I didn't want Golem to be alone. It wasn't his fault…he protected us, and now he must be alone? That wasn't fair.

And now, I m sitting in my room back at Adelhyde. Jack and Rudy left this morning. I couldn't see them off though. I looked at my empty Crest Graphs and wand. I looked at the last Goat Doll we had had that Rudy gave to me. He's so sweet.

But deep inside, I know, he's a robot. It's not fair. He has to be burdened with the inability to speak and being so old. I must be burdened with royalty.

How silly, that now I am becoming Queen Cecilia, after I was walked along the rocky pathes with Rudy and Jack. I don't want to be tied down to royalty.

Suddenly, I felt overwhelmingly nascous and ran into the bathroom throwing up. It all hit me. I would never see Jack and Rudy again. They, being Dream Chasers, would not likely come back to visit me often. It is not part of being a Dream Chaser. I was a Dream Chaser, but now…now I'm stuck as some old Princess. Just another member of royalty. I don't want to be stuck in dimplomacy…I want to be by his side. Yes, I admit it…I want to be by Rudy's side. Even, if he cannot love me, it will comfort me enough to be by his side. Everyone here knows that Rudy would protect me with himself. He's done so much for me. And didn't even get upset like Jack did when he found out I was royalty. Instead, he continued to support me.

He never backed out from me. So why, why am I backing away from him? Especially when yes, I love him. I love Rudy.

Picking myself up from the toilet, I ran to one of the soliders, quickly telling him to sent a note to Jack and Rudy, that they forgot something. I giggled to myself quietly as he left. I felt the excitement in me once more, and my heart fluttered with the idea of being near him. Ok, I'm being a bit obsessive. But I don't want to lose either of them. Not yet. Not after such a short adventure.

I grabbed my empty Crest Graph, my armor, and my wand and ran out of the castle. I quickly ran along the path that I had heard they left on. I smiled to myself as I heard Jack scolding Rudy about what he forgot.

"What are you doing here?" Jack asked a bit surprised to see me.

"Delivering what you forgot," I replied. I saw a smile creep over Rudy's face, while Jack's was still in confusion. "Me."

"You mean we're stuck with you some more?" Jack teased me playfully.

"Yeah!" I said smiling walking between them as we walked away from Adelehyde, the three of us Dream Chasers together.