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Z: Zoo

"Hurry up, Alice!" a girl hissed at an orange curly hair girl who ran as fast as she could.

"Wa—Wait up, Miki!" Alice said between her huff. She managed to follow her friend to the zoo as they agreed to have a little sightseeing over the zoo. It's been awhile for Alice that she has gone to zoo. The last moment she remembered when she was 10, her grandfather brought her to a zoo. Now, it's been 7 years that she had gone to zoo.

"Geez, slowpoke." Miki muttered under her breath but Alice heard her and punched her right arm lightly, "Don't be so rude."

Miki cringed but showing her usual grin to her. The girl then entered the zoo to see a various animal standing behind the cage. Elephants, zebras, monkeys, penguins, birds, tigers, lions, bears, etc etc. Alice awed in the sight of the huge zoo park as Miki brought her to see the penguins jumping and leaping with their cute stance.

Although penguins were cute but Alice secretly admired birds rather than penguins though penguins were birds minus wings.

"Hey Alice, I heard today's luck is so romantic!" Miki squealed.

"What kind of romantic?"

"It says that someone will come to you in a certain place where animals stood." Alice frowned at her friend's reply, Certain place? Animal?

"You mean… zoo?"

Miki flicked her fingers and nodded, "Correcto, my dear!"

What a freak lucky channel. Miki watched the 'Lucky Channel' where people will tell today's lucky color, dress, place, and things. And Miki watched it every day without missing it. Alice face-palmed and stared at her friend.

"Do you really believe that thing?"


"And this is why you brought me here? Oh my gosh, Miki!"

"Sorry! I just couldn't help it! But hey! Maybe you could get someone special too." Miki smiled slyly, "It's not that bad and I think you need someone to look after your serious clumsiness." Alice blushed at Miki's statement and glared her.

"Sorry for being clumsy." Miki giggled.

A few minutes passed after the two friend looked around the tigers, elephants and giraffes cage. Miki told Alice that she wanted to buy ice-cream for their little snacks. So Alice was left alone in front of zebra's cage. She looked at the information.

'These zebras were taken in South Africa along the elephants and giraffes. They eat grasses and afraid of lions.'

Alice took a look at the white-black animal which walking back and forth, eating the grasses and some were lying down. She loved them. Somehow, they looked cute in her eyes. She was about to turned back to meet Miki but accidentally bumped into someone. She apologized with her head bowed.

"I'm sorry."

"Alice?" the said girl looked up and saw a pair of honey brown eyes met her dark hazel. The girl gasped, "Shun?"

The boy's lips quivered a small smile, "It's been awhile." Alice smiled back to him and nodded.

"Yeah. It's been awhile. How are you? Doing well with the ninja training?"

"You can say so. I'm always fine." Alice nodded and glanced to meet his eyes once more, "What brings you here? You are not the type who goes to a zoo…"

Shun chuckled seeing the cute innocent face from Alice's as his eyes landed on the zebras, "I miss the moment."

Alice tilted her head in confusion, "Miss what moment?"

He smiled warmly to her only to make her blush, "I miss our moment strolling around in the zoo. I still remembered you love zebra as much as I do and I come here to remember our moment." Alice blushed but took a look at his eyes honey eyes. It was gleaming to her as if he missed her.

"But mostly, I miss you. It's been 7 years since I saw you." Shun stared at her hazel eyes, he locked it and lifted his hand to touch her pale cheek. Alice blushed deeper, she felt the warmth came from his eyes, she took his gentle rub and more over. She missed him as well.

"I miss you too, Shun." Both of them leaned closer only to embrace each other. Shun stroked her typical orange hair while Alice wrapped tightly around his waist.

The childhood friends came to see each other after 7 years parted. The two came because of the Lucky Channel and Alice has to thank Miki for it.

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