The Teacher in the Café

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Sian snuggled under the covers and sighed happily as she felt Michael's strong arms around her making her feel so comfortable and safe she smiled and opened her eyes. Her heart plummeted like a stone, they weren't Michael's arms around her but Jez's. She looked at her husband, sleeping peacefully and tears crept up into her eyes, why? Why did she go back to him? True it had been good of him to take her back after what she had done, but the novelty had quickly worn off and she found herself once again feeling trapped and very unhappy. Jez on the other hand seemed to be thrilled that he had 'won' her back and was doing everything he could for her. But it seemed that the more he did, the more unhappy she felt. She knew that she had only gone back to him out of guilt. It was Michael she really wanted, it was Michael's arms she really wanted wrapped around her. During their brief affair, she found that she hadn't wanted to be anywhere else, whereas with Jez, she couldn't get away quick enough. Poor Jez! It wasn't his fault, it was her and her rash decisions, she should've thought about her answer with a clear head, not use him as an anti-depressant because Michael had finished with her, that was all he was… and he was now out of her system. Looking at the clock she saw it was four o'clock. Slowly, she got out of bed and had a shower quietly. She turned on the cold tap and closed her eyes, enjoying the tepid water fall upon her face. Afterwards, she crept back into the room and hesitated, was it too risky? No! He was dead to the world, slowly, very very slowly, she got dressed and tip-toed downstairs, stopping to collect her things for school. Carefully she closed the front door behind her and locked it. Getting into her car, she switched on the engine and drove away. A terrific sense of freedom overcame her and she begun to drive more confidently. Finally she stopped at the café that she knew was open 24hrs a day. It was still, hardly unusual for four-thirty in the morning she supposed and went inside, the person behind the counter greeted her warmly as if it was normal to up and about at this time. Sian paid for a big mug of tea and sat down. She looked out of the window, everywhere was still and quiet a few people walked by but didn't stop. Looking at her watch, she sighed and washed her face with her hands before drawing out her mobile phone, her thumb hesitated poised over Michael's name before touching it. His number appeared and she pressed 'call'.


Her heart warmed as she heard his voice, 'Hey! It's-It's me.'

'Sian? Are you alright? W-what time is it?'

'Four-thirty, I'm sorry, I know it's early…'

'What's happened?' He asked, concerned.

Sian felt tears creep into her eyes, 'N-nothing, I-I just wanted to speak to you.'

'Where are you?'

'In a café.'

'Look Sian I've told you before, you seriously need to address this tea addiction of yours!' Michael joked.

She laughed, 'Oh Shut up!'

'Are you OK?' His voice returned to one of concern, 'You don't sound it.'

Sian sniffed, 'Not really! You-you were right, about everything. I've tried, I really have but I-I can't take it anymore.'

Silence then… 'Are-are you saying…?' There was hope in his voice.

She smiled, 'Yes…Yes I-I'm ready.'

'Do you want to come over? I could cook you breakfast.'

Sian smiled, 'OK!'

'Right! See you later then!'

'OK!' She smiled, 'And Michael?'


'I-I love you.' Sian said, shyly.

'I love you too.' He sounded the happiest she'd ever heard him and it made her smile, 'See you in a bit.'

Sian said goodbye and finished her tea, knowing that it wasn't the only thing responsible for making her feel warm inside.

Well, there you go guys! Hope you liked it, FYI, you'll have to imagine Jez's reaction…Shouldn't be that difficult. I can't do EVERYTHING! :-D