I own nothing to do with SVM or True Blood. I just adore the show- Eric Northman especially.

Please be kind and let me know if this gets your interest. It is my first time trying to write a TB fanfiction. Rating will most likely go up to an M, for violence/horror themes, underage sex possibly.

Pairings: Young Fifteen-year-old Sookie/Dark, possessive Eric. Bill/(surprise)

This Sookie is telepathic, but she learns it at an older age. It doesn't start for her yet until she fully settles into high school. Headaches, etc.

Summary: While going on a late evening walk, fifteen year old Sookie, older brother Jason, & best friend Tara discover something terrifying lurking underneath the soil across from the Stackhouse residence. A vampire, & he wants whats his. A tiny teacup Sookie.

What Lurks Beneath

Chapter One


Gran was a big fan of crossword puzzles. She sat in her cane chair on the porch, her attention sometimes drifting to the large maple trees, with their branches whipping back and forth from the wind in the garden. Her hair was still long and curly, despite being white as snow.

My attention had drifted elsewhere, my gaze lingering on Gran's beautiful garden bed of tulips.

"Sookie, dear," Gran said softly. I slowly turned my attention back to her. "Can you work out the answer to this one? Ten letters. Starts with an F. 'A term commonly used to describe those who love being fed on, and surrounded by, vampires.'"

"Fangbanger?" I guessed, unsure.

She scribbled that down, and realized I was right. I sat back in my chair with a cheerful grin, crossing my leg over the other. I was getting good at crossword puzzles.

Then, slowly I sat back up on a lean and stretched out my tanned legs. My legs felt dead. I desperately needed to go for a walk.

And, as if right on cue, she was there...

"Hey, Grandma Stackhouse!" Tara called from the yard. "Hey, Sook. Wanna go for a walk?"

"Hell yes, let's," I called back, eagerly. She knew me so well.

Tara Thornton was my best friend ever since we started high school this year. She was a tad shorter than me with beautifully clear dark skin, black as night brown eyes, and long dark brown dangling dreadlocks, that fell around her shoulder blades and down across her back.

Both smiling like two kids in a candy store, we started on our journey. But not before Gran managed to ruin it for us...

"You two girls don't go wandering too far," Gran warned, giving the both of us a stern look.

We both nodded silently in agreement, then started through the clearing.

"Hey girl's, wait up!" a very familiar voice yelled, and Tara and I both jumped.

I turned and groaned.


Of course he would turn up whenever Tara came around to visit. He ran straight over to us through the trees, grinning.

Jason was my big older brother, and he had only just started his senior year at high school. He was training pretty hard this year to try out as quarterback for the Bon Temps school football team and must've only finished his afternoon training session at the gym. He had gotten big during the year, probably due to all those bicep curl routines he had went through, during his daily training. He was all drenched in sweat, wearing his light blue Bon Temps sleeveless football jersey. His sports duffle bag was slung around one dampened shoulder, and his face was all shiny and slick with sweat. I bet he smelt just as bad as he looked, too.

"Oh, hey Tara. How're you goin'?" He grinned stupidly, as soon as he took notice of Tara standing there by me, shifting her feet. I had to give him credit, though. Whenever he saw Tara, he would give her a big sloppy grin and a hug. Luckily for Tara, the sweat prevented another clumsy hug.

Tara blushed bright red, as always, and shrugged.

It was hilarious. I often teased her, saying she had such a closeted crush on my big oafish brother Jason. And it seemed it was true. Whenever Jason was around, she would clam up like a mouse and stutter.

"Good," she mumbled, flushing even more.

They both stared at each other, for a moment longer than I felt necessary. Jason grinned again, looking her up and down. Tara quickly looked away, wringing her hands. How gross.

"Okay, let's go," I said in a forced tone. None of us shared any conversation as we started through the trees.

It was turning out to be a nice night.

The sky had already turned cloudy and overcast, and I was starting to wish I'd thought of bringing a flashlight with us. It was getting harder to see. But then the birds were still out, singing in the trees. A few frogs croaked from elsewhere in the distance, too. I didn't know how long we walked for in silence, but I guessed it was for over twenty minutes.

The dirt from underneath my sandals started getting a little damp, so it started feeling as if we were trekking through a murky swamp. Muddy clumps stuck to the bottom of my heels, making squelching noises. A few steps behind me, Tara groaned in disgust.

"Damn, Sook. How long of a walk do you want to take?" She hissed.

Jason piped up, too. "Yeah, Sook," he panted exhaustedly. "We better start heading back soon, or else Gran'll start having a panic attack. She'll start calling the whole town out on a manhunt for us."

