A: Anonymous

It's quite common to find a love letter on the school lockers, students sometimes gave such as chocolates and gifts by putting on their crushes locker. It was a weird thing at the beginning but in this era, the teens started to do nonchalantly. Hiding behind at the end of the locker and snooped the guy or the girl opening their lockers.

There, Alice Gehabich was walking to her locker with Runo Misaki and Julie Makimoto. They were laughing and joking at the same time.

Alice opened her locker and quite surprised to find a blue colored letter. She took it out and observed it.

No name.

Obviously anonymous.

Who it is, she wondered.

Runo peeked what she was holding, smiling slyly as she called Julie, the source of lovey-dovey things. Julie has gone out with Billy, an Australian cocky brat with blonde hair and pimples while Runo was dating a famous basketball player, Dan Kuso, the brat with chocolate haired.

While Alice…. Alice is still Alice. Except… someone was developing a crush on her. Who was he? Only God knows.

"What's that? Another love letter?" Julie giggled madly, Alice has countless receiving love letters from boys but she always reject them softly without hurting them. She was… crushing on someone and that someone has a raven haired with low long ponytail, a pair of perfect honey eyes and cool attitude. Guess who?

"But Alice will reject them because… she likes Shun!" Runo sneakily elbowing the blushed girl, Alice pouted at their tease, "Stop it guys! His fan girls will chase me!" Alice friends laughed at her while she was dumbfounded by their sudden cracked. Seriously they weren't scared of them?

"Anyway let's head to the class, albeit Ms. Lena won't be happy if we are late. She has a seriously scary face when a student late in her class." Alice quickly changed the topic, she put the letter on her school handbag. 'I will read it later.'

"What's the matter with such hurry? Ms. Lena won't dare mad at us." Julie scoffed.

"She won't dare mad at us but mad at you, Juls. Since you always rebel about her math instruction." Alice giggled, patting Julie's shoulder to assure her. "Yeah, and you don't want to get any detention, right?" Runo smirked, now that was a good opinion.

"Owh! Fine!" Julei pouted.

'I wonder this letter from… It was strange to find an anonymous letter.' Alice thought while dragging her best friends to the class.

"Hey Alice. Won't you open the letter?" Julie finally spoke up about the anonymous letter. Obviously curious who was it from.

"Fine fine…" Alice sighed at her friends persistent but she was wondering as well. She slowly opened the letter, taking it out and flipped it, it was written:

'Dear Alice Gehabich,

Meet me at the gym after school.

-No name-'




"It wasn't a love letter?" Runo yelled, sure enough she was annoyed. All the worth of curious was faded by a simple words. Who the hell was this guy?

Alice breathed relieved, 'Phew, I thought I got another love letter but meet this guy?' Certainly it was school ended and they were about to go back to their own private but after seeing the letter Alice was covered with another curiosity. She wanted to know who this anonymous guy was. She pleaded her friends to go back first.

"Eh? So you abandoned us huh?" Julie pretended to look hurt.

"Alice is big now huh?" Runo played along with her.

The orange haired girl was taken aback and laughed, "It's not that but I want to know about this anonymous guy. Don't you two have a date?" Runo and Julie froze, a slight pause and then they shrieked horrify.

"I forgot! Billy is waiting for me!" Julie let a gasp.

"Me too! Dan is probably going to tease me again if I'm late! Got to go now Alice. Bye!" Runo bid her a good-bye as well as Julie and dashed along the hall leaving the orange girl with a sweat-drop. Alice spun her heel toward to the gym with her heart beating. This guy… Who is he?

She opened the gym door and found nothing. The gym was currently unusable since today the basketball extracurricular didn't have the schedule to practice and the volleyball players were currently at tournament.

Seemingly, the gym was a bit ghastly with only the light of the sunset, she shuddered at thoughts of ghost might appear.

"He—Hello? Is there anyone?"

No reply.

"Hello?" She asked again, lifting forcefully her legs to enter the gym, she walked until she was in the middle of the court. Again she asked but no replies.

"It's quite scary." She mumbled horridly. This, definitely wasn't her best handling such scary and ghostly gym although the light of the sunset still remained.

"Really?" A voice jumped her as she shrieked. She closed her eyes with her both hands abruptly, "I'm sorry! I won't disturb you anymore! Just don't eat me!" She fearfully said as if she was about to be eaten. But she was wrong.

The voice laughed at her frightened words, Alice stopped her fear, a ghost laughing? And it was a guy's voice! Alice slowly lowered her hands and opened her hazel eyes. She was froze and stayed quite by the fact that the laughing guy was none other than Shun Kazami himself, the ninja boy with raven haired tied in low long ponytail.

Alice was speechless, 'What is he doing here? And he is no other guys, he is Shun! The lady-killer!Oh my gosh!'

"Er… So you are the one who sent me a letter with anonymous?" She asked right to the point. Shun nodded and smirked.

"Is there anything I can help?" Alice innocently asked not bothered to ask if he wanted to confess or anything else.

"Yes there is." Shun smirked grew as he leaned down to her height capturing her delicious and inviting lips. Alice was surprised as she was speechless but her intuition told her to kiss him back, as if the dream come true Alice obeyed her intuition by kissing him back passionately. Now Shun was the one taken aback he silently smirked at her reply.

Once the moment ended, they breathed heavily taking the air as much as they wanted, Shun then continued his line.

"Be my girlfriend."


That will be so nice if you do.