I sighed heavily, but I knew he was right.

One of the ankle straps on my wooden sandals got caught on a low branch, and I stumbled forward, yelping. But, thankfully, I found my footing before I dived headfirst into squelchy mud. Jason jumped forward to steady me, clutching me strongly by the shoulders. It was a good catch of him.

"Jeeze, Sook, be careful," he whispered, looking down at the dark shadowy mound clumping around our feet. Then, he too yelped. "Holy shit, Sook. Tell me you saw that!" He pointed ahead of him to a round mound of dirt, squinting through the darkness. "Something moved, I swear!"

Tara came forward to stand next to me, hands on her hips. I suspected she had come to the same conclusion as I had; Jason was playing a pretty cruel, heartless trick on us girls.

"Yeah right, Jason," I laughed, rolling my eyes. "You're just trying to scare us."

Tara started laughing, too. It sounded a little forced, though. "Yeah, what she said. Tryin' to scare us girl's."

Only Jason didn't look as if he was trying to hold in a laugh. He looked deadly serious. "No, seriously, Sook. There was something moving over there, I swear." His voice broke a little, as he wiggled a bony forefinger over to the spot.

It was totally unlike Jason to get the spooks easily so I figured he must have seen something. And it seemed he was right.

Dry leaves were interspected around what looked like a round, raised clump of soil. I wondered faintly if some kind of wild animal had been digging themselves a hole, only it didn't look like the usual hole animals made to nest in.

"Oh wow," I breathed, while Jason crouched in front of me for a closer look. "What do you think is under there?"

"Don't know, Sook," Jason mumbled, stomping at the dirt with a swift, curious kick. "But it could be anything. Rattlesnake, maybe. Hell, even a rabbit."

"Holy fuck," Tara whispered, tensing up behind me in fear. Tara was frightened of wild, unpredictable animals.

I whipped my hand around to slap her lightly across the shoulder.

Gran wouldn't have that nasty talk and it was lucky she wasn't here to hear such a thing coming from Tara's dirty mouth. You could blame Tara's mother for her having learnt such filthy language at an early age, with her Mom being a crazy drunk and all...

"What in the Lord's name is that?" Jason whispered in a hushed tone, kicking at the dusty soil with the heel of his gym sneakers once more.

Suddenly, the clump of dirt writhered underneath Jason's shoe and he screamed in shock, like a high-pitched girl. It wasn't like Jason to scare easily but... it must have been something terrifying. He was breathing heavily; his breaths coming out in short, shaky whinnies. I looked past his shoulder, and could not possess the capability within me to breathe.

A very grimey human hand was clawing at the dirt. It had bony fingers and It's nailbeds were extra long, and grass-stained.

"Damn," Jason spat out in shock. His whole face had drained of color, as he turned to glance at me from behind his shoulder. His eyes were wide. "Sook, there's definitely a human down there!"

Gradually, the dirt had started caving in on the creature. Slowly, there wasn't just a hand to be seen. But a long, strongly-built, white limb; an arm. It was some kind of long grimey human body, withering like a worm in the dirt. How on earth did that get down there?

"What is it?" Tara asked, gulping. Her eyes were nearly bulging out of their sockets. "Jason, what do you see 'neath there?"

It seemed Jason hadn't needed to give an answer, because before we knew it, the large wriggling thing had sprung out of the dirt. We all gave out a short cry in alarm.

Oh Lord. A deep guttural groan came from the big creature, a hostile sound from deep inside of it. It's eyes were as wide as saucers and wild; the pupils largely dilated and the irises a slate blue, the whites incredibly white against the clumps of dirt covering It's form.

Only a second later, did I realize it was a human.

Clumps of stringy soil and dead yellowed grass hung limp from It's flattened, closely cropped, blond scalp. Several long threaded weeds even hung from Its earlobes. Clearly, whatever kind of human It was... It had been underneath that soil for God knows how long.

It made a weird noise. A snarling sound, which resembled some wild animal's funnily enough. And then, suddenly, fangs clicked out. White shining wet canines baring from underneath It's curled top lip menacingly.

Tara nearly backed right into me, gasping. "Holy shit, Sook, it's a vamp," she spat out, bewildered. "Jason, we gotta get out of here!" She started crying, bless her dear little heart.

"Obviously," I mumbled through stiff lips, feeling the blood draining from my face in pure shock.

We hadn't ever seen a vampire in Bon Temps before, but we'd heard of them. This vamp, he wasn't exactly what I had been expecting. He was absolutely covered in dirt and grime, which made him appear not a hint menacing in the slightest. Well, at least to me anyhow.

Fascination had taken over, more so than fear.

My eyes scrutinized the wild beast of a vampire. Funnily enough, he was clothed in dark clothes. Dark, tight jeans and an equally dark sleeveless shirt. It was hard to tell, though, considering how dirty and how bad he smelt, like week-old, off milk. He had a strong, lithe build. Very cat-like, and he definitely looked as if he could bite a hole right into you... literally.

Now, if he were covered in sticky blood that might have been another story altogether... We would have ran out of there straight away, screaming out at the top of our lungs for Gran to collect her dusty shotgun.

Jason was frightened, just exactly like Tara over the dirty vamp, I could tell. And, if he had reason to be frightened, then maybe I ought to have felt frightened, too... But still, I wasn't. Perhaps it was naive of me to believe so, but I thought the vamp wouldn't hurt us; It must have simply been some defense mechanism, the way those fangs clicked out, like that... He couldn't help it, I was sure.

"We're not here to cause you any harm now," Jason began, breathing heavily. To stress his point to the dirty, growling vamp, he gestured innocently with his hands. "We were just playing football out here, and we didn't know that you were underneath there sleeping, like you were. We didn't mean to interrupt, I swear it." I was shocked to hear Jason sound so frightened and weak, like he did, while he made up some lousy explanation to prevent us from getting killed. "Now, if you would please let us leave back the way we came..." he begged, swallowing audibly, "then you, bloodsucker, can go back about your business in peace."

We took a few slow cautious steps backwards, with Jason at the front steering us, smiling good-naturedly all the while, just to show we weren't no harm to the vamp. For a moment, I assumed the vamp didn't know English, because he hadn't bothered to answer. He simply stared, unblinking and wild-eyed.

But then, with a tilt to the head, It spoke. "A set of teacup humans. How intriguing," It said, and It was definitely male. It's voice was so deep, smooth and cold, that it caused a wary ripple to flow down my spine. "How... delicious." His tongue ran over his muddy top lip to show just how delicious we really were to him.

Now I was scared.

The three of us jumped. Tara and I cowered behind Jason, being the big quarterback for the school football team and all. We knew, deep down inside, that he would protect us, when worse came to worse.

"Now, now," Jason repeated desperately, panting. He did another hand gesture. "We don't mean no harm now. We just live 'cross the fence. Our Gran, Adele Stackhouse, knows we're out..."

"-A-a-and she'll be mighty suspicious, once she realizes we haven't come home for supper yet," I cut in for Jason, a little shakily. I added, with all the confidence a fifteen year-old girl could muster, "And you don't want to give yourselves a bad reputation. Do you now?"

Ever since seeing a television programme on the news one evening, when vamps had come out of the coffin, they had declared profusely that they could co-exist peacefully among us humans, and, with the Japanese invention of synthetic blood- TruBlood- they showed they could. But this vamp, he seemed a little... different. Not that I would know.

My eyes bugged out, as he did a rather human gesture, sighing deeply and stretching those long, muscular dirt-ridden limbs of his. The sinewy muscles in his shoulders rippled while he flexed them, and it became a clear demonstration to us that, even vampire or not, Jason would be no match for him physically. He was so tall, inhumanely so, at roughly around six-feet.

My eyes widened in surprise, while Tara started clawing at Jason's wet shirt, whimpering and clinging to the fabric. I think, really, she wanted us to get the hell out of there, but our bodies were not yielding to what we wanted most. All three of us were completely frozen, stuck in place. I couldn't even remember how to move my legs.

"Låt spelet börja," the vamp muttered, in another language foreign to our ears.

Jason made a whimpering noise, stumbling backwards over us. "Run," he cried desperately. "Sook, Tara. Run home. Now."

And so we did.

We ran, without even taking a glance back from behind our shoulder's in the wild vamps direction. We bustled through the opening of Gran's old peeling weatherboard house to find her waiting at the porch steps in only her tiny dressing gown. She looked alarmed, and confused, as she took in the sight of the three of us bolting for dear life to her.

Tara was crying loudly. Jason was shivering violently, his eyes wet with furious tears. And me... well, I was fuelled with plenty of food for thought; I wondered what that dirty vampire's deal was. I wondered if he really was actually trying to make a meal of us.

But, mostly, I was wondering whether I'd be seeing him again soon...And, if he'd be making a habit out of it.

Låt spelet börja- Let the games begin.

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